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Readers Respond: Best Answers to What Motivates You?

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What motivates you? Read answers and share your answer to this typical interview question. Share Your Answer


For me, my passion / motivation is to become a real singer, so I am motivated by music.
—Guest kissa marie

Beautiful Day

Waking up in the morning and seeing that the sun is shining with no wind or clouds in the sky and I thank God for letting me live another day. That is motivation beyond words.
—Guest stevo

Music and Life

What motivates me in life is Music and life. Music motivates me by the lyrics and sound. Whenever I hear music, I forgot about all the bad things in life and I think about what if one day this and that could happen! I'm in my happy place when I listen to music, I feel no worries or no regrets. I feel when I sing or play music, I can be anyone who I want to be! Music has always been there for me when people weren't. Music have motivated me to reach my goals, and successfully conquer them. Also life has motivated me to keep going and don't give up on your dreams! My parents have always been there for me all through the journey. I will never forget them one day, because they are more than just my parents, they are my best friends. Whenever life goes bad somedays, I just think about you only have one life so why not make the most of it? Be who you want to be! Don't give up. Don't look back, keep on going till you reach your goals in life! Being motivated by music and life has been an impact!
—Guest Cindy

Great motivators

The great motivator a person could have is the support of family and friends,or the important persons in your life.they are there to support you at all times.whatever you do or whatever you achieved.even you failed to succeed they still motivates you to do better next time.
—Guest Charlee

My Brother

I motivated by my elder brother. He always motivates me to do the hard work with systematic rules and regulations. One day I will follow his example
—Guest bansh pal


I noticed quite a few positive responses. I like to be positive, but at this point fear and the approval of others are my motivators in the workplace. Sad , I know. The positive is that with my son, love and the joy of seeing him learn and develop are huge motivators for me! I have been racking my brain on how to channel that into other areas of my life. Especially my career.
—Guest M

Dreams and Goals

My dreams and my goals motivate me to achieve and become successful in life. They motivate me to be the the best person I can be.
—Guest valerie

My Dreams Motivate Me

I am motivated by my dreams and I work with sincere heart toward achieving them.
—Guest azetu

Friends and Family

I am motivated by my friends. If I face a critical problem, they are there giving valuable encouragement.
—Guest kumar


My friends are my best motivators. If there is ever a problem they come and they help you get back at it.
—Guest Jhon

None of Your Business

What motiviates me is none of my boss's business. Why would I give him such personal information, that he could use to manipulate me?
—Guest John


I have extensive experience and the success quotient on the job requirements excites me. I strongly believe that I am being presented an opportunity to succeed. I helps to have the highest respect for the brand I could be representing and the value that it can offer to the target customer . The role should offer a high visibility and is a significant part of the growth plan of the company. I look to provide and will provide meaningful inputs to the organization’s vision. All these factors make the role very significant and will allow me the platform to become a successful employee. This is my true motivation.
—Guest Leon


I am motivated by the opportunity and desire to grow and learn new things. I'm very self-motivated too; I'm not at peace with myself until I know I am working at my full potential.
—Guest Taylor

It's for the People, Including Yourself

Sometimes I'm lost at what my purpose is and am left wondering, why does any of this matter... Then I thought because when you put work in and get things done, it doesn't go unnoticed. It's the starting boom of a chain reaction. My motivation is motivating others with me. Also personal success, but it's nice not leaving others in the dust and bring them up with you succeeding together. In a strong productive union. Your kind-heartedness will motivate others as well and really like those commercials where each person who witnessed a helpful event among others in turn helps someone else, your actions will make the world a better place for your community and the people you love. And if you don't have people in your life you love, start caring for everyone leaving a charitable impact. Thanks.
—Guest Ryan

Couldn't Say Anything

It was my first interview. I was asked what motivates me and I replied by saying a lot. I was asked to list five and I said I love challenges and pronto...I was blank! Doubt if I will be contacted!
—Guest roffy

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Best Answers to What Motivates You?

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