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Readers Respond: Unemployment Scam Reports

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From the article: Unemployment Website Scams
There are a variety of unemployment scams, most of which try to collect your personal information via a website, email or phone. Read about scams shared by About.com site visitors and add scams to the list.

Disclaimer: These reviews were submitted by About.com users and were not written by the About.com Guide to Job Search. Please remember that reviews are the opinion of the reviewer only, if you have a different opinion please feel free to submit your own review. Share Scam Information

Unemployment Scam

Has anyone heard of this company called TOCCIC based in Bristol? They are cons. They post advertisements online and at the job centres that they have jobs. I applied for a job through the job centre website and when I got there, there was no job. A scruffy looking man with a white cap that looked like he was stoned invited me to the office and after a long lecture asked me to sign some national career papers and my NI number. So when I refused he said if I don't want the job I should leave. At the reception I was made to understand that they don't have any job, so why did the job centre not check this before? Please stay away from that company for your best interest.
—Guest Steve

Call Us and Get Scammed

I got a scam email like that, too. Told me they received my application and I qualified to take an assessment test before I get a position. They even gave me a phone number to call. It's 214-232-0615, but what's funny is that when I looked up the phone number online, I found this site http://www.callercenter.com/214-232-0615.html/3?s=oc where several complaints were made about the calls.

Fake Press Release

I saw this on the RI website where a site issued a fake press release saying unemployment was extended and then got people to give personal info. http://www.dlt.ri.gov/News_Releases/NR_122111.htm
—Guest Ben Hanney

File for Unemployment Website Scams

I got caught by this one. I filled out a form thinking that the site would help me file for an extension of my unemployment and gave out my personal information. I didn't realize it was a scam until too late.
—Guest Jenna B.

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Unemployment Scam Reports

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