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Readers Respond: What Did You Like or Dislike Most About Your Previous Job?

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What did you like or dislike about your previous job? Read answers and share your answer to this typical interview question.

Accounting Job Interview

I love working as an accountant. My passion, skill and experience are all related to numbers. The good things in accounting is every day you have different report, different transaction but the numbers are the same, 0 to 9. It never changes. The worst part is I always work in a corner and I don't have much interaction with colleagues. Since my English is weak I want to interact more to improve my English.
—Guest Roshan

Liked the Company

I liked being part of the company. Everything that I did was appreciated by everyone and I did not feel left out in any way.
—Guest ntombi

I would have worked for free!

My job was so rewarding that I used to tell my friends that I would do it for free! I worked with a team of tutors to help children with autism achieve academic and social goals. Most people told me that it sounded hard, but I loved the children I worked with each day! Helping them was a pleasure and a delight! It was rewarding for them, their parents, and for me and my team whenever the students would meet their goals! It was the ideal job for me!
—Guest Nancylinda

Dialect Barrier

Hated it when my co-employees spoke in their native tongue in my presence, felt absurd that I have to simply stare at them while thinking of what's really going on... While we have common dialect that everyone else knows, spoken and understand. Very unprofessional!
—Guest gwen recio gonzales

Job Wasn't a Good Fit

In response to other answers: DON'T BADMOUTH YOUR BOSS OR THE CUSTOMERS YOU WORKED WITH. That's a quick way to look whiny. Try this: "To help you understand where I’m coming from, I’ll tell you about why I took the job, what I’m experiencing currently, and why I’m here in front of you today. I originally took the position right out of school because it was the most relevant to my degree. The position with the x company was in y, which was one of the key areas of focus in my degree program. However, my office is very dependent upon documentation and regulation. It is slow paced, and offers no direct involvement. Everything goes through the office supervisor, who then handles the discussion with higher-ups, so there is no direct involvement with the project’s outcome. Overall, I became very bored because there was no challenge or reward that this office had to offer. Above all, my current position looked to be a great opportunity, but ended up not a good personal fit."
—Guest jersey mike

Auto Cadd

It is a good job but time is not convenient. I am traveling two hours a day. I wii miss this job.
—Guest ganesh

The Kids Are Not Alright

I worked in a 24-hour facility that housed youths who had various mental, emotional and disciplinary problems. It was not unusual to come in mornings to find various areas of the place had been vandalized. The staff was at risk, too. People find their personal items had been stolen. The most serious of the offenses were the assaults. More than once, a staff member was transported to medical care due to attacks by the youths. Upper management had an attitude of "you just have to understand the kids' problems". That was hard to swallow for staff who had been burglarized of all of their money they had on them, or who were nursing bruises and cuts suffered in an assault. Staff were also be falsely accused of abuse by the youths, which would always end up with the staff person being put on leave while an investigation was done. Rarely did any of the youths suffer real consequences for the crimes they committed against staff. Some staff quit out of fear for their safety.

Loved and Liked

At my last job, I worked as a cashier and an office assistant in the cash office of a grocery store. I dealt regularly with the register cash drawers, balancing petty cash, some accounts payabale/receivable, cashing checks, and doing postal duties. I liked the general predictability of the job. There was a regular schedule to work, a regular schedule of certain tasks to be done on certain days/times, and the customers were relatively predictable, as far as when to expect rushes uptime/downtime. The two things I truly hated about the job were that if coworkers in my area goofed up their numbers or simply didn't do their work, it carried over and was up to the next person to get it done, plus their own work. I was also truly disgusted by rude comments customers would make about how if people could only find minimum wage jobs/work as cashiers, that they didn't deserve to be working and breathing. Unbelievable! I guess some people just like to be lazy and make others miserable?
—Guest Zoey R.

I Was Just a Number

There was so much structure and rules to the place I worked at that I started to feel like a robot after a while. I actually was told to "check with HR" when I told them I had to use the bathroom. I said, "that sounds unconstitutional," and they said they "aren't sure." What does that even mean?
—Guest Jane Marian

I left due to travel time

I loved my job, but since moving, i've had to travel longer, therefore spending less time with my child.
—Guest mommy

My Last Job

What I initially liked about my last job was my manager. He and I hit it off in the interview, which was conducted by him and two others, but he and I talked for almost 3 hours! Unfortunately, by the time of my job layoff due to lost contracts (I along with about 20 others got laid-off), I was at odds with him and particularly with how he had managed my position. I felt that he did not support me or my work effort and was even vocal about this in the company of other work associates. Very sad, dissappointing, and confusing to say the least.
—Guest BJ

Helping Others

I likde that I was able to help others and go home with a feeling of satisfaction. Knowing that I helped an individual get shoes, a meal, a place to sleep, etc.

Pros/Cons of Previous Career

I loved the people in my previous position and felt I was very productive. But, I had a tyrant for a boss and that made me miserable after awhile. However, dealing with this person taught me not to take things so personally and to develop a thick skin. When my old boss was relocated, the department threw a going away party and the person who went away was not invited.
—Guest Ms Jones

I Loved My Boss

I loved my boss who recently retired. He was a terrific guy to work for and I'll miss working for him.
—Guest Shelly McMillan

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