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Readers Respond: Best Answers to What is Your Greatness Weakness

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Losing My Confidence

My weakness is that when my boss gives me a task and I cannot do that work properly, he is totally disappointed and this causes me to lose my confidence.
—Guest vipul aggawal

Control Issues

I tend to always want to control situations and things around me, even when it's not my place to do so. But I'm learning to step back and to let others do the controlling.
—Guest nana


I tend to believe a recruiter when they tell me something and almost always end up getting screwed.
—Guest Teksystems rips of their contractors

No Weaknesses

I do not have any weaknesses when it comes to work. I always do my best to achieve the goals that have been set by the organization. There will be no reason for me not to finish my tasks on time, and my work will be done the way it should be.
—Guest jm g.g

Positive Attitude and Problem Solving

My greatest strengths are that I am accurate and can use my strong analytical skills to solve problems on the job, and I do this while embracing the team concept and maintaining a friendly and positive attitude at all times -- skills and attributes which are important to any organization.
—Guest Leonora Oliveros


I get so obsessed with my work that sometimes I forget that I also have family and social life. But I'm overcoming this problem by prioritizing my responsibilities.
—Guest nilesh

Too Friendly

My greatest weakness is being over friendly to everyone. Sometimes it causes negative feedback from others. I learned that you cannot trust everyone around you, because some of them lie and distrust you.
—Guest jhazzy

Too Honest

I am too honest. However, I am learning to be more tactful and employ this approach as a tool to get results.
—Guest Kimberly

No Tolerance for Corruption

My weakness is that I can't tolerate corruption in my section, any type of favoritism, unfair advantage and special preferences, or linguistic discrimination.
—Guest ranu

Turning Weakness into Strength

I tend to focus more on the people who report to me rather than on my own work/reports, especially if there's a new task assigned to them That's why there is little time left for me to do my reports. But now I make a checklist of scheduled TO DO's everyday.
—Guest Mae Kristine


Sometimes I have to work on a project with someone else who is not pulling their weight and I tend to get frustrated in those situations. But I've learned to deal with it by leading by example and hoping my example will rub off on other team members.
—Guest Craig

Smart *ss

That I'm the kind of smart *ss who would answer that question by asking you what's the worst thing about working for you.
—Guest Mike

Chocolate Biscuits

Chocolate biscuits. (Their reaction to this answer helps me to assess whether they will 'get' my sense of humor. If they don't, I probably would not work there)
—Guest Lisa

My weakness

I believe I always be improving upon myself, good or bad. One of my weakness is that I do not quit until I get the job done or I am a perfectionist. I want to make sure that everything I do is perfect and in the right order.
—Guest Vrutika Patel

What is Your Greatest Weakness?

A strength can also be a weakness. Some people often misinterpret about the meaning of focused/detailed oriented. They say that too much focused might delay the submission of the management report.
—Guest NiHAWmA

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