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Readers Respond: Best Answers to What is Your Greatness Weakness

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My biggest weakness is I don't delegate work but tend to do all work by myself in-order to get the work completed which leaves me over worked and stressed out at times
—Guest AJ


my frend and my realted say iam a emotionla person and little snobise
—Guest vasimraza

My greatest weakness

My BIGGEST weakness is that I am honest to a fault. I will run to my supervisor to tell them that I did something outside my department to be helpful only to be scolded for doing someone else's job. Over time I have also learned another big weakness is actually a positive trait gone too far. I am HELPFUL to others but have learned that it interferes with completing my assignments in a timely manner. I have also learned that helping customers outside of my department intereferes with the flow of business and often confuses more people than are helped.
—Guest Jaime M

Softskill Consultant

I was a workaholic but realized that balance in life makes sense.
—Guest Kunti Dsouza


I don't have experience in the banking sector, but I consider it as a great challenge in my career.
—Guest Md. Suman Sheikh

I Don't Like Being Told

I have a hard time if someone tells me what to do instead of asks me.
—Guest Linda

Difficult to Condemn

I find it difficult to condemn people. Even if they seem not really useful or active, I still want to bring out the best in them.
—Guest Cool

Lazy People

I feel bad when I work with lazy people and those that don't complete their work on time.
—Guest umar

My Parents

My parents are my greatest weakness. I'm very sensitive about my parents because they expect a lot from me.
—Guest sneha

Weakness in communication

My weakness is in English communications. I know it is a temporary problem. I will definitely put in an effort to improved and get success.
—Guest pradeep

What is your greatest weakness

I find it hard to cope up with people who work slowly.
—Guest Milcah Nyaata

I Can't Sleep

If I'm involved in a project, I can't sleep at night until I can complete the task.
—Guest sifiso

My greatest weakness

It's hard for me to accept that I don't have any clue about any question that may come my way and I always force myself until I get things right.
—Guest tlangelani

Greatness and Weakness

My greatness is the achievements that I've done in my life and my weakness are those things or emotions that distract me when I'm doing something.
—Guest kramyer


my greatest weakness i am just narvous if i am hurt by someone then after my work is to be improved in such a way and doing better as well as possible by me
—Guest sachin

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