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Readers Respond: Best Answers to What is Your Greatness Weakness

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I expect others to be able to do the same as me, but that does not work that way. We do what our skills and ability allow us to do.
—Guest ktsspirit


My greatest weakness would that I expect perfection out of myself when completing a task and that often leads me to over think small errors I may make. I perceive these small errors as greater flaws in my mind, and will not declare a task complete until it is perfect. I have learned to use this to my advantage by never making the same mistake twice through my critical thinking process. I have also realized that pushing myself to perfect a task makes me self-aware that I need to begin another, making my work ethic more productive.
—Guest mitchie


I am obsessed with quality and I think that slows down my work sometimes. However I am trying to find the right balance between quality and time.
—Guest aditi joshi

Talk Too Much

My strength is I can talk to anyone. I do very well in customer service but that strength is also my weakness because I can and do talk to everyone. Sometimes too much, so I have to be mindful of that and stay focused on my work.
—Guest Shelley

My Pain!

I sometimes think that my bane had been administrative backend tasks like filing and other paperwork. But over time I’ve realized the importance of it. I will be honest. It’s not something that I enjoy with every cell in my body! But I surely try to do it with utmost diligence.
—Guest Prashant


When I make mistakes I tend to over-think my error. My potentially small error turns into a bigger error mentally than it actually is, which causes me to think about the problem or mistake I made extensively. However, I have realized being self-critical of my mistakes rarely causes me to ever make the same mistake twice. I hold myself accountable for this weakness and talk to supervisor leadership to learn how to not make the same error.
—Guest Eric

Bad Answers from Most of You!

You people who are answering "GREATEST WEAKNESS" with some answer that the interviewer would actually consider valuable (eg. I work too hard), would not be hired by me. The question is asking whether you have self-awareness. You cannot improve if you don't know what to improve. If you don't have a REAL weakness that you can share, that means you don't have self-awareness and I would eliminate you as a candidate.
—Guest Allan Young

hardly seek for advice

I don't like telling people things expecially when I want to take steps in my career because I don't want to be told what I don't want to hear or being given a NO at the end of it.I have ended up making mistakes. I learned to always talk to someone in authority to avoid mistakes.
—Guest ene

Spread Myself Too Thin

I want to get it all done and can spread myself too thin. I have to align my priorities and get done what needs to be done in the time allotted. I need to say No or not today when asked to do some things, but its hard, especially when I really want to get it all done.
—Guest heather

Hard on Myself

I would like to think that my greatest weakness is expecting too much from myself on every task I handle. I am learning how to sometimes relax and ask for help where and when I should.
—Guest pie-pie

When Someone Hates You

I believe that my weakness is I get bothered when someone in the workplace or the environment is not on good terms with me. It's just that I am not used to having a grudge with other people or them with me. To cope with this, I am always trying to be nice with other people around me and if ever we did not get along well or had some misunderstandings, I always take the initiative to reach that person out, talk things over and fix the problem as soon as we can. :)
—Guest Angelica Ona


I tend to underestimate tasks and challenges such that it makes me relax and then I realize that there is more to it but the time is gone.
—Guest clive

Greatest Weakness

My greatest weakness is a lack of confidence. I get nervous and have trouble being confident. Jesus can You help me please?
—Guest Elssa

Strength and Weakness

My greatest strength in life is caring for other and my willingness to help them. My greatest weakness is my family.
—Guest sally pashy

Telephone Conversations

I feel intimidated by the thought of a telephone conversation. I always seem to mess up what I would like to say and confuse the person at the other end of the phone. I am trying my best to improve this.
—Guest Kbutt

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Best Answers to What is Your Greatness Weakness

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