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Readers Respond: Tell Me About Yourself

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Personal profile: I'm a confident and articulate communicator, experienced in working independently. I am also determined, energetic, driven and goal orientated. I'm a very hard worker and I always strive for excellence in whatever I do, A young individual lady who will be an asset to an organization like yours that offers potential for personal growth and development of analytical skills, I have a Code 8 Driver's licence, I'm also Registered at KSD FET COLLEGE as an (ICDL) International Computer Driving Licence TRAINER and also a qualified Microsoft End-user South Africa Facilitator.
—Guest Bulie

Personal Introduction

First of all, I would like to thank you for giving me this opportunity. It's my pleasure to introduce myself. My name is Ayub Pasha, born in Raichur and bought up in Bangalore. Coming to my educational qualification I am pursuing 2nd PU with a govt college. Coming to my family background, my family consist of 5 members, me, my younger brother, elder sister, Father and Mother. My Father is painter, Mother is Tailor, Sister is taking care of my grandfather and grandmother, Brother is working as Customer support representative. My hobbies are listening music, surfing internet etc... I am flexible and can work in shifts. Capable of taking multiple task if required.
—Guest Ayub Pasha

Short and Long Term Goals

Thanks for giving me this opportunity to say something about myself. My name is Mohd Uvesh. I am a native of Roorkee. I have done engineering from RIT Roorkee in Mechanical Stream. My short term goal is to get placed and enhance my knowledge and my long term goal is to be a successful person.
—Guest mohd uvesh

Personal Introduction

Sure, sir. I am glad to introduce myself. My name is John and I am a native of Vizag. I have completed my B.E. in electronics and communication engg. Before that I completed my schooling in Nalanda Talent School and also completed my intermediate in Sri Chaitanya CLG. Coming to my family... my family consists of 4 members: my father's name is Maheswara Rao. He is working as a private employee and my mother is a housewife, and my sister is married. My short term goal is to get placed and enhance my knowledge. My long term goal is to improve my skills and become a strong leader and achieve a successfu position.
—Guest john

Hard Worker

My name is Amsa. I am 20 years old. I studying b.sc cs at prist university. My hobbies are chess and reading books. My father's name is G. Dharmarajan. He is a farmer. My mother name is D. Kalaiselvi. She is a housewife. I have one younger brother. His name is Raj. I want to work for your company. If you give me this job, I will work hard.
—Guest amsa

Tell Me about Yourself

Wow, it's my pleasure to say something about myself. Well. I'm Ronel Tiala. I'm 22 years of age. I am a product of Brokenshire College Socskasargen Incorporated with a degree of Bachelor of Science in Nursing for 4 years. Now, I prefer to work as a Customer Service Representative rather than working in the hospital setting because of monthly salary. I am happy to my work now because I'm comfortable with my teammates, colleagues, and friends. We work as a group and has only one goal and that is to get more sales. I love what I am doing and I love people who are there for me in times of ups and downs. How about you? By the way, thank you for listening about myself!
—Guest Ronel Tiala

Personal Introduction

Thank you for giving me this opportunity to introduce myself. I am Euriel and I am 24 years of age. I have completed my N6 in Electrical Engineering at EEC in 2008 and I've undertaken practical training at Eljon Electrical for the period of 3 month where I was doing cable fault, house wiring, transformer wiring. At the moment I am under an internship at DHET as an ARPL advisor. I am a hard working person , ambitious, good team player, fast learner, I always aim high in what I do and I cope well under pressure. My strongest point is that I always handle stress well. My weakness is that I sometimes get upset when people aren't doing their work when we work in a group but I am trying to work it out. Thank you for listening to me.
—Guest Euriel

Human Resources

I am self-motivated, efficient and diplomatic human resources professional with 3 years experience in the industry and I believe my strengths and skills make me a perfect fit for this position. In my previous position at African bank, I have demonstrated commitment to staff. I am highly organized, having maintained efficiency even on accepted an extra half workload on top of my own duties. Earlier this year I coordinated an evaluation of personnel management practices and reviewed all job descriptions against actual work being done. I received many high distinctions while studying a Human Resource Management Diploma and a Certificate in customer service. While studying, I worked part time in Beel construction as HR assisting with payroll and recruitment. I developed a greater understanding of how Human Resource departments work and HR strategies improve efficiency and productivity. I believe that I will make an excellent worker because I am responsible, dedicated and caring.
—Guest Thokwe Sephesu

God Fearing

Thank you for giving me this opportunity to introduce about myself. My name is Dev and I am 23 years old from a beautiful town. My educational qualifications are that I have completed my BE degree in ECE with first class in 2012. I have a great passion for electronics and I'm a self-motivated person so I learned electronics myself practically at home making lots of electronic gadgets for home appliances. During my schooldays I excelled in painting and artistry winning prizes in national level, state level and district level competitions. I play music to relax myself in my spare time. I am a God fearing person and I spend some time daily for Him. I should say that I am a diligent, self-motivated and a kind person. I have the ability to work hard and achieve my target in time. I am a hard working team worker as well as a good listener. Thanks for your attention.
—Guest Dev

For Admission Seekers

Thank you so much for giving me such an opportunity to introduce myself. My name is Ashik Mahmud. I am a Finance and Banking graduate of Prime University. As person I'm very simple, reliable and hardworking and as a student you would find me studious, industrious and sincere. I really enjoy learning new things and I'm very curious about learning new things.
—Guest Ashik Mahmud

Simple, Truthful

Thank you for calling me to interview for this position. I'm 26, currently going to HCC, looking to graduate from there very soon and I am working on becoming financially and socially independent. Regardless of where I work I love to serve customers and love to improve things if I can.
—Guest Provi

Telephone Interview

Hiya, My name is Muhammad and I am calling back regarding the voice message you left me. I can offer six years experience in managing employees, customers and logistics with excellent project management skills and a great eye for detail. All of which should make me an ideal candidate for your organisation. If you have any job opening please let me know. Many thanks.
—Guest Muhammad Asim


First of all, I would like to thank you for giving me this opportunity. It's my pleasure to introduce myself. I’m John, 20 years old and I got married one year ago. Well, when I talk about my education qualification, I finished my bachelor degree in computer at .... I followed my education in computers in .... and finished the MSc degree in 2003. If I can describe myself, I should say that I am a creative, flexible and very kind person and I'm a good team worker. I’m diligent with my experiments and I can work hard to achieve my target in time.
—Guest Mohsen

Voluntary Party Liaison

I've got great kids and my life is great. I am also very determined. In the past help, I have volunteered at my children's school and for church activities by sometimes reading stories. I am also very good at making my point. I love reading and communicating with people.
—Guest maddlena

First Job

Thank you for a giving me such time to introduce myself. I am Mary Jell Kate Sajolan. I am a simple girl that have a ambition, "to succeed in my own way". I do believe in myself that if you cannot do what others can, don't panic! because everyone have their own asset in their system.. that's all, Thank You.
—Guest jell

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