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Readers Respond: Where to Get Help When Unemployment Runs Out

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Losing It

I have run a video production company for 27 years. For whatever reason, my "niche" disappeared. My business used to gross $400,000 per year, now I barely gross $40,000 When life was good, I could afford my mortgage. Now, I am 9 months behind & am facing foreclosure. There have been many nights when I thought I was going to lose my mind & they would take me away. I have thought of suicide. I can't believe I haven't had a heart attack. Like everyone else, I have applied to hundreds of jobs & all they want me to do is sell insurance & credit card processing machines all on commission. I used to be honest & pay all my taxes. Now, any work I get, I try to take in cash and screw the government. After all, that's what the big corporations do. After all I've been through, I still wake up alive in the morning. Does this give me hope? You bet. Will the government help you? No way. We're all on our own just like the immigrants who came before us. Think of their lives and what they went through.
—Guest Guy

Advice for the Hopeless

I know it is tough. I know the feeling. I have unemployed for 14 months now. But never lose hope. What keeps me going is prayer. I ask for direction, wisdom, strength, hope, faith, and most of all love and forgivess for all my sins past and future. Self control will guide you to your destination. You must never loose hope. Good things always comes out after the trials. But you must have patience, and full trust in God. Release yourself of all the problems, worry, concern, instead concentrate on positive things in your life. The rest will just come at the right time and the right place. In God's own time.
—Guest edward

I Can Relate!

Well here's one good thing I can say. Now I know there are others struggling like me. I have education and experience but I'm over 40 so I'm not being looked at. Never thought I would be in this position. It seems like no one really cares if you're struggling! Everyone is so concerned with their own lives. I am going back to self employment as a hairstylist. No one will be able to turn me down for a job again! I have a degree in biology and began my masters but before that did hair for 17 yrs. I think that may be the key, folks...not depending on people to hire us but creating our own business. Im afraid to spend any more money on education because I still may not get the job after that! When you're self employed you make the rules and thats what I'm going back to! I encourage everyone to think of something they could start as a business! Even running errands for the elderly? Babysitting for working moms! I never thought id be in this position at 45. If you need help with meds, try Human Services.
—Guest Michele

It's Hopeless

The economy is suppose to be improving, but it isn't. I'm 30 and unemployed, and have not received a single interview. What is the point of living? To work in order to get by and then pass away?
—Guest 30 and unemployed

Government is Useless

I am so frustrated, depressed and at the end of my rope. I’ve got a world of experience as an administrative assistant. I am bilingual (Spanish/English). I’ve worked for my entire adult life span and I’ve been unemployed since the beginning of the recession in June 2009 thru March 2011. I’ve exhausted my unemployment benefits. I was not able to continue paying my health insurance when my unemployment benefits ran out. I applied for disability Insurance and was denied. I applied for food stamps and was denied, I begged, borrowed and pleaded for government assistance and was denied. I applied for various job positions and was willing to accept less pay than what I was previously earning and encountered many, many employers who flat out discriminated due to my age. I send out hundreds of resumes for various positions such as, clerk, receptionist, data entry clerk, invoicing, billing, collections, and sales.

So Sick of This!

I've got two college degrees, a world of experience, and bilingual. I've been underemployed now for 10 years. I'm now turning 40 and I'm scared to death. I don't have health insurance and I need to see a dentist asap. My teeth hurt. I'm actually going to be forced to go to Mexico to get my teeth worked on because there's no help here. America has become so pathetic! Why aren't we helping Americans instead of fighting these stupid expensive wars? I'm sick to death of it!
—Guest Everybody

Am I Doomed?

I went to school to become a Nurse. It took me 6 grueling years and I got a degree. It cost me $35k. I wasn't successful and lost all four of my jobs. I was close to finishing another degree and was able to get a science degree (I paid, while I worked). Now my nursing career is over, and I can't find any ways to get internships in science. I have sent around 500 job applications but have had 3 interviews. I've been unemployed for 6 months, I'm not sure how much longer I have to go. I'm afraid I won't be able to find a job. I have a strong family and social support system. My gf makes good money. Without them I would be screwed. Where do I go from here? How do I find work? I want to work but I don't know where to go. Not even McDonald's wants to hire me.
—Guest John Fontaine

