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Readers Respond: Best Answers to Why Should We Hire You?

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Read answers and share your answer to the common interview question why should we hire you.

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I can't answer your question in words but I can answer it in my performance.
—Guest Khel

My Answer

You hire me because I believe in myself and I am self-determined. I also believe that I can do my duties and responsibilities for this job.
—Guest sexy

Finding the Rhythm

I excel at finding the rhythms of the work team and blending my abilities with those around me. I have a knack for zoning in on the weaknesses that exist in the office world and finding my niche by working the hardest in these areas.
—Guest rhythm ranger

Service-Oriented and Bilingual

You should hire me because I am a service oriented bilingual individual searching for a position where my strong work ethic and education would be of a great asset to any office work environment, including yours.
—Guest kyara diaz

Need Job

I want to prove myself ....I want experience in lab assistant field.
—Guest sangeeta

Willing and Eager

You should not just hire me but you must hire for the reason that I have the gift that other applicants don't have. I believe that my eagerness and my willful ability could help to contribute for the progress of this company.
—Guest dayjec

I'll Prove Myself

I believe I should be a part of ______ . I can easily cope with new challenges, and interact effectively with people that I haven't worked with yet. I am also willing to go beyond expectations when it comes to work and being involved.The way I can prove this is if you hire me.
—Guest -Kylie Ewards

Passion for Excellence

I know that I am don't have as many years of experience as the other candidates but I can assure you that I can offer my drive and passion towards excellence. I make sure that I excel in everything I do and meet and/or surpass what is expected from me. I am very much committed to any task at hand and it is one of my values to finish whatever i have started. Apart from my determination to excel, my passion on this field is undeniable. I know that passion and drive for excellence in anything is a key to success.

Previous Experience

...because i will combine my knowledge and experience of other work outside of your company to enhance your profile and increase your productivity.

Best Answer

...Because you won't be disappointed with your decision to hire me.
—Guest Anony mouse

Experience and Hard Working

I have more than ten years of experience, training, and knowledge that qualify me for this position. I am a team player, motivated and hard working. If you give me this position you will not regret it.
—Guest Jones


You should hire me because I am hardworking, flexible, work with joy and most importantly, dedicated to my job.
—Guest jennifer camus

Reasons to Choose Me

As you know, all of the candidates are most likely extremely worthy of this position. I am going to tell you why I should be the one you choose to fill it. First of all, I’m a hard worker. I pay attention to details and I will get any job given to me done quickly and accurately. I am eager to learn and I’m dedicated and passionate. I find it very rewarding to help other people and I care about the community. I am loyal, trustworthy, and I will always show up on time. If you asked someone about me, they would probably say I am mature, smart, kind, caring, and a happy person in general. I am extremely experienced in this area and I know I am the right person for this job. (This is what I used for every time I was asked to write a pitch about why I should be chosen for something)
—Guest Jessica

The Right Stuff

You should hire me because I am the kind of person that you're looking for. I can be the best asset in your company because I am flexible, I can handle with stress and I easily learn to love my work, whatever it is and I can get along with the people around me.
—Guest ja

Want to be Successful with You

You should hire me because I can prove to you that I am passionate and I am punctual and I am good team player. I want to be a successful part of successful organization.
—Guest saurabh singh

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