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Readers Respond: Why Do Job Seekers Hate Employers?

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What are the top reasons job seekers hate employers? Add the reason you don't like employers and/or hiring managers to the list and read what other job seekers hate about employers.

Idiotic Expectations

What I hate about employers are their unrealistic expectations. No, you don't need a degree or 5 years experience to be a secretary (that's secretary BTW not EA or PA) Secretary. Any idiot can do this job. I do.
—Guest Ann

Tired of the Game

I hate resumes. I don't like long applications either but please give me a choice and don't make me do both! What I really wish is employers would just list ALL OF THEIR ideal requirements so unqualified people won't waste their time. If you want someone with 2 MASTER DEGREES, just list that as a bonafide requirement. If you want someone with 10 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE IN A SPECIFIC FIELD, please list that as a mandatory requirement. Don't blah blah about how you look for someone with a lively personality who knows how to connect with customers/clients or someone who has a hyper-social personality and a ton of social media clout. Don't say your ideal candidate has to be blah, blah, blah. That is a requirement and make sure that is KNOWN on your application/ad. Even better, do a questionnaire before allowing someone to send in a resume! It will not only make it easier on US but it will make it easier for YOU! It's common sense.
—Guest Guest JustMoi

Unprepared and Unprofessional Interviews

The job agency set up an interview with me and had send my resume to the person who would be interviewing me. When I showed up for the interview she looked visibly put off that I was 20 minutes early. I wasn't sure where the place was and feel it's better to be early than late. She also didn't have my resume, but I had an extra resume. She looked to be reading it for the first time. It was very uncomfortable because she clearly didn't look at my resume when it was sent to her. She asked me a question or two about software i knew but did not discuss the company or much of the job. I didn't have a chance to ask many questions because she said she will talk to her boss and contact the agency for a second interview. I feel that there is so much emphasis on candidates being prepared and no mention of employers acting professional. This means contacting candidates in a timely manner or even letting a candidate know before they leave an interview if they are being considered.
—Guest jane

Treated Like Garbage

I am disgusted the way I am treated as a job seeker. We are people too, and possibly customers. Had an appointment for an interview and they never called. I tried six times during the day. A week later I was invited for an interview. At the end of the interview she said now let's do the wash up. Is that what we are? Wash up? An hour after the interview I was rejected. I prepared a week for that interview, she even stated that she was impressed, especially the way I was talking on the phone. Go to hell, you employers.
—Guest TT

College Educated, No Job

I never thought I would have to deal with such nonsense trying to find a position, in my field, with a master's degree. I have filled out about a million applications and attended interviews each consisting of a panel of people that ask me insulting questions. One application I filled out today, asked me to fill out an assessment that included the most stupid questions I have ever seen. I have tried to leave my field only to learn I am not qualified for any of the other positions as I do not have certifications in those areas or experience. Really?? Remember the days where a college education could get you A JOB? Those days are long gone. You have to have a certification in rocket science to get a job that pays $10.00 now. It all disgusts me. I believe organizations are benefitting, from the high unemployment rates, and lowering their wages. Well guess what economy? I never spend my money as I have all a can do to pay my bills and take care of my son as a single mom!
—Guest ME

Ignorant, Lazy, Pompous Employers

Employers use mandatory driver-license discrimination i.e. "You haven't got a car or can drive? You'rw no good to us", discriminate on "experience" and have too many requirements -- i.e. I am carpenter, they want CSCS card, OWN car, OWN tools, OWN PPE. Hello. I cannot afford any of this, maybe if you take a chance on me I can use my wage to invest?? They don't want to provide training in case they have to remove their flabby buttox from plush leather chair to show people what to do or show new systems... You can't be too young in case you're dumb or too old in case your too wise. This is why I have given up job searching and I'm looking into self employment because there is no hope so long as fat, selfish, stubborn, stuck up business men run these companies with all their corrupt ways and an ego bigger than their profits. I've all but taken the attitude of screw your job, I'll make my own. Failing this I will keep gambling or end my life as I just cant deal with the rejection, the waste of my time.

Expectations are too High...

