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Readers Respond: Best Answers to What is Your Greatness Weakness

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What is your greatest weakness? Share your best answer to the common interview question " What is your greatest weakness?" Share Your Best Answer

Not being able to express myself

My weakness is not expressing myself properly. I know what I want to say but I can't express myself properly, especially when I am in a hurry.
—Guest shawndell

My Physical Appearance

My greatest weaknesses is my physical appearance but I don't let anyone to judge my ability to work and put me down.
—Guest jeramie

Short Attention Span

I manage so many different tasks within my office and have numerous deadlines along with tracking training, managing discipline, monitoring future and current operations that when someone comes in to talk to me about an issue or problem... they've got my attention for just a few minutes before my mind moves on to the next task. If they don't capture my audience within that few minutes, I will move on...give me the problem/issue lets figure out the why it happened and what we're gonna do....
—Guest Al

No Weaknesses

I have no weaknesses. I tend to stay focused, stong and dedicated to anything I get into, turning weaknesses into strenghs
—Guest Freddy


Although I feel I'm pretty good with computers and commonly used programs like WORD, EXCEL and PPT, I feel I have a weakness when these programs are updated on changed to new versions. It's not that I can't learn the NEW way, it just take me a little while to catch up. I'm usually the one that has to do the online tutorial explaining all the new features and format.
—Guest John

Public Speaking

I am very nervous when speaking to small or large groups of people. I feel very sweaty and my words get very mumbled up in my head making it very difficult to concentrate. Its my worst nightmare! However I am undertaking a leadership course and my confidence and ability is growing and soon I hope to control my fears and speak confidently to a group of people in my subject area.
—Guest Nickie

Lack of Self-Confidence

My weakness is fear, because it's not easy to overcome your fear especially if you don't have confidence in yourself.
—Guest JC

Time Management

I am a punctual person, but I can't handle my time because of hectic scheduling.
—Guest Ana myhien valloso

Saying No

My greatest weakness is that I have a hard time saying no to extra work but I have learned how to multitask and to pace myself so that I can get all of my work finished when it needs to be finished.

Beating the Deadline

When I am doing a project I always want to finish it before the deadline.
—Guest Olinda

Big Liar

I tend to lie to much and then, get into trouble or get myself into a situation where I have to end up lying. Lyng is the wrong thing to do. Telling the truth is right. That's a big lesson I learned!
—Guest bubble

No Tolerance

I have no tolerance for laziness or incompetence, and used to become very irritated with it. I have dealt with this by understanding I cannot expect the world to live up to my expectations, and keep a professional but firm stance when it comes to these things. I use constructive criticism when appropriate, or forward it to the appropriate person when necessary.
—Guest Staci

Tough Time Saying No

My greatest weakness is that I always have a tough time saying no to tasks unless I am already close to being overwhelmed. I work on it constantly, and have learned the hard way that sometimes I just can't do it all!
—Guest George Bailey


I am a very straightforward person. Sometimes this is my weakness and sometimes this is my strength.
—Guest M.Fayan

Easily Intimidated

l get easily intimidated, especially if l am around people who are educated than me that l lose focus and make silly mistakes and even forget things l am good at. ln times like this, l usually try and learn, concentrate more and advance my self in what l know best so that l am the best in my department
—Guest Zanele

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Best Answers to What is Your Greatness Weakness

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