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Readers Respond: Where to Get Help When Unemployment Runs Out

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Hope Does Not Disappoint

My husband lost his mom and dad last year. I lost my mom this year. We both lost our jobs this year, and now, my husband is going to prison for 6 years. The police report was full of lies. He accepted a plea because they told him he had no chance of winning. My unemployment will end next month. I have to be strong because my son and his family lost their jobs and are now living with me. I have not applied for foodstamps. I want to work. I have always worked. I am 56 years old. I have to have hope that the Good Lord who has carried us so far will continue to provide and care for our family. My heart is broken. But I won't let the Devil Win! My Jesus is the savior of this world. I must put my trust in Him. He loves us. He will never leave us nor forsake us. I walk with a cane, but I can still cut the grass on my lawn. My hands are meant for work not idleness. God Bless all of you out there. God Bless my sweet husband and bring him home soon. Amen.
—Guest patricia

Casting for Documentary on Unemployment

Our production company is in the process of casting an episode on long-term unemployment for a major television news network. We are seeking an intact American family that has one out of work parent having difficulty securing employment, who also have adult, college educated children living at home because they too are finding the job market tough. If this describes your situation, or if you know of a family who might be willing to participate in drawing this important issue closer into the public consciousness, please email me. craigscott.wp@gmail.com 10/23/2012
—Guest Craig S

I Feel "Hopeless"

After reading all these post, I truly feel hopeless. The best thing I read was marching on the front door of the White House to voice our opinion. Let it be know that UI tiers should not have ended. The economy is no better than it was a year ago. It's the fat wallets making the decisions as usual.
—Guest Sheri

Unemployed Marine Veteran

I am a 9-year active duty Marine Corps veteran. I am 55 years old, and unemployed. I am at my wits end. My unemployment has ended, and I can't even get an interview, even though my experience and knowledge fit the position. I cannot even get an interview despite sending out 100 resumes. I have no idea what I'm going to do, or where to turn.

Read This if You're 40+ and Unemployed

I heard an interview on Public Radio regarding the difficulty over 40's are having getting reemployed. It is just now being recognized by the media as a widespread practice. We need to unite somehow and let the legislators know our concerns. Trying to figure out how to survive for 5-10 years before Social Security kicks in is daunting. Ebay does not cut it. It already is more work than a payoff. We need to create some kind of organization or political lobby. Enmass, what can we give back to society that will have a dollar value? Many of us are woman who have raised families we have unique skills important in keeping America going strong. We lived our lives according to how we were raised and did good jobs. Just a thought -
—Guest guest

Oh, and by the way...

I have a degree in sociology/economics and have worked as a teen and full-time while I went to school. This is the first time i have been unemployed. I have a lot of managerial/technical/communications experience. I am now without a permanent place to live, have peripheral nerve damage which keeps me from driving. God Bless You all and don't give up hope. :)

Don't Believe Either Party

I, along with my manager, and some of my co-workers, lost our jobs in 2009-2010. We were foolish enough to assist the company in opening a new service center. When they realized they could pay locals much less at a starting salary, many were let go over a 5 year period. When the company underwent a company-wide overhaul, they relied on their experienced professionals. As soon as that started to die down, many of us were let go. We worked days, nights, weekends and holidays. Some of us lost our marriages because we believed that we were keeping the company afloat and the clients solvent. I was laid off but was blessed as I had accumulated enough assets to last almost 2 1/2 years...mortagage paid, 10 year old car maintained, only received unemployment for a few months as unemployment rates declined in NC within a 30 day period". I lost my home, had to sell my car and leave the state. Still unemployed 2 1/2 yrs. later.

What Are We Supposed to Do?

My story is not so different from all the others here. I worked almost 10 years for a local company, only to have the doors shut because the business could no longer pay its monthly bills. I went to work for a bank, to have my job vanish with the economic disaster that this country is facing, even though our politicians would have us believe that "everything is getting better." since then, my unemployment has run out. I am not allowed to drive my car, even though it runs, because a non smog related problem, makes the check engine light go on, so the car won't pass. I was renting a place on my friends floor, working day to day jobs just to maintain that. Now my friend's landlord just got foreclosed on, and so I have to find somewhere else. I have applied for countless jobs, with no return calls, everything I worked for in my life is gone, so what now? People who don't understand will just tell you to get a job, guess what, I WOULD LOVE ONE! What are people supposed to do?
—Guest jc

