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Readers Respond: Resume Objective Examples

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Experienced Job Seeker - Transition

To transition to a challenging position where I can add value by utilizing my transferable skills, knowledge and professional experience in a team where I can learn and grow professionally.
—Guest PGstar


To be an astute learner and the best performer in your organization. I want to build an innovative career and enhance my working capacities, professional skills and business efficiencies. I will serve my organization in best possible way with sheer determination and commitment.
—Guest Rifat


To obtain a position that utilizes and enhances my customer service and creative talents. I have six years of retail managerial experience and four years of office experience, three of those in a university setting.
—Guest George

New Grad

To work for a company which will give me the opportunity to show my best skills and where I can enhance my knowledge and professional growth.
—Guest kranthi


To obtain a challenging position that allows me to utilize my current skills to assist in advancing a business that offers a stable employment opportunity. I am also eager to learn new skills and business and technological advancements.
—Guest Angela


Career Objective:- My immediate object is to work for the progress of your company and to establish of myself in this work world eventually. Educational Qualification:-. • B.A. (Honours) Passed from M.B.B Govt. Degree College , Tripura University in the year 2003. Professional Qualification: • Diploma in Computer Literacy Programme from ROY COMMERCIAL INSTITUTE in the year 2007. • Computer Vocational IT For 10 Months from CDAC (KOLKATA) under PRTI Govt.of Tripura in the year 2010. • T.O.T Trained about leadership, Planning & Implementation on SHG & FEDERATION from NIRD.
—Guest MD.NazirIslam


Detail-oriented student with strong working skills and the ability to learn concepts quickly. Hard-working, looking to apply my education and experience to a job.
—Guest Tiffy

Simple & Unique Objective

To work as a part of dynamic team in a reputable firm where hard work & sincerity are appreciated . I would be happy to show a portfolio of my work.
—Guest Aleem Akhtar

Resume Objective

Seeking long term employment in an organization where I can grow professionally and further enhance my skills, knowledge and experience to face and overcome the challenges of today’s changing work environment.
—Guest Philip


To apply the knowledge that I have accumulated from the experience and training offered in our school, to achieve advanced skills regarding new technologies applied in our industry, and to acquire knowledge about the position to be applied for.


I am highly motivated person who's ready to use my educational background and skills to impart knowledge to learners by using modern and traditional approaches to developing the learner's skills.
—Guest Rasak

Mechanical Engineer

Use technical skills and knowledge in order to carry out the job in a professional, cost effective, and suitable manner and omit the chances of error/defects and poor workmanship in any assigned job
—Guest Farrukh


Catastrophe management, infection prevention/control, weights and measuring, vital signs,and long-term care.
—Guest janet scott


Seeking a challenging career that utilizes my skills in my area of competence and enriches my knowledge, and gives me a chance to be part of a team that contributes towards the growth of the organization, thereby yielding the twin benefits of job satisfaction and convenient professional growth
—Guest Farook

Retail Assistant Manager

I am seeking an assistant manager position at your respectable corporation where I can work in challenging environment and expand my experience in this field and utilize said experience to increase both customer satisfaction and the overall corporate reputation and profitability.
—Guest asadi7233

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Resume Objective Examples

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