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Readers Respond: Why Do Job Seekers Hate Employers?

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What are the top reasons job seekers hate employers? Add the reason you don't like employers and/or hiring managers to the list and read what other job seekers hate about employers. Share Your Reason

Employers Are Cry Babies!!!

So what gives with these people? I tried to get into property management as an assistant or resident manager and they act like jerks during the interview. They want people with all these skills to walk in the office. I took Business Management, Condo and Rental Property Management, handled my parents 4 condos, 14 years security and 5 as a supervisor @ various properties across Canada, wrote security guides for major buildings in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Security clearance, oil and gas etc. Yet they say that is not good enough it is related. Then they want 9-12 years of experience of which 90-95% I do or have done in security. They don't want to train just complain. Just like a car salesman, the customer is the employer and the dealer is the government. The customer says to the dealer, "Want a car, want a car!!" The dealer asks, "What kind of car?" The customer just says, "Want a car!" As soon as the dealer comes with a car the customer says, "No. Want a car" Employer not specifying
—Guest The Braun 1977

Thanks for Nothing!!!

Job seekers hate employers because they are like politicians. They act so unrealistic at interviews and seem to forget they where in our position one in their lifetime. I forgot they where born with a silver spoon in their mouth or the experience faire hit them on the head 8 times and poof they have all these unrealistic qualifications. Related experience means nothing they want direct experience. So 2+2=4 and 2x2=4. Are they not both related? Instead of just 2+2. At the end of the day related or direct the answer is going to be the same. So why do they complain about lack of experienced people when related or transferable skills walks in they don't want it; yet the employers complain about it. Like a 2 year old asking for a toy they don't want. Yet, I get accused of false documents (if I am that smart to falsify documents I must have the brains to go after that field of study I am falsifying lol), or you don't look like this or that,l. (I wouldn't say they are a beauty queens either)
—Guest Andrew39abc

About aged care

I will tell you why I have a qualification, but the employers are saying I don't have the experience placement practice included in qualification employers going overboard with this
—Guest Ann

Internal Applicants

My former company did this all the time, they'd post openings to all the top job search websites with no intention of hiring anyone from the outside, as numerous internal candidates would want the job, and would all be miles ahead of any external. Not that they couldn't find a bright individual on the outside, but due to the internal being up to speed on all of the bullcrap involved with the job.
—Guest Mark

You Don't Look Like We Expected

I have applied for a numerous amount of jobs and when I come into the workplace they exclaim,"you look nothing how we expected!" or "oh my!"Bam! I never get a call back even wen we do group interviews and I have the clearest, sharpest presentation in the room with the most responses amongst the murmuring crowd. And what's with the "you must have a car"? Sorry, I am not able to, I went to college and can't afford one. I am sorry. Brown skin does not help you with corporate jobs. I am running out of Ramen and I can't afford college any longer, I have no parents to fall back on, they ousted me a while ago. I am hungry and looking for jobs and those people have little sympathy for you. I called for a follow up and the guy laughed and said "I forgot about you, the slots have been filled." This is the 15th interview in 3 months. What the heck will I do? What filthy people. I wish people would at least act the way they did in the 30s and try to survive together.
—Guest Liliabelle


I have a great college education. I took some time off to travel with my spouse and came back to nothing. TEN years now! I can't get anything. All my education is out the door as it was science. Would require further education at this point. I even tried fast food. They all do it online now and they run these 100-500 question assessment tests after the LONG ASS APPLICATION! You get a total of about 50 questions asked about 5-10 different ways! My friends 18 year old applied at McD's and BK and he had to be assessed and evaluated. FOR FAST FOOD! They also said he needed his HS diploma AND at the very least a college certification or Associate's Degree. They are becoming more and more unreasonable. If they hired people, people would have money to spend and the economy would bounce back. Backwards employers! AGH!
—Guest Patrick


Just came from an interview for a weekend job because after 8 years at the same company, they're still not paying me a liveable wage! Who can get by on $12.55 an hour depending only on themselves. The first thing the interviewer asked me was: What negative thing would your employer say about you. I replied, " I don't know, I can't speak for her." Morons!
—Guest So Much Nonsense

