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Readers Respond: Best Answers to Why Should We Hire You?

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Why should we hire you? Read answers and share your answer to the common interview question "Why should we hire you?" Share Your Answer

Why hire me

20 years experience in industry local knowledge of people places transport etc i think i am a hard worker but im not lying.Thinking of the future for my family no better motivation i know tops that.
—Guest derick

Because I said so

I may not be your boss yet but u will be soon, so just start doing what your told now. Hire me!
—Guest Mama

You should hire

You should hire me cause I'm a good worker and I work really hard.
—Guest Ami


Hire me because I have the leadership skills that will help the organization to succeed.
—Guest patrickneil

Why not?

Actually, the question here is "Why should you not hire me?" I may not be perfect but I am aiming it. That's why I can assure you that I'll always do my best on everything I do. I need to be hired here for me to prove these. Thanks!
—Guest Krung Krung


I think I will be the suitable candidate for this position. Though I have no experience, I’m a self-motivated individual and willing to learn anything. I’ll do my best to be an asset of your company. I am positive minded and believe in continuous learning and improvement. I also believe in getting out of my comfort zone and achieving the best in whatever I do.
—Guest Monique

Eager and Willing

I am self motivated with strong work ethics. I can work in a team and always like to enjoy my work. I am a quick learner and if I am selected today I will be more than willing to take the necessary training that my job profile would require to give my best to the organization.
—Guest Jezreal Shane H. Diosma

No Experience but Great Attitude

As a new graduate, I can't say you must hire me because of my experience. But according to my capabilities I can assure you that you will never regret your decision to hire me as a I am good listener and quick learner, I can mould myself according to any kind of situation, I never back away from any kind of problem, and I will try to give my best to achieve all goals of your organisation.
—Guest eshwar reddy


You should hire me because I have good qualifications and I am able to do this job. I will make a great effort because I want to be a successful part of a successful organization.
—Guest Niharika

Growth Potential

I have passion, motivation, and I will work hard to keep my position. I will grow with the company and learn more to grow in each level I reach in the company.
—Guest gao


Hire me because i met the minimum requirements of the post and I am able to do the job to its best requirements.

Putting Experience to Use

I have experience and expertise in this sector. I can utilize it for the betterment for the company and for myself, too.
—Guest intakhab lam


Although everything is audited and recorded, honesty is still required here and I believe you need someone whose honest.
—Guest AlBuali

Fast Learner

You should hire me because I have my ability and skills to devote myself to this field. As an individual I am always willing to work under pressure, I can easily get along with the people around me and with the environment. I am a fast learner and I'm hardworking. I will do my best to fulfill my job on time.
—Guest master angas

Positive Impression

You should hire me because I'll be an asset. I know that I have the skills and experience regarding the job position I'm applying for.
—Guest Good Man

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Best Answers to Why Should We Hire You?

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