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Readers Respond: Best Answers to What is Your Greatness Weakness

Responses: 335


My Weakness is My Greatness

I personally perceived that one thing which is my weakness and greatness also. I always try to give my best and best efforts to the company,so its my habit or my nature. I took the many responsibility at the same time and initially I puzzle that how can I do the lot of work in a limited time but after take a long breath with full of enthusiasm, positive attitude and my friendly approach and methodically do my work and eventually i get the best result.
—Guest gaurav pandey

Start With a Joke

Start out with a joke perhaps. "well other than learning a second language, my greatest weakness would have to be blah and blah, example next, maybe a way to overcome it next." Come with your guns loaded.
—Guest guest

Confident Answer

As far as it relates to the requirements of this position, I have no weaknesses.
—Guest Todd

Being a Leader

As a leader in every activity that I engage myself in, there can be a productivity issue.
—Guest william

I'm a Very Bad Actor

I have a very hard time selling or supporting a position that I believe to be inherently flawed or disrepectful to employees even though it is passed down by edict from Senior Management (as a manager).
—Guest Who me?

I Don't Want Help

I did not want to bend my knees at any worst condition for seeking help from anyone. I like to come up from the situation by my own,which could be time consuming... That's my best demerit but the same time it.s my self respect.
—Guest ela singh

greatness weakness

as an hard worker my other weakness is that i can't work without challenges.
—Guest william

I Work Very Fast

I work very fast, 2-3 time faster than my collegues, it is my nature, it is my greatest strength. Sometimes I put too much pressure on my co-workers, they complain, they ask me to slow down, but my boss is happy with my work. Sometimes, I try to help my colleagues so that they don’t feel the stress, then I go back to my continue my work.
—Guest akram

I Don't Ask For Help

If I see that a deadline is looming and we are struggling on a solution, have a tendency to not ask for help.
—Guest bb

Pathetic Responses

Your weakness is that your a "perfectionist", in other words, "Perfect"? I wouldn't hire anyone who is so lacking self-awareness that they give the answer of a clearly insecure person. This also goes for "I'm a workaholic". Seriously! Try the truth!
—Guest chris

Playing it Safe

"Ma'am/Sir I believe if I answer that kind of question I think it will demerit me from your qualification!"
—Guest Ronald Cayrel

I Am a Big Spender

I can't stay home every day. I have to walk, go to the shopping mall, and almost every time I go I have to spend some money. Now, I try to not to take too much money with me and I leave my credit cards at home.
—Guest akram

I Have to Lie

I go to many interviews, I fail, because I cannot find the honest answer... I have to lie.
—Guest akram


I always had a problem regarding delegating authority to my subordinates. Now while delegating I only make sure to communicate theirresponsibility, and more importantly that I have trust in them.
—Guest hammad syed

My Weakness

My violent and explosive temper during job interviews. Usually when I'm asked about my weaknesses. That and my alcohol abuse.

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