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Readers Respond: Where to Get Help When Unemployment Runs Out

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My Heart is Breaking for Everyone

Oh My Goodness! My heart hurts for everyone that has posted. For those of you that are contemplating suicide, please don't. I am sending prayers to Everyone!! I too am in the same boat. My boyfriend just passed away 3 weeks ago and I spent the last 3 weeks crying and grieving, not realizing that my unemployment was running out. I just figured it out today. I will get through this!! Prayers to All of You! You WILL make it Through This!!
—Guest Just Me :)

Done Praying

I am in the same boat myself. I was unemployed for seven months and collected unemployment benefits until landing a job that only lasted for three months. I was let go on December 2013 and unable to collect again. I consider myself discriminated or disabled because no one wants to hire a person at "50". I'm tired of Congress's excuses while lining their own pockets at everyone else's expense. From what I heard, if you don't get health insurance a fine of 1 percent will be incurred. No income equals zero in my book so find me at the nearest homeless shelter. Lets overthrow the government and start from scratch. I am done praying....
—Guest Bill

No One Calls

It sucks. I've worked all my life and now after working 13 yrs my boss didn't like me and he fired me. My unemployment benefits ran out. I have no income. I will be homeless and starved if something doesn't come up. No one hires me. What is wrong? I apply every single day and not one call -- nothing. I'll do any job. I just want to work.
—Guest Evelyn

This Stinks

I feel for every one that is unemployed. I am in the same boat. Congress is useless. They can help other countries out but not Americans. I am not voting for D or R. I know that it will not make a difference but it will to me. Screw them all.
—Guest larry

In the Same Boat

I wish I had an answer, because then I would be able to help myself. Just saw the news. No unemployment extensions NOR solutions to our problems. I lost my job, was collecting & job hunting while my fiance worked. He lost his job...we were both collecting while looking for jobs. Tried starting our own business, but can't get any help to get that going. Unemployment stopped, we tried to get help but they screwed up our paper work so we have to start all over but they did give us food stamps. Being evicted soon so I guess Ill cook on my engine....oh wait, car will be repossessed soon too. I guess Ill invest my last couple dollars in a tent and pitch it somewhere. This COUNTRY is falling apart. I wonder how these senators would feel if their whole world fell apart at the seams like all of us? I have a MEd and can't even find a babysitting job. Don't know what to do anymore. Praying isn't cutting it. We are down to the wire about to be homeless. Never predicted this in my life.
—Guest Fed Up

Off the Merry Go Round

I received UI for 26 weeks money I paid into the system somewhere. After 40 years of vote things getting worse , jobs moved overseas and such. I'm not voting for one more D or R. plan to give anybody else a chance. If they do no better, their pay would be less. As for Congress, vote "None of the Above ". Congress need to be fired for dereliction of duty. We are fools to keep voting the same way and falling for tricks and traps. Look at meds -- after 3 years you see on TV they harm or kill, call this law firm and file a claim. The ones who sell bad meds settle the claims for millions but have made billions so no harm to them. We are lab rats and the more $$ all these greedy corporations make, the worst it gets. We the people need to stop falling for this crap. It hurts to be broke and homeless but think about what people did the 1800s to survive. Trade fruits and veggies grown in cans or pots, buy or trade from your neighbors. Time show the W.H they suck!
—Guest Annie

No Jobs, No Food, No Help

No wonder why half the country is screwed up on drugs! This is why: no jobs, no food, no help. So much for freedom. Glad technology is getting better -- it's leaving us all jobless.
—Guest Robot

Sick Country

I have been on unemployment since June 2013. Before that it was 21 years ago! All those years of working for 21 years that's all I get and the politicians can't even take the time to vote on the extension while we are all starving. I am begging all of you people who are unemployed in 2016: Do not go to the the voting booth for democrats or republicans. They don't have time for us and we won't make time for them!
—Guest Kevin


I am another person who is seeking for any income to pay my bills.I can't pay my rent. My family is in the same boat.I can't give up ...Tired of scams in my email. 300 resumes sent out. Barely can eat. I have three kid and three grandbabies. I am only 39 and I've worked since I was 15. What next? I'll be damned if I become homeless!!!!!:,,,{ NO!
—Guest krbk

Don't Know Where to Turn :-(

I have been out of work for 5 years now since the whole recession began and I can tell you I have sent out so many resumes I have literally lost count. I have been on interviews only to be turned away and made to feel like it's my fault I got laid off. I cry myself to sleep in utter and complete frustration and disappointment. There are so many things I want and need to do but I am unable to do so. I don't really have many friends left since most of them don't even bother to call me anymore since I have been out of work :-( I am beginning to lose all hope and faith that I will ever be able to have a life of my own as well as being able to marry the man I have been with for the last 13 years and most all wanting to be back to go back to school so I can get the degree I need in order to have the life that I want :-( Feeling so sad right now I can't even hardly type this as I sit here in tears :-( wishing, hoping that someone will take notice of me and my skills and not how long I have been out of work :-(
—Guest :-(

Where's the Money I Put In?

I'm a union electrician , I've worked steady for years. I got laid off in August and now I'm on unemployment. There's no work in sight and now they are telling me my UC benefits are running out. Where the f*** is all that money I put into unemployment over the years? This is a broken and horrible system. So now what am I to do?
—Guest ibew member

Still Sinking

I am a 23 year old college graduate that have been looking for work for 2 years now. I have only managed to obtain a minimum wage job that always took hours out of my already unlivable check! There are so many fake interviews i have been on, so many resumes that i have sent out ... Just about 700 and way too many calls that are not returned, no follow ups, and I cannot get unemployment. I HAD to move from the suburbs to the inner city and my education is deemed irrelevant from everyone. No job= worthless lazy disgusting etc in regards to our generation, when I can honestly say that the majority of us are scrambling for money that we know would not last but don't want to be worthless so we will do it all and get nowhere just because. We are stuck interning and babysitting for free just to be semi-comfortable in our communities. Its saddening to see bills for education that got you nowhere permanently rolling in in the mail and there isn't a job available for it to be paid back!!!
—Guest JustTerrible

Corporate Greed is All It Is

Here's what I don't quite understand. I watch the news every night and over the last 6 to 8 months I noticed that the stock market continues to reach record highs. Reports are coming in that many companies and corporations have made record profits for their investors. In this country of so called "Trickle Down" economics and how I understand it's workings, why at this point are there 7% still unemployed? If there were "record profits and growth" why are 11 million people still out of work? Could it be that it's trickling down alright, but it's trickled down to workers in India and China? Where is all that money made going? I see so many people calling themselves patriotic and God fearing while they send our jobs over to China and India all the while making more and more money for themselves. There are folks right here in the good ole USA that are struggling to feed their children and are looking for work but it's just not there.
—Guest Tim

Crime is Gonna Go Up

I have been out of work for 8 months and apply for work 6 days a week. I ask for help and applied for any and everything I can. Denied straight across the board. I have lost my home, my car, sold my jewelry, furniture, electronics, tv's and possessions. I literally have nothing left. I am living at my father's house and don't know where my next meal is coming from. I don't condone crime but I understand it. People have kids, family and are being put in a hard position.
—Guest Lost Hope

The Run-Around

If I ask my family for money, that would be the end. They don't want to hear it. I get the run-around on job interviews. I'm 63. I think it's my age, also they don't want me. It's awful out there, going online to look for a job stinks. Ya NEVER get an answer and who knows if they got it. There's no help for the people who are from here, all their lives. Go figure. I'm very upset over this.
—Guest sharon

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Where to Get Help When Unemployment Runs Out

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