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Readers Respond: What Will You Do If You Don't Get This Job?

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What will you do if you don't get this position? Read answers and share your answer to this typical interview question.

Hone My Interviewing Skills

if i don't get the job i will try to improve my interviewing skills and my weak points and to see what my faults are and try to improve on them for future opportunity
—Guest imran ali from bihar india

Wrong Fit

I would hope that the reason I wasn't selected would be that I'm just not right for it. Sometimes, the dress looks amazing on the rack, but when you try it on - it just doesn't fit your personality. The same can be true of a job. Sometimes, you just don't fit.
—Guest Beth

Use The Experience to Learn

I'll feel disappointed. However, I'll reflect on the experience of the interview; to see what my flaws are and try to improve on them for future opportunity.
—Guest John Ibe


I already felt that I'm part of it and I've got some interesting ideas for the further work, therefore I will apply for an Internship in your company, so I would get some experience that would qualify me for similar opportunities in future.
—Guest Al-Sammarraee

What you will do if not chosen?

I am trusting that the committee seeks for the best fit in the position, so if you don't hire me, I will wait for constructive feedback to improve myself for next opportunity. However, I am sure that I am the one you seek, both as I am and as I will develop.
—Guest Shady sona

Focus on Next Time

I'll be a little disappointed,but I know this is is not the end of my life. I will try to improve my interviewing skills and my weak point so that in next interview I can perform well.
—Guest Aarti

Try to Improve

I will feel a little disappointed, but I will work on my interviewing skills so I can do better at the next interview.
—Guest Suz'

Build My Interview Skills

I am a determined and hardworking individual. However, if I don't get this job, I will use the pros and the cons of the interview and work to improve my interview skills, so I can be successful in attaining another job.
—Guest hi

Every end has a new beginning

I will work hard and harder... this rejection will provide me more oppertunity for my next selection.
—Guest surender

Agricultural Extension Officer

I will still fight on and I will intensify collaboration with the same organization to meet its objectives.


Would assume that I am good but the chosen was the best, so skip back wait for another fight and work with one sharp statement for another interview 'retreat or suffer defeat'

If I don't get the job...

I would be disappointed but would try and move on and continue forward. I would wonder why you didn't tell me I was not suitable for the position, also why you apparently didn't think of or mention other positins that may be open and that you are trying to fill... or bother to ask your colleagues if they were interested in what I had to offer... makes me wonder about how your company functions or tries to in spite of "gloss over" type of attitudes.
—Guest Hopeful

If I don't get this job

I will spend this evening getting drunk and cursing you... then it's back to business.
—Guest Josh

What Will You Do If You Don't Get This?

I will ask you "why", so I can improve my weak points, and I would be glad if you reply. While I was learning about this company, I already felt that I'm part of it and I've got some interesting ideas for the further work, so I would ask you to keep me in touch, if the vacancy of this position still be free referring to various reasons.
—Guest Marina Al

Improve myself

If I don't get the job,i'm not disappointed,because I know this is another chance to improve myself for this post. Apply again in various companies and also your company if you are call for recruitment interview. Spent a nice time with you. Thank you so much.
—Guest Sayanika

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