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Readers Respond: Best Answers to What is Your Greatness Weakness

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My greatest weakness

I tend to think negatively automatically about everything! I try to break this habit but, I find myself always thinking the worst.

My shyness

i am very shy so that i hesitate to ask anyone any questions.
—Guest kriti


My typing speed and accuracy is something in which I am trying to improve on everyday. I find I am slow because I don't want to make mistakes which will cost the company and myself not only money, but time to fix the mistakes.
—Guest eastwoodc

What is your weakness

Executive Assistant I hate public speaking. It doesn't matter how many times I've had to stand up in front of co-workers, strangers or people I know really well, I'm always nervous. What I have done to fix that problem is joined Toastmasters. The organization has helped me to overcome anxiety and some nervousness. I'm getting better and continue to improve.
—Guest Edie

Greatest Weakness

Too empathetic. I tend to feel so much for a person going through a difficult situation that I sometimes get caught up emotionally instead finding immediate and practical ways to assist.
—Guest Ida

Target to work completion

My great weakness is work load when i have any work such time I just want to complete it before taking restbecause I don't want to leave it incomplete.This is reality of my life.
—Guest vijendra


I tend to get frustrated with myself when I get stuck working on a project. I have learned to take a deep breath and approach my work from a different angle. Also asking for another persons opinion works, as well as taking a break and working on a different project.


I hate to be a loser-I like to be appreciated when doing something good and also work hard if not appreciated
—Guest Sarah k

My Emotions

I feel my greatest weakness is my emotions. I am a very emotional kind of person.
—Guest shalini

Money Management

I have difficulties in handling money, I used to spend a lot in gadgets but I have realized that and I am now working on it.
—Guest Nailsoon

Second guess myself

I tend to second guess myself when I get a pushy customer. I know the answer but if the customer is obnoxious I get flustered and second guess my answer.
—Guest Gloria


I simply find it difficult to MARKET myself. When it comes to SELLING yourself, it is quite hard to convince a BUYER that you have the exact values matching his/her criterias.
—Guest Hancock


I would agree that phony answers like "I'm too much of a perfectionist" or "I take on too much responsibility" sound insincere and irritating to any competent interviewer since it shows that the person doesn't have the courage to admit even a minor flaw in their working style that they could improve on. The point of the question is to see if the candidate is honest with theirself and able to accept the fact that there is room to grow as an individual.
—Guest Saja

Be honest

When I conduct interviews, this is one of the most important questions I ask. I want to see if someone will honestly look inside themselves and find a weakness. I usually don't even care what it is. If you give me a REAL weakness that you know you have to work on, you get major points in my book. HOWEVER, if you tell me that you're too much of a perfectionist, or that you don't like deadlines so you just get things done early, you instantly show me that you will have problems improving yourself because you can't find a real weakness. Being early, organized, perfect, etc., are NOT weaknesses.
—Guest Michael

My Company is Like Family

when I work for an organization I always consider I am working for a company which is owned by my family / parents and what ever the profits company earns due to that is coming the family. That much commitment I was showing to each of the company I had worked.
—Guest anvar

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Best Answers to What is Your Greatness Weakness

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