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Readers Respond: Resume Objective Examples

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To Offer My Abilities

Objective: To acquire any position that would fit my field of expertise and that would meet the requirements needed by the company.
—Guest rj pabalat

Enhance My Skills

Objective: to be able to find a decent job that can enhance my skills and knowledge and contribute to the business.
—Guest ayeshvarya

MBA Graduate

MBA graduate with a broad experience in various business divisions and industries. I am seeking a career opportunity and a challenging position within a company to offer my Knowledge, Skills, and Experience.
—Guest Pradeep Pradhan

To Find the Right Job

To be able to work and do my best job, one that is suited to my skills, talent and experience, and to be of service in my full ability for the benefit of my employer. To find a job in an environment where hard work will be rewarded so that i may send money for my family's needs and my kids education.
—Guest an

To Use My Skills

Objective: To obtain a position that will enable me to use my organizational skills, educational background and my ability to work well with people.
—Guest kathrine donila

Health Care Worker

To obtain a position in a Health Care Facility where I can utilize my skills, knowledge and experience to provide quality health care.
—Guest Sirleigh

Knowledge and Experience

To obtain knowledge and experience of the day-to-day work of a business through a part time job, summer internship and/or job shadowing.
—Guest BOB

Objective Example

Seeking a position where I can become established as a new team member for a great company.
—Guest johnny

Professional development

To obtain a position which allows me to utilize my managerial, administrative, and organizational skills to promote growth and foster professional development.
—Guest Leroy

Join and Contribute

To be a part of the organization and to contribute my hard work and my skills for the further development of the organization.

Retail Resume Objective

To obtain a position rooted in customer service where my marketing skills and diligent follow-up practices will maximize company profitability.
—Guest Angel

Efforts and Ability

i will apply my efforts and ability for the improvement of firm and my own improvement.
—Guest Nivetha

Right to the Point

To seek employment in a position that I will be suited for, and to be a part of an organization where hard work will be rewarded and where career advancement will always be a possibility.
—Guest Mariz Maribao

First Time Job

This would be a good learning experience for me and I want to open more opportunities for myself in the future. I want to go through challenges, and achievements are my goal. I also want to be able to apply and improve my knowledge and skills.
—Guest Katie

Government Employment

My objective: To be of service to the people under your jurisdiction.
—Guest Jopenis

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