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Readers Respond: Resume Objective Examples

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Information Technology

To obtain an entry level position in the IT field where I can utilize my education to improve company’s operation
—Guest Marvin Macasu

Electronics Engineer

Seeking a position to utilize my skills in the field of electronics industry that offers security and professional environment. I am really happy to work with well experienced HR department.
—Guest karthika.v

Software Engineer

To secure a challenging position where I can effectively contribute my skills as Software Professional who possesses competent Technical Skills.
—Guest sindhu

Customer Service Objective

To obtain a secure career that will enable me to utilize my strong organizational skills and customer service and sales background.
—Guest Lindsay

Technical Manager

To take a challenging role and apply my technical and Project Management skills to give an efficient and effective solution that would help the organization to achieve the desired goals in the business and technology.
—Guest Ravi


Objectives: To constantly upgrade my knowledge, skills and make a difference in whatever I do .
—Guest Diya

Generic Objective

To obtain a challenging post at your reputable organization that will utilize both my educational background and professional experience to contribute to the organization's noble and humanitarian goals and simultaneously provide excellent opportunities for career development and personal growth.
—Guest Ammar Aqlan

Accounting Objective

To obtain a position in the accounting field within a company that will allow me to utilise my skills and attain personal/professional growth.
—Guest pricess

Content Writer

Objective: To share my imagination and enhance my skills as productive and skillful writer.
—Guest Fahim Nasir

Content Writer

Objective: To share my imagination and enhance my skills as productive and skillful writer.
—Guest Fahim Nasir

Effective Resume Objective

Objective: To have a job that would enable me to use my talent and skills as well as contribute to organization's goals and which would provide excellent opportunities for career advancement and personal growth.
—Guest elaiza castro

Customer Service

Experienced customer service professional with leadership and relationship-building capabilities, seeking new challenges where my experience can be utilized to improve customer satisfaction.
—Guest Olakunle Falase

Practical Objective

Objective: To meet my future using my skills and initiative.
—Guest ryan

Software Engineer

To work in dynamic, professional and enterprising environment which will provide me the potential for advancement and increased IT skills, decision-making responsibilities through consistent learning under the business and IT leaders.
—Guest Vikas Saraswat

IT Objective

Objective: Seeking an IT Support Specialist position leading to advancement and growth potential.
—Guest mark aziz

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Resume Objective Examples

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