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Readers Respond: Best Answers to What is Your Greatness Weakness

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What is your greatest weakness? Share your best answer to the common interview question " What is your greatest weakness?"

Talking Too Fast

If i am really nervous or really anxious I often talk really fast and people do not get what I am trying to say.
—Guest Hanifa

Positive follow-up

You should always follow up the negative with a positive. Not many are doing that.
—Guest Annie


It might sound good but it is actually my weakest point. I'm very conscious of my mistakes. I always want to accomplish a certain task as perfectly as I can but if I fail it stresses me for a long time. But I could handle that stress. I have many ways to prevent it.
—Guest Shane

Often Late to Work

In the past, I have had problems showing up to work on time. I used to justify it because I felt that I made up for the time by being more productive than my peers who show up on time. I have since learned to measure myself only by my own clear standard, without consideration for what others do. It is a daily struggle for me, but I have learned to be vigilant.
—Guest MMMike

Being Petulant

Being petulant was one of my greatest weaknesses. I am frequently get annoyed when someone teased me about my personal life.
—Guest Sussy Jane Delima


My greatest weakness is that I devoted 10 years to raising 5 children and now I am playing catch up with my peers in the workforce.
—Guest roo114

Serious Weaknesses

My weakness is listening to what people say. I take everything serious and I get angry easily.
—Guest Mpho

I Don't Give Up Easily

If I am given a new task, I don't hesitate to approach someone who has knowledge about it and learn from them so I can accomplish the task with perfection.
—Guest Vani

Strange People

I can't mixup with a strange people easily. It take much time to start talking with the person. Due to which that person feels that I am boring.
—Guest amitoz


My biggest weakness is experience, I just wish I got into a role similar to this one earlier on in my career.
—Guest mike

Other colleagues

My weakness is that I always put new things, new ideas at work even I know that some colleagues are happy to do old way, the way they used to. And they do not like this.
—Guest Shahid

Make my work perfect.

I like to make sure my work is perfect, so I tend to spend a little too much time checking it to ensure everything is done correctly the first time.
—Guest Donna

Working on one thing each time

MY weakness is on the multi-tasks. When I working on multi-tasks, I always forget to working on them together. I always choose the first priority one and finished it then start the next. During the two years in Dow Corning, I learned a lot on how to handle multi-tasks skills. I learned to start several projects together and finished them according to the due date. Right now I am much better at multi-tasking.
—Guest old cat

Putting Others First

My greatest weakness is that I am always thinking of helping and doing things for others before myself, but I consider that this trait makes me great and show signs of good leadership.
—Guest Joanne Desir

Short Temper

My greatest weakness is that I am short tempered, especially when my subordinates do not make their targets, but I do not get physical.
—Guest chira

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