Over 40? You're Out of Luck

I agree with everyone. The economy is bad and if you are over 40 and run out of benefits, you're screwed. If you don't have children and are under 65, you don't qualify for alot of the available help. And going back to school, c'mon guys...these employers are going to hire us? NO..they are going to hire recent college grads in their early 20's who can and will work for 10 bucks an hour. I don't know about you but I live in NJ and the rents here are super expensive..like over 1100 per month for 1 bedroom in a marginal neighborhood. With groceries and everything else, my GOD. I just lost my car and getting around here is impossible on the bus system. I have been looking for any job at all from housecleaning, babysitting, Wal-Mart, whatever and nobody returns my e-mails. Those online applications are a joke, the great abyss. I'm so frustrated. I have 6 cats and don't know what I'm going to do when my UB runs out. I am very good looking and young 47, but I am not 20 and don't look 20.
—Guest Jane

Lost Everything, No Hope

I lost my job of 10 years on 06-09-2009, but it was self inflicted because of a stupid mistake I made. To this date, 08-10-2012 I have lost everything to my name except for my dog. She is the only thing I have left besides some clothes and other items. I lost my 401k, my house, my wife (thank God for that), my vehicle, friends, (who I thought were friends but really were not). My unemployment is gone, and I filed bankruptcy in 12/2009. During the course of 2010 I was involved in 2 major car accidents that nearly killed me but instead somehow because of my extreme BAD luck, I of all people somehow survived them. So here at 43 years old, living in my Dad and step mom's basement with my dog I carry on day to day with no sign of hope. No employer will touch me because of my age and my financial background. Employers have shipped 80% of U.S. jobs to China and India mainly. Employers are free to commit crimes everyday, age discrimination for one. What really is there left to do?
—Guest BlackCloud

out of unemployment

I'm a 54 yr. Old female. I've worked all my life until April 2010. I've been drawing employment since then. I'm not a professional person, nor am I able to like I did at 45. I live in the state of Ga.,applied for minimum wage jobs to no avail. I'm totally out of options. Someone please, give me some ideas!
—Guest scared

Do They Want Us to Roll Over and Die?

It almost feels like the government wants us baby boomers to lose hope and die. How can one survive when you need money to survive and can't find a job to get it? Look what FDR did back with Work programs like the WPA and CCC's and the New Deal. Why isn't our government coming up with helps like that? I once read that this country has been pretty much used up... the rich are going to get out and leave it to us "peasants" to survive like rats. I once read that it's terrible to be born into poverty, but TORTURE to have been living a decent live only to become poor. Torture it is.
—Guest Katydid

Shut Up and Take Responsibility

Oh boo hoo I spent my whole life wasting my vote, and being a good little sheep. And now my corporate masters are sticking it to me hard. Not only have I screwed myself, but I've also screwed future generations. And how dare these young people take all the minimum wage, unskilled jobs. I'm an older adult with no skills, education, or place in the modern workforce. I've literally had all the time in the world to prepare to be able to take care of myself. Young people should be denied the right to work. I have taken advantage of all these years. I need that job that I can't perform properly, so I can continue to tread water. In a hole I dug myself and am now drowning in. In all my years it never occured to me that eventually it will rain. Why do I have to live this terrible life I created for myself? Who's suppose to be responsible for me, my choices and their consequences?
—Guest Guest

Unemployment is a New Start

All you people are killing me..."you're too old", you don't want this type of job or this type of job, you blame the politicans, employers and everyone around you....GROW THE HELL UP. You are your worse enemy! I lost my job 1 year and 6 months ago. I kept looking in the same field (Defense Employee Contractor --they are not hiring) now what -I am homeless, unemployment has stopped. I am taking 3 jobs if I have to and I am not going to blame age, gender, politicans, or employers. I will get back on my feet as GOD is my witness." Remember "GONE WITH THE WIND" see the movie...egg heads by the way I am Black/White/and Hispanic with a little everything but I am a natural born AMERICAN --get off your ..Peeps!! Peace

Jobs Do Not Exist

I find the biggest joke that there are just not any jobs out there I can do. Considering my experience and education, I have transferable skills but even these jobs do not exist. Employers act like their jobs are gold and you better not scratch your nose or blink or you lose the chance to earn that minimum wage. Everyone in the world seems angry these days or just hostile. What a sad world.
—Guest Guest

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Where to Get Help When Unemployment Runs Out

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