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Readers Respond: Where to Get Help When Unemployment Runs Out

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No Job, Unemployment Ending

My unemployment runs out in June 2012. I have been unemployed since 12/31/2010. I am going to be losing my house in the next few months with no income. I live in a rural area with even fewer jobs than places with no jobs. I can't find a job at all. If there is a job, it's minimum wage, part time and no benefits and hundreds of people applying. I am going to have to move in with my parents. My mom is mentally and verbally abusive. I am 41 and still traumatized from my chilhood with her. I am not looking forward to being under her, trying to control me again and her screaming and yelling at me even in public. I am worried once I am in there I won't be able to ever afford to move out. I fear I may not be able to survive her this time around. I feel I have no hope and no future. I am freaked out and stressed out all the time. I am not religious and have issues even saying God, let alone praying. But I have tried praying. But if there is a God or whoever, why is this happening?
—Guest Samantha

Job War. Unemployement frantics.

I was notified via my local newspaper today that my federal extension would expire early in 2 weeks. I've been on unemployment for NEARLY 2 years. I have a Masters degree and have worked non-stop since I was 14, with the the majority of my jobs being long-term. I've been meeting my goal of applying for 100 jobs a week for the last year, but have only received one positive response (with no follow up). I've never gone on a job interview and not received the job, but NOW I can't even get an interview!! There is a horrible trap in todays economy of over educated, under-qualified workers. My most recent work experience, teaching Arts through a non-profit in public schools is prehistoric, and my Masters degree excludes me from working at blue collar jobs, that I know well. experienced in, and was raised around prior to my education. I relocated from my amazing small town for graduate school, and chance to help support my parents....and now I might be homeless next month.
—Guest OverUnder


I was fired over two years ago for not turning in fmla papers within fifteen days after being told I could wait until my upcoming dr appt. I received unemployment still because they knew it was not intentional. I have been looking for a job for over two years and cant even get an interview. I have a college degree. I am a counselor. I have good experience. I am either over or underqualified. In addition, i made too much on unemployment to get any medical. I have ms and have not had my medicine in two years. My unemployment runs out next week and i will be homeless. I lost my house already. I have applied for over four jobs a week for the last two years and nothing. Some person on here complained these jobs are being given to skinny young things, well dont judge a book by its cover. I am skinny cute and i have ms and cant get a job. I have applied for everything. Even goodwill and nobody will hire me. I seem to fall in the cracks from jobs to insurance...
—Guest msholmar

unemployment ran out

I have been unemployed since Oct. 2010 and now my last unemployment benefits have been cut due to the federal government making a decision that unemployment is down, so my last extension was cut by 10 weeks - I have been looking for work and have had interviews, but haven't been hired - my vehicle got repossed and I can't seem to catch a break - don't know what to do!!!
—Guest mfb

I Believe in Miracles

My brother worked for a federal contract 18 years. Always got promoted with new companies. A new guy comes in. Personality clash and out goes my brother and his boss. Racially motivated and can be proven, but everyone on the force is afraid to lose their jobs too. So, since Oct 2010 I have watched him hold his household together with a daughter and 3 small children. Wife working and 2 of 3 kids have special needs. Last unemployment check this week. No justice in this world, but there is God.
—Guest MamaD

Waiting For My Change

I can bear witness to the nurse who lost her job over a lie. I experienced the same thing on my job, the MA that worked with me stole some things. The Doctor and his wife looked at the tape and saw I didn't do it, but still he is blocking me from other medical facilities for employment. They knew they were wrong for discharging me, because otherwise, they would have fought against my unemployment. They have kids, and truly, what goes around comes around. I thought they were sweet people, even though some of the co-workers tried to tell me how evil they were, but I don't judge people, nor listen to office gossip, so I didnt take it to heart. Those same people got called into the office, and they too spoke against me. All of them still work there, but before I become a liar, or try to make others look bad under false pretense, I won't say anything. I got dismissed for a lie! And the people who smiled and talked about the Dr. and his wife are still working there.
—Guest Faithful~

Waiting for My Change

I have been unemployed since 8.8.09. My unemployment ran out, I only need less than $2,000 to pay off my home, and car... well needless to say, I dont have it, and I'm about to lose EVERYTHING!! Family & church has helped tremendously~~ (Thank God!) . My unemployement ran out Oct 2011, I did all the volunteering -- helping the homeless, sick and disabled. I could when I had money from unemployment, but now I have no money. The resource centers said they have helped me ALL they could. I will never give up on God. I'm a believer and I believe in miracles, because surely I'd drown in this Gulf of Mexico, (without Him). I am praying for all the stories Im reading. Thank God my children are grown and able to support themselves. Otherwise, they would be suffering with me. God bless everybody! The Sun is going to shine. I believe we all will see it. I may give out, but never give up!! Just like life changed and this happened to us, it can be reversed!
—Guest Pat