Employers are the Enemy

After long weary job applications and not even getting interviews i've decided to work for myself. I can get off the unemployment rolls when I make more than 56 p/w using my carpentry skills from college. I'm trying to source scrap wood and turn it into workpieces I can sell. I'm hoping this will lead to me being my own boss eventually which defeats the system and gives me the driving seat instead of feeling miserable or not good enough for wine swishing scum who became too big for their boots,. I sold my first piece already and my client was ecstatic If you can't beat them, BE them. Of course you need money to get money but finding a job is not happening for me so I'm making it happen and it looks more promising my way than the highway. There is hope. You have to make hope. I hope for all unemployed that we can make use of ourselves and not rely on the servant-master rhetoric we are indoctrinated with by overly generic advice bureaus.
—Guest Charlie Dyson

Let's Do Something About It

We need to get together to form a group to make laws in order to make the hiring processes a more ethical, honest and fair one. There must be some regulation, and honesty on the ethics of hiring. Companies can't just create alternative realities to hire people by making up rules that go against reality.
—Guest Guest Agitated

No One Cares to Know You

Just about every single interview I've had I hear the same question "So tell me about yourself" or "In 3 words describe yourself". First off that's a trick question I'm sure. They don't want to know you on a personal level. What makes you, you. Just what you can do for them. Secondly 3 words isn't enough to describe a person, you morons. You want three words, here, I'm made of flesh, can stand on two legs, and can utilize all 5 senses. Good enough! Everyone is unique in some way. Everytime I hear those cookie cutter responses like, "hard-working, reliable, and a team player" I think to myself, "how the hell does that make you stand out?" And almost everyone responds that way. When I tell the things that make me, me, it gets brushed off and more cookie cutter questions get asked. Ugh. They're just looking for the best brown noser.
—Guest ultramegamanx

You Don't Exist

With all of these online application processes, employers now use keyword filters to weed out the hundreds upon thousands of resumes they receive for ONE job opening. If your resume doesn't contain the few keywords they are looking for, your resume does not exist; no human eyes will have ever laid eyes on your application and resume. To them, it will be as though you never existed. This is the reason why I personally have a huge dislike for online applications because they take 30min - 1 hour to do each one for each job opening and then there is a 90% chance that no one will ever take a look at it. It is a waste of job seekers' time and efforts.
—Guest Guest

Too Many Applications from One Employer

It wasn't this way a year ago, but I am TIRED of filling out four or more applications for different positions in the SAME COMPANY! It is not practical to have this kind of process.
—Guest Exceed

Legalized Slavery Anyone?

How about minimum wage range jobs stating "must have reliable transportation" with valid insurance to commute more than 30 miles one way? Without mileage reimb. Basically they want you to be making a car payment, gas, insurance (they check) just so you can have maybe $75 a week after all that. So where can a person live and get food and maintain a vehicle (tires) all on $75 a week? Just saying. Even USED cars are now more expensive than a minimum wage person can afford so why include that in a listing for a under $10 an hour job? I guess the average (white) kid in the burbs living off parents can drive a new car to a lousy job and still survive. If only they could post who they REALLY want to apply to the jobs.
—Guest WC

Am I That Stupid ?

Got a call and an email about an interview. Emailed back right away...call me in two hours. Nothing...at all. Called person next day..."Sorry...I will call you in an hour." Nothing...nada. Posted the details on the companies FB Page. Nowwwww I get a call..."Didn't you get my email? No job. Better luck next time!!" wtf ?
—Guest Ducks back

No More BS Run-Arounds

I got hired for a job I didn't want, because 15 years of Advanced IT means nothing. All I am ever hired for is idiotic security jobs! I HATE SECURITY they look at my application: "Oh 16 years of programming, networking, and AI. Security you're hired". But this new employer has my ass running all over the damn city. Drove to LA to interview (paid for parking), drove back to LA for HIRE paperwork. DROVE back to LA for drug test, now I have to do a stupid meet and greet with my manager? What the hell? Set a f*cking appointment to start. PERIOD
—Guest Mr. Splinter

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Why Do Job Seekers Hate Employers?

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