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Readers Respond: Why Do Job Seekers Hate Employers?

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What are the top reasons job seekers hate employers? Add the reason you don't like employers and/or hiring managers to the list and read what other job seekers hate about employers. Share Your Reason

Expectations are too High...

I am a US Marine, an experienced HE operator, honorably discharged. But I can't get a $10/hr HI LO JOB?!? I have operated HE machines that make a HI LO look like a CHILDS TOY! And I spent 2 years doing nothing but that. But no, you want 3-5 (seriously? three to FIVE? what an odd gap) years of experience with a license that expired at a minimum of a year ago. If I had that kind of job experience, I would still be employed! This attitude perpetuates amongst all employers it seems. Want to flip burgers? You will need to be a rocket scientist with 10 years experience cooking under Gordon Effing Ramsey himself! And finally: If you interview someone, and it turns out the answer is no, that's understandable. But give them the f*cking courtesy of a CALL BACK! They gave up their time (which ended up being wasted) to dress up, prepare, hype up, and come to be scrutinized by you. The LEAST, and I mean LEAST you could do is have the decency to TELL them so they can stop wasting time hoping!
—Guest Tom

Ridiculous Demands

Look, I have a bachelor's degree, I graduated with honors, a year early. I'm experienced in way too many fields for someone my age and it's insane what companies want. I get experience and education, but not 3-6 years of experience for a ENTRY-LEVEL JOB! That's not entry level anymore, you lying sods! On top of that, I've had employers make me write two-three page letters telling them why I wanted their stupid job. Look, you either hire me because of my degree, or sod off. I'm not giving your ego a handjob you self-centered, narcissistic wanker. Give me a break, here! If getting a job is about who's willing to act like a clown the most, I'll gladly keep looking. If some company is going to make me prance around like a gussied show poodle, I don't want to work at a place like that. Who knows what they want from actual employees . . .
—Guest JDP


I've been trying to get my foot in the door serving for quite some time... I have bussing experience and worked in customer service for the past 2 years but no employer will give me a chance! You'e paying minimum wage! Almost every time I apply somewhere the employer talks down to me as if they are better than me!
—Guest Guest

What Goes Around...

You only hope you live long enough to see some of these Hiring Managers in the unemployment line and see how they like it. Employers want loyalty and are afraid you'll leave if something better comes along, excuse me? I'm afraid you'll let me go on a whim or if your neighbor's kid needs a job, or you find out there is more profit if you outsource the job to Timbucktu! You want to know how much money I made in a previous job, but you pay so low you are ashamed to even put a salary on your job posting. You check my credit, what does that have to do with whether or not I can do a job that doesn't involve handling money. I'm unemployed, I can't meet all my obligations on time anymore duh! How dare you assume I cannot do a job I used to do, because I've had to take "lesser jobs" to keep food on the table. How dare you! You post a job, get resumes, and don't contact applicants for months, then want someone to start right away! How many people does it take to make a decision?!
—Guest marki

After Having Kids, You are a Liability

I have applied for quite a few positions after being out of the workforce for 7 years. I have been a stay-at-home in that time to my children. Unlike some of my friends, I chose to stay home and raise my kids, rather than have them raised by day care providers. Apparently this is a mistake as I'm considered to have been out of the loop too long. I have great skills and am a hard worker but as a single mum I'm now considered a liability, ie. "what happens if your kids are sick?', 'oh you won't want to work full time, the city is too far for you'. I'm sick of the pigeon holing that because I'm a mother that suddenly I'm a lost cause and my skills are no longer valid. If anything, having kids has honed my problem solving, multi-tasking and organizational skills. I have plenty to offer the right company and I'll be damned if I'll relegate myself to being a cashier at the supermarket (no offence to cashiers) when I have valuable and specialised skills.
—Guest Motherof2

