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Readers Respond: Why Do You Want This Job?

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My First Job Was Amazing

The first time I was asked I was afraid to answer, but I try and do my best.
—Guest drucile tassy

It's My Dream Job

This is my dream to work in the bank so that I can use my experience and knowledge in a positive way.
—Guest Priya

Confidence is key

I believe this job will build my confidence and improve my teamwork skills
—Guest sarah

Why do you want this job?

I'm eager to work harder. To gain and improve my abilities as a human being. I' m willing to undergo training if the company needs it.
—Guest Maricel Oruga

Why do you want this job?

This is one of the jobs where I can justify my knowledge, capabilities and I understand that your company is secured for efficient and work minded employees.

Why I Want the Job

To improve my capacities and to gain more skills on the computer and counting.
—Guest loubna

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Why Do You Want This Job?

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