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Readers Respond: Best Answers to Why Should We Hire You?

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I'm the One

I am a smart employee and quick learner and I am a results-oriented and have an excellent rapport with people. Moreover I always give my best effort to my work. I am always searching for a place where I can realize my full potential. I have a passion to deal effectively in the field of my expertise.

Solution Oriented Problem Solver

You need to hire me because you don't want to spend weeks training me. You want a quick learner with good communication skills and technical problem solving skills. You need someone who can pick up the pieces that were dropped, and can start connecting the dots, and then applying themselves in a strategic and organized fashion that makes sense to your management style. I can make adorable color coded file systems or breeze through the heaping to-do list in a flurry, whatever suits your style. Mainly, I pride myself in customer / client satisfaction with my personable approach. Alternately, I enjoy autonomously jumping into the action and getting down to business once I get my bearings. As well I'm eager to be part of a team that inspires and engages me to do my best work!
—Guest Mind Reader

Fit the Answer to the Job

Combine multiple answers that best fit the job. I combined... Prove Myself, Good Fit, and Willing to Learn.
—Guest Expert


Most people will answer self-praising reasons why they should be hired. I, on the other hand cannot lie. I have a proven track record and you can verify it with my previous employers.
—Guest pubkbrutus


I'm the type of person that if you ask me a question and I don't know the answer, I will let you know. I will be that person who does whatever it takes to find the answer.
—Guest Dan

Give Honesty a Chance

Sir, you should hire because I'm fully dedicated towards my work. I am a person who can be trusted. I'm reliable and honest. Honesty should be given a chance to prove itself. Moreover, I'm a self motivated person who's willing to learn anything.
—Guest riti


Because I'm confident that I can do this job. I consider this as my chance to succeed and when I'm successful I can help other people because that's my purpose in my life. Thank you very much.
—Guest Mari Grace

Experienced and Productive

I believe i qualify for this job because I have experience in the field and I am a productive employee. I can handle my responsibilities.
—Guest thatonesmarty

Results Oriented

If you do hire me, I will give you my 100% for this position. I will not give you any kind of excuse for my work. I will do my work with efficiency.
—Guest waseem

Qualified and Ambitious

You should hire me because I have good qualifications and I am able to do this job. I am a person with a positive attitude and I'm a smart worker too. I can handle any kind of situation. I will make great effort because I want to be a successful part of your successful organization.
—Guest guest baby


You should hire me because I am willing to enhance my skills and capabilities. Using my talents and abilities, I will prove to all of you that I can do my job well and you'll never regret that you hired me. I am the person who's not looking at this job like it's a normal job, but I look this job as adventure to fight for.
—Guest Maridel Ann Cortes

Paraphrase JFK

Because everyday as I prepare to go to work I ask myself “What can I do for the company today?” not “What can the company do for me?” My past employers have described me as trustworthy, honest and reliable. Now isn’t that the kind of person you’d want working for you?
—Guest Miss Sherry


You should hire me because I have the potential to learn at every step and no matter how difficult the challenge is, I never give up. As said "where there is a will there is a way".... and where there is no way, create one.
—Guest infi

Friendly Behaviour

I should be hired because I am of very friendly nature. I can adjust to every type of environment easily and also can easily make friend of others who can be helpful to me anytime.
—Guest Varun Mishra

Confident Reply

I'm a genius and a hard worker. I'm smart and flexible. If you hire me, it's like you hired 10 persons with different skills. I am all you want. I am all this company needs to succeed.
—Guest azhar

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Best Answers to Why Should We Hire You?

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