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Readers Respond: Best Answers to What Are You Passionate About?

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I want to change the world for the better because what we have right now is a mess.
—Guest Victoria G

Dirt Bike Riding, Motocross

I am absolutely passionate about dirt bike riding and constantly riding, practicing, and improving my technique. I feel an undeniable fire inside me when I think of trying a career in motocross and I am willing to practice and work as much as possible to be the best rider I can be. I also am a Christian and believe in having a relationship with Jesus because it is so worth it. God deserves all the glory, praise the lord!
—Guest John

Being Detailed

I like being detailed in the subject which I am studying and the job I am doing. The sense of knowing the topic inside-out gives me pleasure. Also, constantly finding out new things about people, nature and God. This fills me with wonder.
—Guest J

Animals are My Passion

I love dogs. My dreams is to open up a doggie daycare oneday. I can make a living doing what I love :-)
—Guest Dog Lover

My Cousin

I am passionate about him because he's always on my side. He has been my only shoulder to cry on and also the only one to understand me. I am passionate for all that he has done for me. He has never given up on me and I am passionate for him fighting and going through everything he has had to face.
—Guest AmbarGonzalez123

I Make a Difference

I'm passionate about making a difference. When I'm involved in any project I do my best to achieve success by leading, assisting, and supporting others in a way that can best create practical and productive outcomes. My passion is a driving force within me that positively impacts everything I am involved in. I can feel satisfaction in knowing that I have helped others to accomplish their goals as well as accomplishing mine.
—Guest Guest

Passionate about Cooking

I'm passionate about cooking food. I like being in the kitchen surrounded by food. The joy and fun it brings always make me try to aim greater heights.
—Guest GRACE

Passionate about Helping Others

I am passionate about helping others every year my family and I donate money to families in India and Africa. We also gather toys around Christmas time and we donate them to orphans and remember it is better to give than to recieve :)
—Guest Apoorva

Gymnast, Cheerleader, Flyer

My passion is to be a gymnast. I love to do it and it's so much fun. I enjoy it so much that when I got to class sometimes I don't want to leave because it's so much fun. And I love cheer too I love to be a flyer. It's one of my favorites things and I really enjoy it.
—Guest Sara


I am passionate about computers and the thought that anything is possible on them!
—Guest Ben


Working with numbers has always been something i have been passionate about.
—Guest Debra

Emerging Technologies

I love to watch, talk, listen about emerging technologies and the value they provide to improve our lives. It just amazes me how we can use those technologies in our lives in many ways combining them efficiently. I always try to think of the ways these technologies can aid each other to create a better way to use them.
—Guest Rohit Maddipudi

Passionate about Life

I am passionate about my life, being fair and being happy ..so I find people to share it with.
—Guest ncams

Give Examples of Your Bold Claims!

Speaking as an experienced manager who has recently taken on hiring responsibilities, I can confidently state that I would not hire 99% of the people responding here. The answers are hugely vague, horribly generic and painfully cliche. However, the biggest flaw with the majority is that there are no examples to verify the bold claims of awesomeness. You're a hard worker? You have amazing customer service skills? You are good at studying?! Every applicant says that. GIVE EXAMPLES. You need to verify your claims, or your application will be canned immediately. Oh, and saying you have certain awesome personality traits or abilities because you are religious is totally meaningless.
—Guest Manager

Music and Listening to My Heart

I'm 14 (high school in our country) and passionate in music. Why do I know so? Because i have always had interest in it since I was younger. Society made me believe that I can't make a living through music, so I decided to look for a different path for myself since I myself am smart. I study in an science high school only for few chosen students in our districts. I thought I should be a doctor, but I felt that when I think of my future, I see myself as so, but what I feel about it is lost. My heart wasn't in it. I realized what was missing, why I felt empty about imagining my future. I denied my passion for music back then, but now realizing what I truly want, I feel happier and more alive, cause I just listened to what my heart says, and music is what I want.

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Best Answers to What Are You Passionate About?

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