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Readers Respond: Best Answers to Why Should We Hire You?

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Good Asset

You should hire me because I am a kind, energetic person who gets along well with others. I am dedicated and organized. I'm able to work at a fast pace and still provide accurate work. I feel that will make me a good asset to this team.
—Guest Lyte


You should hire me because I am competitive enough to face any kind of pressure and challenge that the company gives me, and of course you should hire me because you need me.
—Guest janine

You Chose Me for an Interview

Hire me because company finds me suitable for the position and that's the reason I am here for an interview.
—Guest Jasvinder Singh

Great Decision

I think my experience and skills are enough suitable for this position and I will give my best for you to prove that hiring me is the best decision that you'll ever make.
—Guest ghil

Extra Mile

Because I'm willing to go that extra mile and because I have the skills and experience that I believe would compliment your team.
—Guest Pop

Follow Instructions

I am best for this job because I'm patient and will take instructions from my superiors. I am ready to learn and adapt to my work environment.
—Guest Idara Robinson

Marketing Manager

I am very honest person in my work, and have good work experience and I'm willing to learn more. I love my work .
—Guest Sihamkoo

What Makes Me Unique

I always ensure that I get the job done. I learn very quickly and adjust to how things are done. I am very creative and interactive which describe my leadership and team working capabilities.
—Guest Jennie Conway

Making Up for Lack of Experience

I am a fast learner Mr. Jones and more easily trainable than having to retrain an "experienced know-it-all". This is what you want, isn't it? Wait for answer.
—Guest Richard S.

Great Reasons to Hire Me

I should be hired because of track record with previous employer . I am persistent achiever. I am a big motivator, my company grew in my tenure. My 10 subordinates got promotion in my tenure. Corporate image enhanced in my tenure.
—Guest Sk

Passion for Business

I'm working in a core area of business. Because of my passion for business, even though I have debts, I saved money and started my dad's business. If I get the opportunity, I will do my best.
—Guest Rajapandian


I can help work to my advantage and will try my best to get the job done. I will help with what ever is needed to work up to what is expected of me.
—Guest dudet

No need to Prove Myself

Why you should hire me? Well, I think you know it!!!!
—Guest Disha


I think I am because I have achieved a lot of analytical and leadership experience at “X” that I can apply for new strategic projects and always I am looking for fresh challenges. Why am I so sure of that? Because I have lead 4 successful projects and I am really aware of what are the main problems of this company. I know I can perform this job successfully.
—Guest rbv

Prove Myself

I am willing to enhance my skills, using my talent and ability. I want to prove to all of you that I can perform well and you will never regret that you hired me.
—Guest bryan

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Best Answers to Why Should We Hire You?

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