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Readers Respond: Best Answers to What Do People Most Often Criticize About You?

Responses: 22


What do people most often criticize about you? Read answers and share your answer to this typical interview question.

I Need Them to Think That I'm Normal

A person while on the way home from school tries to downgrade me, telling me that I'm weird. According to her, she asked my other classmates if i'm weird then they said yes, but deep inside I'm a normal person. Although I am an introvert, I never criticize people directly.
—Guest Barry

Too "By the Book"

People say I am "too by the book". I like to follow the guidelines in the policy handbook and expect others to do the same. I personally like this attribute because I put my best into the job and expect my team to do the same.
—Guest Mary

I Am Fat

Many people criticize me for being too fat, but I don't care.
—Guest pearl

I'm Getting Over It

Many once argued that I was a little impatient, but I have been working on it and I am getting a lot better at understanding that things aren't going to work out immediately, but I still try my best to see that they do.
—Guest Interviewee

The best answer

One of the things that I'm working on is patience, most of the times I want things to be solved effectively and promptly, but I have learnt that some times it is not in my hands and that it will take longer than I expect.
—Guest Me

What do people often criticize about you

My friends always say I like unsocial extra activities like reading, wrting and watching news because I do not have fun of clubbing and staying out a long time at night.
—Guest Mike Mwanyalila

I'm Straight Forward

They tell me that I am very much straight forward which hurts the people a lot at that time.
—Guest shruthitejaswi

Tough Administrator

I am very particular about the stipulated rules even for late arrival,late submission of reports, any faults or errors in stores.
—Guest Satya ravi

I Get Too Emotional

I get too emotional in stressful situations and I react negatively towards people then I become hyper and aggressive.
—Guest josh

Very Honest

I dont know why but my friends usually say's that I am so honest whenever I praise them haha...but, sometimes they said I am liar whenever I said some truths about them.
—Guest Sairam

I'm Too Serious

They tell me that I'm very serious and should loosen up a bit.
—Guest Thembani

Answer with a genuine weakness

Almost every response here is fluff and any trained interviewer will either ask you for another answer or figure that all of your answers/resume will be fluff. The worst answer you can give is a fake fault that is really a positive, such as "I'm too motivated" or "I'm too organized". The only way to answer a question that asks about a weakness is with a truthful response, but you also need to explain how you deal with it/overcome it, or how you're working to overcome it..i.e. "In the past, people have told me I am too rigid when presenting to a group, so I have been taking a public speaking course to increase my skill in that area. I still have room to improve, but I'm much better than I was just six months ago".
—Guest hiring manager

I am Agreeable

People tell me that I always consideration every viewpoint, including the wrong views. but I believe that even wrong opinion has something positive.
—Guest diocles leopold

I Need to Hurry up

They tell me that I'm too slow and this in turn motivates me to be be more sufficient as well as efficient in completing my daily tasks.
—Guest kare

I Am Too Slow

I spend too much time with customers. I make friends with all my clients.
—Guest JuJuBee

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