Automated Applications

When I was last looking for work I had the "pleasure" (cough, cough) of dealing with the automated application processes. In addition to what has already been mentioned, two things stand out: 1. Posting required "degree in xxx." I happen to have a master's in xxx, but the system rejected me because I didn't have a bachelor's in xxx. If I'd said otherwise, of course, they could eventually fire me for lying. 2. My interests and talents lend themselves to several different areas within a particular industry. Too many systems, though, allow only one copy of your resume to be on file. So much for targeting it toward each job!
—Guest Dave

Fired After Two Weeks

I was hired at a local company to do CSR type work after a phone interview and two separate in-person interviews. I was told I would be trained over the course of the next two weeks by my supervisor. I had a half day of orientation the first day, an hour or two the second and third day tops and that was pretty much it. After just two weeks, I was let go because I was "still struggling with the job duties". They have no one to blame but themselves!!
—Guest Sapphire

Had Enough

I"ve had it. I'm still out there trying, but only for jobs that I WANT, and if they don't want to hire me, oh well. I'll draw a while, and then lose my house. Nobody benefits from that. Banks don't, taxpayers don't, I don't. But I don't care anymore. Life is short, and I'm going to enjoy it. I'm not going to have much money, but I'm not going to be miserable, either, working for somebody who thinks they're doing me a favor by hiring me. If you need me, hire me and treat me good. If not, I dern sure don't need you either!!!!!
—Guest fedup

Computers Only

Does anyone use paper applications anymore? Honestly, I do not trust sending applications over the internet.
—Guest Dreamer

NOW Hiring!

Employers, Please take these signs DOWN if you are no longer hiring!
—Guest Dreamer

I Disappoint Employers...

Because I'm legal citizen of the United States who is hispanic, is brown and has a Latino sounding last name. It's frustrating when I get passed over because they think I'm an illegal and they think. "Hey cheap labor" then they do the E-Verify and then bam, disappointment. I can't tell you how many times I've heard "We're not interested". 19 and can't stand employers and how they treat me.
—Guest Henry Roderiguez

Unprofessional Behavior

I hate employeers that put potential candidates through multiple interviews and don't both bother to contact that candidate as to their hiring status. I interviewed with 5 different people at a well-known NYC hospital and was never contacted to be told that I didn't get the job. The HR recruiter didn't both to respond even after I made two attempts to find out the status of the application after the 5 interviews. Employees are discarded and treated as if your time simply didn't matter at all.
—Guest louise

Manager Friends

I see a lot of managers that would hire a friend instead of someone who qualifies for the job. It's so hard when you are a women that's older and seeking work in all male environment that knows her job better then the male.
—Guest margie

Employers: Small-Minded and Out of Touch

The application processes for even the low paying jobs are a joke. I had to fill out a 50 question form in addition to the regular employment form for five big box retailers. Employers love whiz-bang "technology" to 'ease" the hiring process with idiotic personality tests and other things that are completely irrelevant to actual job experience or education. The problem is not the applicant who's trying their best to get jobs in a lousy economy brought on by criminal banking cartels. The problem is crass employers and a political establishment that tell them to stop whining. It's employers that look for ways to "weed out" applicants that don't fit their island establishments instead of trying to find ways in which an applicant DOES fit. They also insult an applicant's intelligence by telling them the job "wasn't a fit" for them. They're making people's lives miserable looking for the perfect employee since, apparently, the world revolves around the corporate person's business needs.
—Guest Will J. Tanner

HR Managers That Waste Your Time

Today I had a quick skills telephone interview for an administration position with a local company. After completing the interview, I was told I would be contacted next week to be told when they would like me to come in to the company offices for an interview. Two hours after my telephone interview I received an email to say that my application was not successful because "I did not meet the criteria"! Well, if that is the case why the hell was I given a telephone interview to ask me about my previous experiences in admin / I.T., and after completing the interview get told that they wanted me to go in for an interview?!? It makes me wonder what skills / qualifications you need to work in HR - I suspect a lack of common sense!
—Guest Pete

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Why Do Job Seekers Hate Employers?

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