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Readers Respond: Best Answers to What is Your Greatness Weakness

Responses: 335


Nothing but the truth

I'm not self motivated. I need external motivation to get exceptional results.
—Guest Tt's me

Greatest Weakness

Too much focus on the task assigned that I sometimes forget to have a social life. I am trying my very best to have a balanced life.
—Guest Aileen

Overly Organized

I tend to be overly organized. It takes a few extra seconds, and others may not immediately follow my patterns of work, but it has proven to be useful to me because I am always prepaired and efficient.
—Guest Amanda

Hire me

My greatest weakness is not already working for you.

Noise Levels

I find it difficult to work effectively if there is alot of noise around me, I have found that I can solve that by taking a couple of moments to step back from what I am doing in order to re-focus on what I am doing before going back to it, or if needs must sending it home or working later in order to complete the task.
—Guest =P=P=P=P

Accept challenges

My greatest weakness is that I always accept challenges. And never turn back untill finish.
—Guest ali sherazi spo

What is your greatest weakness?

My greatest weakness is to believe, to help everyone.
—Guest ramkrishna manna

Turn around

My weakness is that I often try to learn absolutely everything possible. It's probably one of my greatest strengths as well.
—Guest Linda

Can't Say No

I don't know how to say no when someone presents a task to me. I work diligently and complete it to the best of my ability to avoid upsetting or disappointing someone.
—Guest Julie

I Can't Sleep

I can't sleep at night if I didn't finish my task on that day...
—Guest MAHA


I think my strongest weak point is that I am quite a workholic person... the work in which I am into, unless and until it is completed I enthusiastically work upon it... sometimes this create a problem for me in my other relations... but it is solved very soon!
—Guest rastogi


I tend to overthink things which causes me to become frustrated. When that happens, I think back to something my favorite professor in college taught me. Go back to the basics and work through the problem in small steps. When I take his advice, I can almost always figure out a solution.
—Guest Kesu

My Greatest Weakness is

I tend to take on too much responsibility. Sometimes I have the mindset that if I don't do it myself, it won't get done right so I might put more effort than necessary into a task that could be delegated elsewhere.
—Guest bmhill71

What is your greatest weakness?

I tend to help my employees too much. They start using me because of this. So, I implemented a way to make them understand this is a perk you receive if you do your job well, if you are reliable. Thus they started to compete for my attention and help, they worked much more and much better.
—Guest Eva


I micro-manage tasks too much. But, I am learning to step back a bit and trust my employees will do a great job.
—Guest Lorraine Lachelier

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