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Readers Respond: Best Answers to What Are You Passionate About?

Responses: 66


What are you passionate about? Share your answer to this typical interview question.

Mathematics - Aptitude

I am passionate about numbers. It gives me insight about mathematics and like to solve aptitude puzzles.I like to find patterns in numbers . I like to calculate numbers mentally. Yes! if there's any position in this world that suits my passion I am ready to leave my job.
—Guest Bhavin Patel

Passionate about True Life

I am passionate to be a leader to show that there is more to life than social media. I prefer to go out do out and do things and make a change!
—Guest Guest

Strive Hard

I am passionate in doing my job by exerting my effort to finish my work on time and carefully as possible.
—Guest Michelle


I am passionate about Journalism because it allows me to see the world in different ways as well as allowing others to see the world in these different ways.
—Guest Emily

The Lord

I am passionate about God, that he can lead our hearts and minds in the right direction, and using his teachings to change the world in a positive way.
—Guest Ruby


I want to change the world for the better because what we have right now is a mess.
—Guest Victoria G

Passion - I am a believer

I am a believer. I want to achieve the most in life within ten years- At 55 I want to topple my life and start new. Sky is the limit- REACH UP.
—Guest geeta

Passionate about music....

Music is a way of life for me, it's a gift I'll never take for granted. I find peace, energy and satisfaction in music, can't live without it.
—Guest sean-hill.net


I am very passionaite about music. Despite how cliche this may sound, music is my life. Without it, I would be bored, and driven crazy.
—Guest Gabby Firkey


What is passion? Something we love, something we are excited about. The desire of doing that thing constantly is a passion. I have a passion to become a great manager. I love to manage things and I love team work. I want to be a great decision maker. I love to observe people. I want to be a great speaker. To become a great manager, one should have an ability to influence people. I love to do all these things. They excite me. That's what passion is.
—Guest Arti Arora


I am Passionate about make people happy. and I want to see everyone happy with great satisfaction I want to do something new to make people happy ..... :))
—Guest Rupendra

Good Discussion Here

Hey guyz, it's great to hear of all the passion which you all have. Although some of your comments were a bit funny, most of them were very informative. Truth be told, I am passionate about surfing the web, watching movies, and tv serials. Also I am passionate about life -- joie de vivre...!!!!
—Guest alchemist

Saving Money

I am passionate about saving money. I look forward to achieving my simple American dream.
—Guest Sabrina

Making people smile

I love making people laugh/smile/ect. It makes me feel good. Even if it was just for a second, I know I improved somebody's day, and god only knows, we all need a pickup through the day.
—Guest poiuyasdf


I am slowly discovering my passion for many things technology. Computers, smartphones, websites, design and so much more. What I'm especially passionate about is learning how technology is being used to improve and better the quality of life for humankind. Thank God for passion.
—Guest Allan

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