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Readers Respond: Best Answers to What Motivates You?

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What motivates you? Read answers and share your answer to this typical interview question.


When I work really, really hard to achieve a goal or finish a task and get a rightfully deserved, "job well done" it motivates me.
—Guest Tyson C


When someones cheers up for me it helps me to stay motivated.
—Guest manix

Motivated by a Friend

What motivates me is my friend. She has always been there for me and encouraged me not to lose hope.... I am thankful for that.
—Guest Ndinelago Emosho

Word of God

I'm motivated by the word of God and prayer. It encourages my heart and keep me on the right track.
—Guest mary scott


For me, my passion / motivation is to become a real singer, so I am motivated by music.
—Guest kissa marie

Thinking about Ants

I will get motivated by an ant. We can learn many things from an ant. It searches for an alternate way when it meets an obstacle and it never turns back. It has discipline and foresight. It knows that it won't get food in the rainy season, so it collects the food in advance in summer. Last but not the least, it feels failure is the first step of success. It won't give up until it reaches its goal.
—Guest Divya

Standing Apart from the Crowd

I am motivated when I achieve something different, especially when others fail to achieve.
—Guest kunal jadhav

Recognition for a Job Well Done

It the honest recognition of a job well done and its a well-placed thank you said with sincerity.
—Guest Figit

My Dream

I want to become better at my job, and I want to help others. I want to be a leader in our field.
—Guest Assejk

The Extra Mile

There's something on the inside of me that keeps pushing to expand myself by working harder, smarter, stronger, and more efficiently. If there's an extra mile to go...the strength inside me draws out the willingness and ability to go that extra mile.
—Guest Stephen

Making People Happy

People motivate me. I love helping, and making people happy. It brings such satisfaction to see the smile on someone's face after I've just helped them in some way.

Achieving Goals

I am always motivated to achieve my goals and to reach our quota, so that my boss will happy and I will be happy, too.
—Guest myra

Setting Challenging Goals

I am always motivated by setting goals that are challenging and my determination to achieve those goals.
—Guest kayla

Role Model - Mom

I am motivated by my mom. I am proud to say she has achieved a lot for a single parent. She has always been there for me and my sister and for that I would like to thank her.
—Guest maria

Love what I do

God first because he put inside me quick hands and feet. Second, I am motivated by my loving husband who always supports me in return.
—Guest Lol

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