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Readers Respond: Best Answers to Why Should We Hire You?

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My Answer

I am both technically and mentally qualified for this job and I can prove it to you only if you hire me.
—Guest ciju

Handle Pressure and Learn Fast

You should hire me because I can work under pressure and I'm a fast learner. I will handle all the duties you give me responsibly.
—Guest girl^agent

Cool Answer

Answers: If you have experience... "I wont tell I am the only one whom you should hire. But I have years of experience is in this field and that makes me unique. And my knowledge and effort plus your support could make a huge profit to our organization". If you are just starting out... "I think you should hire me because I am a fast learner, pay close attention to details, and have a willingness to learn and work for you organization". Then give a :)
—Guest Durga Prasad Sahoo

I Can and Will

I will bring something new to any meeting, something a bit deeper. I’m also reliable, and will get any task you set me done. In fact, I will try to do any task better then people expect of me. If I’m not satisfied with something, I can and will do it again until it turns out the way I want it to.
—Guest Elmdawn


You should hire me because I am hardworking, sincere and adaptable, and I'm willing to meet the challenges of any situation.
—Guest dave

Take the Risk

I believe the right question is why you don't take the risk if you believe in your potential as my supervisor.
—Guest Abdelhameed

Smart and Confident - Sales

I believe I am the one you are looking for. I am a hard and fast learner, which will expedite the training period and I am an extremely motivated individual who pays attention to detail. I always make sure my work is complete and accurate. I am also an ambitious person and I desire to be among the best in my field and I want the best for your company. I believe that my customer service background matches the Sales Consultant position I am applying for and given the opportunity, I will prove myself to you. Kind Regards,
—Guest Oeyesea - BK

Working Smarter and Harder

Hard and smart work are the key factors with me. If we collaborated, my experience would give a boost to the company's efficiency and would take the targets of the company to highest level.
—Guest IKRAM

Smart Lady

I'm a hard worker. I pay attention into details and I always make sure my work is done and accurate. I'm an eager to learn and I'm dedicated to my work, I believe that my educational background matches with the current position am applying for, and given an opportunity, I will prove my self to you. Regards
—Guest joyous

Confident Answer

You should hire me because I am a fast learner, which will facilitate the training period; I am motivated and I have the background that corresponds to this position. Also I am an ambitious person, and I have the desire to be among the best in my field, and I want to be the best with your company.
—Guest A young woman

Nice Answer

You should hire me because I am the one you are looking for. I have a great abiliity to learn fast and I will contribute to growth of your company. Choose me.
—Guest chandan

Best Answer for Why Hire Me

I have experience in this field and now I 've proved my knowledge in this interview.
—Guest Manikandan

Eager to Learn

Although this is a new company for me, I have experience that matches many of the requested job qualifications and am willing to make an effort to learn all I can about your company. I make it a point to ask questions about information I do not know and I keep a log of notes to refer back to. I believe if given the opportunity I will not disappoint you.
—Guest Daneen K

I Can Prove My Worth

You should hire me because I passed all the training the company has provided me. I believe that applying what i've learned is the best way to show what I've learned and you should hire me because I'm confident that I can prove to you that the company was right in giving me training.
—Guest guest james

Nice Brains

You should hire me because I'm a skilled person who can help the growth of the company.
—Guest genious

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