The Beginning of the End

I graduated last year and I have applied to over 200 jobs, graduate and non-graduate, with no positive responses. Even my museum and charity volunteering has been worthless. It would appear that I'm so useless that I cannot even perform basic tasks. My history and philosophy degree is completely meaningless and not worth the paper its written on. I would burn it but it would be a waste of a match. Is it possible to remain unemployed indefinitely and remain human?
—Guest Bejay

Employers Have the Upper Hand

1- It is s not who you are now, it is who you know. 2- Age is a factor even if they don't tell you. 3- Credit History: 70% of employers run your credit history, and few people have a good credit these days. 4-Your skills have to match 100% because they don't want to train people. 5-The employers don't have too much work and that is why they can interview 15 o 20 people a week. For them, this becomes entertaiment. 6-They have the positions open sometimes for a month and you see the same position open weeks and weeks. The other day I was call for an interview for accounting clerk. They were paying $13.00 hours which sounded good to me but 2 hours later they called and told me "sorry but they want a CPA" -- someone with bachelors degree, Do you think a CPA that makes $70,000 a year will take a job for $13.00 an hour? The position is still open. Most of the jobs are filled with internal candidates. It is incredible but soon it will be a lot of people in shelters and on the street.
—Guest Maria

Accounting Clerk

I believe that the employers have nothing to do other than interview 30 people a day, and of course they will choose the young people. The credit history is another issue. Now 70% of the employers run your credit, so how you going to find a job in this country?
—Guest Maria

Mortgage Help

If you live in Georgia look into the Homesafe Georgia program. I got approved and I have no payments for up to 18 months. It took about 90 days to get approved,but you only have to pay 5% of your monthly income, but I don't even have to pay the 5%. This was a blessing!
—Guest Vee

No Help from the Government

This is to jbm1954 and all others who are in a similar condition. Mr. Obama is not going to help any of us. What he will offer is the same thing that most of those who call themselves, "helpers" and aids will suggest and that is to apply for some type of government assistance. Unfortunately, there are no jobs or employment to be offered outside of retail, which is useless and one cannot survive off of the pay/wages. Trust me, I am in a similar condition, though I seek to farm but in order to do that a man or woman needs money which is not in abundance. I hate to say this and it comes as no consolation. From what I have experienced ans seen, it is about to become worse. I apologize for the bad news but reality is reality. Mr. Obama and the U.S. Congress cannot and will not help, regardless of party politics.
—Guest Alif Qadr

on computer

I Reached Out And Finally Some Hope! I took the advice ofI took the advice of someone here who said 'reach out to family & friends for help'. I didn't ASK for help per se, but I let family members know how truly desperate my financial situation was. With 4 siblings over 50 and better off financially, one said "You'll figure it out-Good Luck" but one said, "We are sending you a check". I wept with joy as we are looking at the utilities being shut off, no cash for food/gas/car ins/other bills. I don't have a clue what I will receive, but I am THANKFUL for whatever I receive. I am like others who don't know what to do, spend my time applying for jobs hoping to be hired, or sit all day in the office that distributes cash aid and food stamps, not enough to live on but better than nothing like I have now (takes 6 wks to receive?). Shorten your resume to show only the last 5-6 yrs of employment to "appear younger", I did this and had 3 interviews yesterday back to back. Majority of interview
—Guest shi

Lost, Broken Dreams and Empty Promises!

I'm in my mid-twenties. I have been working in low-pay jobs since my late teens trying to pay for my studies because I am not wealthy. I never asked a dime from the government. I studied in a good field at the wrong time. Working on the weekends and after school prevented me from attending many social gatherings. I never build a social life. I listened to my brain and not to the people around me. The construction industry has collapsed. Now, I'm stuck with a good degree in a bad economy. It's useless. The government continues to push the youth in the various construction fields. All companies ask for experience yet I have none. Looking for almost 2 years and after countless interviews, nobody wants to give me a chance. I recently lost my low-salary paying job. I was treated like disposable waste when I was laid off. Everywhere I go, nobody is hiring. I've given up on searching. I am now tutoring and rebuilding a life.
—Guest Lost Guest!

Hopeless in Canada

I lost my job over 2 years ago, my unemployment ran out over a year ago. Been looking and trying to find any type of work with out luck. It's depressing to even try! There is no work here in Saint John, NB. We have the highest unemployment rate in Canada. My wife is the only one working. We are falling deeper in dept every day. I've been to the local EI office with no help. They have a job so To Bad, So Sad for me! I've given up!
—Guest larbo11

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Where to Get Help When Unemployment Runs Out

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