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Readers Respond: Resume Objective Examples

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HR Objective

A hardcore HR experienced professional seeking opportunities to work in an environment where offering career development in 360 degree, and to take up challenging assignments where I can contribute to the organizational growth.

My Career Objective

Objective: To utilize all the skills, knowledge and learnings that I have acquired during my long time experience as a marketing student. To contribute and exercise all the capabilities that I possess in order to serve the current and potential customers of the market.
—Guest Richzelle Ann Armamento

My Career Objective

Objective: To contribute my creative and administrative qualities to effectively and efficiently see projects from concept to completion, while achieving maximum results for the client.


Objective: To offer my skills to your company, especially in the field of sales, advertising, and monitoring and and to grasp power to enhance my professional skill set in accordance with organizational objectives.
—Guest Bambino

Add Value

To add value to organization with the help of my adaptability and grasping power & to enhance my professional skill set in accordance with organizational objectives.
—Guest hari (Royal Group)


To work in a challenging and stimulating environment with opportunity to use my current experience and to enrich my knowledge and enhance my experience. To contribute towards the achievement of organizational objective by applying my professional skills.
—Guest ankit gupta

Maximize Skills

Objective: To obtain a position where I can maximize my organizational and interpersonal skills and knowledge in which I can effectively utilize my expertise in human relations.
—Guest Josephine Anciano

Brilliant Professional Record

With a brilliant professional record, I aspire to join as assistant professor of management where in my diligence and extensive experience contributes to the growth of the organization
—Guest jiten patel

General Resume Objective

Objective: Seeking a challenging opportunity where I will be able to utilize my strong organizational skills, educational background, and ability to work well with people, which will allow me to grow personally and professionally. I am self-motivated and able to work both independently and as collaborative team member.
—Guest Teerie

Entry Level

Objective: To obtain an entry level clerical data entry position where I can learn and become a long-term, valued asset to the company.
—Guest Guest Tierra

Retail Objective

As an experienced retail employee, I would contribute to a company's growth and provide added value in customer fulfillment. It is my goal to seek advancement both professionally as well as monetarily within a thriving and productive company. I would excel by providing assistance to customers needing advice on purchasing quality products to suit their individual needs. I can provide this through my attention to detail, pride and hardworking nature.
—Guest krys

Entry level

To work in a professional environment dedicated to a superior product, and whose culture cultivates company and associate advancement
—Guest jason

Objective -Accountancy

Objective: To obtain a position where I contribute my skill, knowledge and experience to a company that will give me an opportunity to develop my career.
—Guest A. Samad,bangladesh

Technical Field

To obtain a challenging and professional position in a good company and broadly participate in the product design, development and testing using Information Technology skills.
—Guest Lydia

Security Officer

Objective for Security Officer: Seeking for a job where I can utilize my experienced ability and skills regarding security survey, investigation, background investigation, background check as well.
—Guest upsilon

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Resume Objective Examples

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