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Readers Respond: Best Answers to How Do You Handle a Challenge

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How do you handle a challenge? Read answers and share your answer to the common interview question "How do you handle a challenge?"

Challenges Make You Stronger

Handling a challenge makes your life better for this is the most important part of your existence. Don't take it as a threat. Instead, face it with full trust in yourself that this may take you in another step of your journey.
—Guest desiree joy merciales

Listen and Talk It Over

The best way I resolve any challenge I face from my client or customer is first to listen to him/her. Afterwards I take time to understand the challenge through deeper conversation and propose possible solutions. Some of these solutions might not always be encouraging to the customer, but at the end of the day the customer will say that you have tried to satisfy him/her by demonstrating a positive attitude.
—Guest Gaspard Ruvebana

You Can Make It!

The way to succeed in life is to double your failure rate. Failure is the opportunity to begin again more intelligently. Failure is the tuition you pay for success. We are continually faced by great opportunities brilliantly disguised as insoluble problems. Cheer up, believe in yourself; you can make it!
—Guest Israel Ekett

Focus on the Solution

Focus on the problem at hand and what possible solutions there may be. Always anticipate what's the worst case scenario may be and draft solutions to address the problems.
—Guest Rosey

How to handle stress?

Be honest. Accept the truth, makes necessary changes and move on. Don't hesitate to admit you are wrong or don't hesitate to say sorry and apologise. Look for a solution instead of pointing fingers at others. Do everything you can within your boat and under your control.
—Guest Guest Joy

Break it Down

First I break down the situation--look at the facts, at what I know, etc. Then I look at, analyze, what needs to be done, what I need to find out, learn, etc. Finally, do what I can do, what I know how to do, who I know....and delegate what I'm in process of learning or finding out about, until (or maybe if) I'm ready to handle "it", so entire project/situation/whatever it is can be finished/resolved or completed w/o unnecessary delays. Do what I can with what I know and ask for help with what I don't know or am in process of learning. Avoid over-dramatizing situation or expecting WAY too much of others or myself in the futile quest for 'perfection'. Goal needs to be excellence not perfection. And I remember to put everything in perspective and just simply breathe and enjoy my lunch hours and scheduled breaks by going outside.

A challenge successfully handled...

Is a great boost to your confidence and the case of customer complaints can actually be a benefit to your company reputation of you handle them well
—Guest quality control

Handling Challenges

i understand it this way... If you still got an enthusiastic feeling of enthusiast at seeing a dawn again, then it a job well done. You've manage to handle surprises without too much discomfort.
—Guest sweetjolly

Handling a Challenge

Firstly, I listen to the problem and try to fully understand the issue. I apologise for any inconvenience caused and offer what I believe would turn the bad situation in to a good one. I always remain calm so that the other person remains calm or becomes calm. I then explain the policy and mention that issues like this do arise from time to time. I then explain or offer options for them. If i can do anything to go above and beyond to resolve the challenge I will do that. This allows for retention of customers and loyalty.
—Guest Fujan

Challenges in the workplace

First, understand the challenge and who is involved in it. Second, refer to company policy for guidance on who should address the problem, and how it should be handled. If policy does not exist to cover the challenge, address it using your best judgment, and appropriate strategies. Personally, unless it is an emergency, I don't speak about it or act on it until I have had time to quietly consider it and decide how I will address it. If it is not a confidential issue, I will seek the counsel of a trustworthy mentor or peer. If appropriate, I will document the challenge, who I talked to, and how I addressed it. If the situation warrants, I will inform my supervisor of the basics of the situation, and offer more details if desired.
—Guest Morgaine

Challenges, it's good!

Been afraid is normal, it's keeps you stay alive. Been alert it's protecting you for something unexpected and preventing issues.
—Guest MarYsol

Grin and bear it!

I rise to the occasion by building my self confidence, I didn't get to be my age without knowing when to hold and know when to fold.

A Learning Curve

Stay calm and focused. I believe challenges help to get out of the comfort zone. What does not kill you makes you grow stronger.

How would you handle challenges?

Wthout challenges there is no progress therefore challenge is always great in order to prove to oneself and others that are observing that I am capable of overcoming or simply find solutions to a problem which would improve my problem solving skills and without the challenges this would be impossible to accomplish.
—Guest Kari

How to handle stress

I don't think much more, always try to keep my mind free and relax ,after that only think deeply and come with several options, then analyze one to one and implement the best option. Sometimes it will be a worst case option, but don't think the world is going to end.
—Guest Thi

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