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Readers Respond: Where to Get Help When Unemployment Runs Out

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We are turning into a 3rd world country in front of my eyes.
—Guest mark

Stand Together

I am 36 my husband 34, both unemployed for over a year, construction and housing industry. We have both been hard workers since we were 14. We are out of unemployment. I don't know how we will pay the bills but I will keep trying and fighting and asking for help. We all have to band together there is great strength in numbers. I never asked for or wanted any of this, why can't they pause all of our mortgages or pay them off so we can keep our kids safe and warm and fed. We have to make a plan and stick together. We are Americans.
—Guest Underesimated

Ridin' in the same boat.

I'm 63 years young, I had polio as a child and I was laid off in Mar. 08. After almost 3 yrs of looking for a job, I realize nobody wil hire a 63 year old with a disability. I'm a 99er, so much for unemplyment benefits. There is really nothing to hope for on the horizon. It just wasn't supposed to end this way.
—Guest Campy

Be ready!

I is time to become Robbin Hood.........how is possible, I have gone to school to get a degree and the most I have got paid was between $30k and $40K a year and how in the world there are people that make $250k a year and still making it. The need to share that so BECOME ROBIN HOOD!
—Guest Peter

Help Each Other

My husband lost his unemployment last March. He's been out of work 2 1/2 years. I have no job, but we own a rental. The government is not going to support us. We have to get together and help each other. Barter for goods and services, ask for help. Work at odd jobs. We sold persimmons and firewood last winter. We go to a food pantry at our church, and share what we get with others. We grow a large garden. Take in roommates, or move in with family or friends. Don't wait till it's too late, and you're homeless. Sell what you can. Downsize. We're in a depression, and we have to accept it. Don't be afraid to ask for help. Cut out everything but essentials. Reach out to churches. Many have free meals, free food, clothing, etc. Above all, don't sit by and do nothing. Accept reality and do the best you can. Help someone else, and maybe they can help you also. There is strength in numbers. We have to band together, and come up with innovative ideas to save ourselves.

I am just as exhausted as my benefits!

I have worked ever since the age of 13 with lots of experience in different fields. I was fired over a year ago because the company I worked for found it easier to pay illegal immigrants over experienced workers to save money. I was making $45,000 as middle-management and am left with no jobs in my area. I recently became divorced and was stuck with many bills and the costs to raise my three children with no help. I receive food assistance and anything else that I could. I will be receiving u/e benefits for 1 more week then no income. I have been struggling for just over a year with a little more than a 1/3 of my previous income while working and trying to pay my same bills. I sold everything possible awhich doesn't bother me and got rid of but I am "Lost" in what step to take next. I am currently taking online classes and received extra u/e benefits for a short period of time for doing so. I have exhausted all options and unable to move to find employment because I am squeaking by now.
—Guest Lost

Only 53 Years Old

Ex was deported after 2 yrs prison leaving our 2 sons with me and no child support, Miami construction died, house lost half value and lost it, mortgage help a joke, living in van, sent kids to ex's brother on west coast, lost everything and no more unemployment benefits, what happened?
—Guest grandpa

Todays young do have to get old!!

I agree about age discrimination and when these young guns get up there in age they will know how it feels. By then there might not even be a USA. For everyone that is collecting unemployment in each state have each person whether working or not distribute 50 cents and then distribute this money per week only to people who have lost their jobs not just to people who never wanted to work in the first place. Then lets see what happens. Just send it to me so I may distribute accordingly. LOL!!
—Guest Robert

Keep the Faith

I went to a Thanksgiving dinner and found a part-time job. Stay positive. Help will show up when you least expect. My unemployment runs out in 3 wks. I still need an other job. Part-time work is nice but not enough to pay the bills.
—Guest Kim Washington

Assistance for the Unemployed

Places to go in order to receive assistance food pantries, non profit organizations, support groups, restaurants,welfare office,family and friends.
—Guest curtis allen

Why Pay Taxes

i worked for over 25yrs,always paid taxes,bills, voted,volunteered. I have been on unemployment for six months and told that there may be no second tier. what is the purpose of paying taxes and one can not use any services when needed. we help everyone but our own people. we are drowning. we are ask to vote,pay taxes,pay tithe,be a good citizen. were is the help when you need it. let the politician be on unemployment and see how they like it. The people on uc,want to work. we do not want handouts. But we need to survive until we find something. it would be good if the banks,car people and everyone else we bailed out support the unemployment fund. This is a good way to give back. Please help us now if you would. It is very humbly to ask when you are used to working. I challenge the politician to go without a paycheck or two. UC is a little help but it is still the bare necessities.please give us some hope. we are american. we just spend billion on xmas ads.give us help.
—Guest Why pay taxes?

Response to Kathy

F\Does it really make a difference of whether we go to school, get additional training, or not...when we reach 50, not to say 57, the job market is pretty much saturated with enough younger 20's/30's that will work for half of the wages that we have worked years to earn. To the younger population, title means everything , money comes in as a second priority. Families that have worked hard for years to develop their positions are now sitting on the side lines wandering where they will get their next electricity payment, and if you think that anyone gives a DAMN, think again, the major concern now, is how much money can the wealthy hang on to, and how much can they take from the poor!
—Guest Wanda


@Ania I am also a 40-something graphic designer experiencing the same problems. Employers only want younger designers! I even have a Master's yet for two years can't get hired in my field (or any other). It is HORRIBLE. Now my unemployment has run out, and by February I will likely be on the street. I could not even get a holiday job in retail. What are we supposed to do?
—Guest Miss Displaced

Feeling Like Paul

I've been out of work since 1/08. Found a job In 09 and six months later the company went under. My unemployment is going to run out also. I've had many interviews and no call backs. My unemployment is about to run out. Stressed out with the country I love. Please take care of us first then worry about the others. We are the back bone of this country. I stay up all night thinking how i will feed my family tomorrow. Need help fast. This depression I'm going through because of my situation is horrible.
—Guest Steven


I done all they asked of me to get my check. I worked all my life and know I barely making it. I sold my stuff even moved to a lower priced apartment. All i have is a old truck my bedroom & dining room table a old tv vcr and old vhs movies. Ii cannot buy a dvd plyer or any new movies and forget going out or see a movie. I been out trying to find a job even with the hoildays to be told my application "will be used for further reference " all I ask is to allow anyone over 99 weeks to get some time and make it able to either get a job or allow me to get a small loan to open my landscaping business back up.

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