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Readers Respond: Best Answers to Why Should We Hire You?

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Creative Thinking is My Habit

You should hire me because I am creative.Always I look at my work from different perspectives. I make forecasts about situation.
—Guest Somnath Gaikwad

Jack of All Trades

You should hire me because I am jack of all trades and consider myself fit for this job.
—Guest tufail muhammad

Satisfactory and Competent

I should be hired because I am competent enough to satisfy what is required of me by this organization.
—Guest Christian Anyanwu

Unique Experience and Skills

I am the only person who has such a long and varied experience. I can provide back-up support to HR, Budget and Financing, Security, Procurement, and Planning and Forecasting
—Guest PP Singh


You should hire me because I am capable of handling this position, and I think this is the right position for me. I am capable of working without supervision.
—Guest JEPOY

Healthy Person

You should hire me because I'm one of the healthy person whom you are searching for and I can do the work that the company needs done.
—Guest Tank Upreti

Best Person

Because i'm the best person for that job because I'm a trustworthy person and I have a good personality.
—Guest ARLLY Fernandez

Great Addition

You should hire me because I possess the requisite competence and skill set necessary for this job. Others may be as qualified or more experiencd but I am your best bet as I uphold excellence in all that I do.
—Guest chandni

Willing to be Corrected

You should hire me because I am a true person and I'm willing to be corrected for my faults.
—Guest pam

Ability to Work 12 hours per day

As far as my skills and talent are concerned, I want to be a part of the organization so that I can use my technical knowledge to help the organization make a huge profit.
—Guest Nikunj Beladiya

"We are Proud of You"

You should hire me because I have to use my knowledge and I have to prove myself. Mainly I want to contribute to the success which will come to an organization where I am working. I have to learn new things. I want to get experience and I want to make myself a good person so that company will say "We are proud of you".
—Guest Suraj

Why are you a good candidate?

I think you should hire me because I am a fast learner, pay close attention for details, and have a willingness to learn and help others.
—Guest LINA

Do Things Others Can't

You should hire me because I can do things that others can't do. I have God's given talents and skills which can help me do good at work.
—Guest Epil Ando Josol

Obvious Reply

You should hire me because now the correct time has come to use the knowledge and skills which I have been continuously acquiring from the time I started learning. I need the right platform and I think this company is one of the best. It will definitely help me to enhance and polish my skills.
—Guest Utkarsh

Willing to Learn

I am looking for an opportunity in this field, to excel in this field and to contribute to the growth of organization.To be able to enhance my knowledge, and to develop my skills and personality.
—Guest jernan

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Best Answers to Why Should We Hire You?

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