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Readers Respond: What Will You Do If You Don't Get This Job?

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What will you do if you don't get this position? Read answers and share your answer to this typical interview question. Share Your Answer

Not the end of the road

I will be very dissapointed and tell my self that was not mine but mine is coming,or I did match their requirement and qualification
—Guest Queen

Every Failure is a Key to Success

I will be upset but not for long. And I wils start working on my weak points and will perform better next time.
—Guest Harshita

If I Don't Get the Job

I would be very disappointed because I am the most knowledgeable person in this field. Maybe I am unable to present myself as well as I should during this interview but I am sure I have so many innovative ideas to share and offer!!
—Guest Khara

Ask How to Do Better

Every experience is an opportunity for growth. First, with your permission, I would ask to debriefed and learn what I could have done to make my application more compelling. Secondly, I am convinced that this is the company that I'd like to work for. So, I ask your permission to check in with you in 3 months to see if any other opportunities have arisen. Finally, if you were impressed by my candidacy but unable to place me at this time, I'd ask if you might be able to introduce me to a colleague who works in an area that you think might be more suited to my talents so that I might ask that person how I can best prepare myself for any opportunities that arise in that department.
—Guest Carrie H

Search for Another Opportunity

I will look for a new good opportunity and carry on my struggle for my future improvement.
—Guest m.irfan

If I Don't Get This Job

I would be very disappointed. I'd ask the interviewer if I am allowed to apply again or ask him to contact me in case of emergency, or if they need help any kind. I would say that I am always here for this Company. And I'd tell the interviewer I will do anything for this Company.
—Guest Mariel

Hone My Interviewing Skills

if i don't get the job i will try to improve my interviewing skills and my weak points and to see what my faults are and try to improve on them for future opportunity
—Guest imran ali from bihar india

Wrong Fit

I would hope that the reason I wasn't selected would be that I'm just not right for it. Sometimes, the dress looks amazing on the rack, but when you try it on - it just doesn't fit your personality. The same can be true of a job. Sometimes, you just don't fit.
—Guest Beth

Use The Experience to Learn

I'll feel disappointed. However, I'll reflect on the experience of the interview; to see what my flaws are and try to improve on them for future opportunity.
—Guest John Ibe


I already felt that I'm part of it and I've got some interesting ideas for the further work, therefore I will apply for an Internship in your company, so I would get some experience that would qualify me for similar opportunities in future.
—Guest Al-Sammarraee

What you will do if not chosen?

I am trusting that the committee seeks for the best fit in the position, so if you don't hire me, I will wait for constructive feedback to improve myself for next opportunity. However, I am sure that I am the one you seek, both as I am and as I will develop.
—Guest Shady sona

Focus on Next Time

I'll be a little disappointed,but I know this is is not the end of my life. I will try to improve my interviewing skills and my weak point so that in next interview I can perform well.
—Guest Aarti

Try to Improve

I will feel a little disappointed, but I will work on my interviewing skills so I can do better at the next interview.
—Guest Suz'

Build My Interview Skills

I am a determined and hardworking individual. However, if I don't get this job, I will use the pros and the cons of the interview and work to improve my interview skills, so I can be successful in attaining another job.
—Guest hi

Every end has a new beginning

I will work hard and harder... this rejection will provide me more oppertunity for my next selection.
—Guest surender

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What Will You Do If You Don't Get This Job?

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