Depressed in America

I have been unemployed since 2009. I have had one interview and have sent out over 1000 applications. What is it for an unemployed person to do that is over the age of 50? Do I do like some of my friends and play the "disability game?" As long as my health holds out, I want to work and contribute to society, however, the system will not allow me to do that. I know guys that tell their doctors that they have "mental issues" to draw disability. This is not right! In this country a person that wants to work should be allowed to do so. I have a degree in a technical field and cannot find employment. I have run out of money and the debt collectors call on a regular basis. This is ridiculous................downandunemployed

Still Unemployed!!

I wish I could say that I enjoy reading how I'm not alone in the jobless and scary world right now. I was laid off my job in the summer of 09. Went back to college at age 42 and was doing quite well with my studies until funds were cut from programs I was on for tuition and books, mileage, and meals etc. Needless to say that furthered my depression because I was starting to look like I would always be down and out. I did begin applying for many jobs. The outcome has been the same for me as many others. No job, no call backs from promising interviews, and pretty much no hope. I'm not "homeless" per say but I'm living in a situation that make miserable and would love to find "any" job to get back on my feet. I live in a rural area so there are no industrial type jobs and I'm a woman without the means to relocate so what do I do. I've been a single mom for 10+ years, lost my home, lost both my parents, and lost my job all within 3 years. I trust God has a plan for my simple life
—Guest Marilyn

About to Be Homeless

I am about to be homeless along with my husband who is too disabled to work, my kids, who are too young to work and our cats... just want to work my 40 hours get paid enough to get by and go home... hope my pension is there when I am 62. Laid off teachers get no help either.
—Guest Tamara

Trying Harder

I'm 56 with a solid working background and yet I"m being interview for a job by a kid young enough to be my son. Awkward to say the least. I only hoped he was muture enough to realize the benefits of hiring someone who doesn't look at himself as invincible, with time on my side. I've been applying for at least 10 to 20 jobs per day. I just have to believe that the law of numbers has to bear some fruit. I find myself sounding to desperate in my interview and just can't bear the though of having to rent a house after 30 years as a homeowner. Just make up your mind to double the number of hours per day and apply for jobs where your skill set can be transferable to suit their requirements. Think about having your resume analyzed by a professional. Each job you apply for your are competing with no less that 1,500 other applicants. So we have to seek help unike back in the day when resumes were not even checked. It takes time for them go filter out the people they fell won't a good fit.
—Guest Larry

To Everyone Sailing in This Boat

I lost my job 2/2010, filed for unemployment, and have also gone through the extensions. It was a very sad day to learn that congress did not include us in the recent extension. Like so many of you, I am freaking out. I don't know whether to focus on being homeless or finding a job. I stay worried and stressed and I can't find peace of mind. No good sleep, No good times, No immediate hope. The world is a sad place and I fear it will never be the same again. I feel like the frog dropped in the pot of cold water and the government is and has been gradually turning up the heat on the stove.
—Guest Sasha

Bring Back Walk-in Job Seeking

Life was so much easier in the 80's and the early 2000's. I used to be able to walk into a department store and ask for an application for work. Now every company, says they don't do walk-ins. Every company says "check our website site" a nice way to say "go away"! Let's bring back human interaction. Let's get over this jobless (dry spell) already.
—Guest Andrew

2+ Years Out of Work, 50 Years Old

I have been out of work for over 2 years now, having lost my job at an insurance company to India outsourcing. I took advantage of the TRA retraining in the medical field and after graduating, still no work. It has been very depressing, to say the least, but have found comfort seeing so many in the same boat. I have resorted to selling things -- clothing, jewelry, anything on ebay and consignment shops. It cannot help with the mortage but has helped tremendously with gas and small bills. Wish the best for everyone.

No work for 4 years

I lost my job in 2008, I got unemployment for almost 2 years, along with looking for work. Nothing and I mean nothing, not one interview until last year and then one last week and still nothing. I have food stamps, but no help with rent, or utilites I have many doctor bills, I dont like being on food stamps. I want to work, I have sent out over 1100.00 resumes and applications since Dec. 2008. The other people who are in worse shape than me want are they doing. My heart goes out to these people. I have had no money coming in in 2 years. Ok Mr Obama tell me what to do now. I don't want to depend on the Govenment to get by, there are people out there that do and there is nothing wrong with these people. Any advice from anyone. Oh yes I have educated myself to so I am in debt for that too.
—Guest jbm1954

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Where to Get Help When Unemployment Runs Out

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