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Readers Respond: Why Are You Leaving Your Job?

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Why are you leaving your job? Read answers and share your response to this typical interview question. Share Your Answer

Ready for New Challenges

First of all, I am grateful to my previous company. because they created good platform for me when I was just starting out. I have learned lot of things from my previous company. Now I want to more improve my professional growth and I'm ready to face new challenges.
—Guest manju


My organization has been going through multiple restructurings and I was shifted to a job that doesn't match my interests or skills so after several months of growing unhappiness I decided to leave to pursue a better match and reignite my passion!
—Guest tired


I wanted a job requiring my best skills or I wanted a job that would allow me to advance my career.
—Guest Juju

Salary Disputes

I am leaving my job because there were salary disputes within the company.
—Guest jason

Overall Poor Company

Granted this company was the first to give me the opportunity in this field. The working conditions are extremely poor, no heat. The pay isn't competitive in the least bit. And the hours are irregular and I won't tolerate it anymore.
—Guest Jared

Wanting to Grow

I am leaving my job for professional and personal growth.
—Guest Priyanka

Leaving Job

I'm leaving my job because I cannot adjust myself to the organization where I am working. I am looking for a better company with good rules & professional regulations.
—Guest M. Khalid

I Don't Want to be Just a Warm Body

The skills needed to do the job are not those I want to grow or develop. Lesson learned is ask questions at the interview --- what are the employer's goals/expectations for the position? Are they in sync with yours? If the employer cannot give you specifics they are just looking for warm bodies. And who wants to be just a warm body?
—Guest michele


For career advancement and growth. Better opportunity and high salary
—Guest Joe

Why did you leave your job?

I was on CONTRACT for more than one year and I am now looking for a career.
—Guest Sue

No more weekends

Iam leaving my job because i would like to be able to work nearer to home and not work on weekends.
—Guest guest carol

Looking to return to my previous career

I left my previous career in tech support to be a stay at home mom. Once my kids were in school, I took a part time retail job, but discovered that I wasn't a good fit for retail sales. Since I was happy in my previous IT career, I decided to return to it.
—Guest bmhill71

Why did I leave my job

I had left my last job due to a dispute I had with one an employee and the manager on at the time. So what I'm asking is how so I cut the corners on that question if asked... why did you leave your last job or if reapplying ...
—Guest jose

Abuse in the Workplace

I left my last two jobs due to bullying in the workplace. I left the first job because the doctor hired two employees at the same time and they started making up lies and putting their hands on me. It was so bad that I had to take anti-depressants. I had numerous meetings with the doctor but the situation wasn't resolved. Instead they started saying that I was the one who was starting the problems. It was really affecting my job performance so I had to leave. I was really disappointed with the doctors. I was there for two yrs and really worked hard and stayed late sometimes. I left the last job because my boss was verbally abusive to me and another co-worker. He would humiliate me and scream at me in front of patients. I have no confidence in myself when I go to job interviews. What should I say without saying negative things about these two companies?
—Guest rosie

"Why are you leaving your job?"

Literally, I am very satisfied with my previous job, but just because of long travel daily I would like it and your organization is only 10 minutes away from my house. That's why I feel that it's a suitable job for me.
—Guest Waseem Baig

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Why Are You Leaving Your Job?

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