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Readers Respond: Best Answers to What is Your Greatness Weakness

Responses: 335


Poker Face

I don't have a good poker face. My smiles, frowns or scowls will almost always give me away.
—Guest no1special


Illiteracy is my greatest weakness because it's hard to learn anything in English class since I'm deaf. But I always enjoy learning new things every day.
—Guest Benjamin L.


My weakness is being shy. I have no self confidence.
—Guest lynzie


I hate multi-tasking, especially when I'm alone. And I always want to keep my mind occupied.

Lose Confidence

My weakness is that when I want to do something, and somebody says,"This is not a good fit for you", I lose my confidence.
—Guest Nikhil bhadani.

My Weakness is a Strength

I have a tendency of working a little too late when completing an interesting project. I am a kind of person that takes initiative and does more than is expected.
—Guest Raji olajumoke zuliyat


My greates weakness is that I am not a great speller - thank goodness for spell check!
—Guest Jean

Hate Laziness

I hate working with lazy people because they don't take their responsibilities seriously and as a result, I end up doing double the work. I will need to complete my task at hand and then I will need to review data that others turned in that affect my final project.
—Guest Miriam


My greatest weaknesses are my perfectionism and workaholism that sometimes make me feel low.
—Guest shatakshi gupta

Putting Others First

My greatest weakness is that I am always thinking of helping and doing things for others before myself, but I consider that this trait makes me great and show signs of good leadership.
—Guest flexy


I can only type with 2 fingers. I do however type 30-35 WPM. Just imagine if I could use all 8 digits!

Learning is a Life Time Process

I don't have the wisdom now that I'll have in 20 years. Learning is a lifetime process. I am 45 years old now. But I have more wisdom at 45 than I did at 25, as a result of much life experience.

Too Friendly

My greatest weakness is that I'm very friendly to people to the point they take advantage of me.
—Guest Cris

My Weakness Motivates Me to Excel

i easily get discouraged when people turns me down and do not know how to appreciate my efforts. But I considered it as one of my motivations to do better and excel to get noticed and appreciated.
—Guest ellevon

No Rest Until I Finish

My weakness is my commitment toward work. Generally, I do not fully rest untill my work is finished.
—Guest sudhanshu saxena

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