I am a US Marine, an experienced HE operator, honorably discharged. But I can't get a $10/hr HI LO JOB?!? I have operated HE machines that make a HI LO look like a CHILDS TOY! And I spent 2 years doing nothing but that. But no, you want 3-5 (seriously? three to FIVE? what an odd gap) years of experience with a license that expired at a minimum of a year ago. If I had that kind of job experience, I would still be employed! This attitude perpetuates amongst all employers it seems. Want to flip burgers? You will need to be a rocket scientist with 10 years experience cooking under Gordon Effing Ramsey himself! And finally: If you interview someone, and it turns out the answer is no, that's understandable. But give them the f*cking courtesy of a CALL BACK! They gave up their time (which ended up being wasted) to dress up, prepare, hype up, and come to be scrutinized by you. The LEAST, and I mean LEAST you could do is have the decency to TELL them so they can stop wasting time hoping!
—Guest Tom

Ridiculous Demands

Look, I have a bachelor's degree, I graduated with honors, a year early. I'm experienced in way too many fields for someone my age and it's insane what companies want. I get experience and education, but not 3-6 years of experience for a ENTRY-LEVEL JOB! That's not entry level anymore, you lying sods! On top of that, I've had employers make me write two-three page letters telling them why I wanted their stupid job. Look, you either hire me because of my degree, or sod off. I'm not giving your ego a handjob you self-centered, narcissistic wanker. Give me a break, here! If getting a job is about who's willing to act like a clown the most, I'll gladly keep looking. If some company is going to make me prance around like a gussied show poodle, I don't want to work at a place like that. Who knows what they want from actual employees . . .
—Guest JDP


I've been trying to get my foot in the door serving for quite some time... I have bussing experience and worked in customer service for the past 2 years but no employer will give me a chance! You'e paying minimum wage! Almost every time I apply somewhere the employer talks down to me as if they are better than me!
—Guest Guest

What Goes Around...

You only hope you live long enough to see some of these Hiring Managers in the unemployment line and see how they like it. Employers want loyalty and are afraid you'll leave if something better comes along, excuse me? I'm afraid you'll let me go on a whim or if your neighbor's kid needs a job, or you find out there is more profit if you outsource the job to Timbucktu! You want to know how much money I made in a previous job, but you pay so low you are ashamed to even put a salary on your job posting. You check my credit, what does that have to do with whether or not I can do a job that doesn't involve handling money. I'm unemployed, I can't meet all my obligations on time anymore duh! How dare you assume I cannot do a job I used to do, because I've had to take "lesser jobs" to keep food on the table. How dare you! You post a job, get resumes, and don't contact applicants for months, then want someone to start right away! How many people does it take to make a decision?!
—Guest marki

After Having Kids, You are a Liability

I have applied for quite a few positions after being out of the workforce for 7 years. I have been a stay-at-home in that time to my children. Unlike some of my friends, I chose to stay home and raise my kids, rather than have them raised by day care providers. Apparently this is a mistake as I'm considered to have been out of the loop too long. I have great skills and am a hard worker but as a single mum I'm now considered a liability, ie. "what happens if your kids are sick?', 'oh you won't want to work full time, the city is too far for you'. I'm sick of the pigeon holing that because I'm a mother that suddenly I'm a lost cause and my skills are no longer valid. If anything, having kids has honed my problem solving, multi-tasking and organizational skills. I have plenty to offer the right company and I'll be damned if I'll relegate myself to being a cashier at the supermarket (no offence to cashiers) when I have valuable and specialised skills.
—Guest Motherof2

Automated Applications

When I was last looking for work I had the "pleasure" (cough, cough) of dealing with the automated application processes. In addition to what has already been mentioned, two things stand out: 1. Posting required "degree in xxx." I happen to have a master's in xxx, but the system rejected me because I didn't have a bachelor's in xxx. If I'd said otherwise, of course, they could eventually fire me for lying. 2. My interests and talents lend themselves to several different areas within a particular industry. Too many systems, though, allow only one copy of your resume to be on file. So much for targeting it toward each job!
—Guest Dave

Fired After Two Weeks

I was hired at a local company to do CSR type work after a phone interview and two separate in-person interviews. I was told I would be trained over the course of the next two weeks by my supervisor. I had a half day of orientation the first day, an hour or two the second and third day tops and that was pretty much it. After just two weeks, I was let go because I was "still struggling with the job duties". They have no one to blame but themselves!!
—Guest Sapphire

Had Enough

I"ve had it. I'm still out there trying, but only for jobs that I WANT, and if they don't want to hire me, oh well. I'll draw a while, and then lose my house. Nobody benefits from that. Banks don't, taxpayers don't, I don't. But I don't care anymore. Life is short, and I'm going to enjoy it. I'm not going to have much money, but I'm not going to be miserable, either, working for somebody who thinks they're doing me a favor by hiring me. If you need me, hire me and treat me good. If not, I dern sure don't need you either!!!!!
—Guest fedup

Computers Only

Does anyone use paper applications anymore? Honestly, I do not trust sending applications over the internet.
—Guest Dreamer

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