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Readers Respond: Resume Objective Examples

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Accounting Management

Accounting Management: Looking for a position that is suitable to my field of interest. I know I have knowledge in my field of expertise but above all those is my willingness to learn new things that will make me more effective and efficient towards reaching the company's goals.

Career Objective

Career Objective: To be an active employee in your company and to express and develop my skills for the mutual development of company and myself.

Business Objective

To utilize my key skills and previous inquiries to benefit a business firm, while advancing my current knowledge of business. I will work dedicatedly to complete each and every problem I face in my tenure to ensure the growth of the company.
—Guest Antwon

Customer Service Rep

Objective: To obtain a position where I can better assist a guest with a knowledgeable helping hand accompanied by a warm and friendly smile, resulting in a great experience of which will be recommended to others.
—Guest obryant

Career Objective

Objective: To enhance my capabilities and qualifications so that I have the opportunity to prove myself as a competent employee.
—Guest MV.Defrancia

Skill Development

Objective: To work in an organization where I can develop my skills. I have the ability to work hard, especially in the fields of computer operator, manager and leader.
—Guest Ndifreke Okon Sunday

General Objective

Objective: To secure a challenging position where I can effectively contribute my skills that offer professional growth.
—Guest kanmani


To use my ability to work in a team environment. I am self-motivated and able to work both independently and as collaborative team member. To obtain a position where I can maximize my organizational and interpersonal skills and knowledge which will contribute my years of experience,that will allow me to grow personally and professionally.
—Guest erica

NGO Objective

To work for a highly specialized solution oriented team which can exploit the best of my ardor for responsibilities society, management, research & knowledge based solutions with special preference to social work.
—Guest monika

General Objective

Objective: Seeking a powerful position where I can use my strengths and skills.
—Guest Arial

general objective

Objective: To work professionally, and contribute my long years of knowledge and experience in creative skills of graphic design.
—Guest erwin

Customer Service Rep/Telemarketing

Objective: To obtain a position rooted in providing top quality customer service and where my marketing and organizational skills will maximize company growth and profitability.
—Guest LeeB222

Want to be Part of the Team

Objective: To obtain full-time/part-time position in your company that will allow me to use my ability to work in a team environment.
—Guest gurjant

Things to Think About

When writing a resume objective, ask yourself -- what your immediate career plan? What skills will you use in your next job? Then make a concise statement about where you want to go and why.
—Guest leilani

HR Objective

A hardcore HR experienced professional seeking opportunities to work in an environment where offering career development in 360 degree, and to take up challenging assignments where I can contribute to the organizational growth.

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Resume Objective Examples

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