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Readers Respond: Resume Objective Examples

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Professional Goals and Objectives

To establish a comfort level within a large corporation that allows me to sleep and surf the internet, unnoticed, so that I can be a slacker for my entire professional career.
—Guest Guest

Putting My Experience to Good Use

Objectives: To accomplish and fulfill my desire to be happy in an environment where I can offer my experiences. To learn more as I grow in a company or with an employer who is willing to give me a chance to improve and use many other skills that I have and am willing to learn, if given the opportunity.
—Guest duran87

My Resume Objective

I am seeking a challenging job that will utilize and further sharpen my skills, and where I can express my thoughts and ideas for the growth of the company.
—Guest MALYN


To obtain a job in Chemical Engineering field where I can use my knowledge to upgrade my skills and to gain experience from the company.
—Guest Mary

Challenges and Accomplishments

My objective is to successfully obtain a challenging position. Accomplishments are my goal.
—Guest ash

CV Objective Statement

Looking for _______ position with(Company Name goes here) Which will require me to utilize my technical and practical experience in________to ensure the success for the (company name).
—Guest Ahmed Arab Uleh

Develop a Framework

Develop a successful framework and training program for transitional employees and management.
—Guest Leah

Technical Consultant

To further my career with a growth-oriented firm that will allow me to utilize my experience and knowledge as a Peoplesoft Technical Consultant.
—Guest Bharathi

My Objective is...

To engage in a career that will allow for progress in terms of skills/expertise, socio-economic development, and innovation through exposure to new ideas for personal/professional growth, as well as growth of the company.
—Guest shadi


To have a position where I can use my skills and hardworking ability, to benefit my employer and be of service to others.
—Guest Renitta G.


To be able to apply my knowledge and skills to the company and be equally rewarded.
—Guest Kerk Bryan


Seeking a position within a company that will allow me to utilize and enhance my skills to provide an opportunity for advancement.
—Guest Lb

Project Coordinator / Project Manager

Project coordinator / Project manager in the field of interior designing and project management.

Financial Objective

Objectives: A position in the accounting field where excellent analytical and technical skills can help to improve the company's profitability. To secure a position with a well-established organization with a stable environment that will lead to a lasting relationship in the field of finance.
—Guest Poonam

Adult Vocational Instructor

To merge my enthusiasm and talent for learning and teaching with adult vocational students in order to develop their professional skills and attitudes.
—Guest Stan R

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Resume Objective Examples

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