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Readers Respond: Tell Me About Yourself

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Associated Enginner

My name is Sylvia. I am a recent graduate from Nanyang Polytechnic with Diploma in Electronics, Computer and Communication. I enjoy being around different types of people. I am sociable, friendly, self-controlled and like to challenge myself to improve my skill. I am eager to learn new skills. I have a proven record of cooperating and collaborating with colleagues at all levels, a skill so essential to meeting critical deadline and towards team's success. I am interested in solid state electronics and wafer fabrication techniques. I have a candid attitude and effective decision making and problem solving skills.
—Guest Sylvia Sue

Pursuing My MBA

My name is Gaurav Manzhi . I am from Gwalior and I did my matriculation from Balmandir High School in Joura, India. I did my intermediate from the Boys Excellence School in Joura, then I completed a BCA from GICTS college in Gwalior. I am pursuing my MBA. I want to become a good marketing manager. I am a good communicator and I am punctual. I am a versatile person and I can perform well in many different situations.
—Guest Gaurav manzhi

Telecommunication Engineer

My name is Khaled and I have a degree in telecommunication engineering from Yarmouk University in Jordan. I am a quick learner and I can easily adjust to any environment. I am a team player, and I enjoy working with a variety of people from different backgrounds. I am never satified until I have completed my work. I am looking for a job.
—Guest kkkk

Helpful and Enthusiastic

I am a very dedicated, enthusiastic, punctual person who likes to help those in need of care.
—Guest Yasmin Fonseca

Spot On Answer

My name is Pankaj and I am from Delhi. have graduated from Delhi University as a regular candidate in humanities. After completing my graduation, I decided to join the MCA programme. I've almost completed it -- there's just one project that needs to be submitted. I am a quick learner and I can easily adjust to any environment. Some of my friend's call me "life saver" because I am very helpful to them. I have analytical bent of mind and I believe I can do anything as I am a hard worker.
—Guest pankaj nayal

Interested in the Automotive Sector

My name is Raashi. I belong to a business class family. I am a jolly-natured person who believes in team work. I like doing Yoga because it helps me keep my temper undes stressful conditions. I have interest in automobiles. I have also experienced various events in college as well as at national level that nourish my interest in automobile sector and keep me updated about the latest technology.
—Guest Raaashi

From Nigeria

I am Biodun Ademokun. I live in Ketu, Nigeria. I am 34 years old and I attended Pastor Adegboyega Primary School. I proceeded for my secondary education at Okota High School, and I gained admision to ONE OF THE MOST PRESTIGIOUS UNIVERSITIES in Nigeria, the University of Ibadan,where got my degree in Archaeology/Geology in 2002. I served in 2002-2003. I started my career in Corner Stone Insurance as a marketing executive. I dealt with customers and sold policies to clients. I later moved to World Information Agent Group (Alaroye), and later joined Sosaco Nigeria Ltd as a Warehouse Assistant. I wspromoted to the position of warehouse manager in the same company where I was responsible for proper documentation of stock, briefing the logiistics manager about the stock position and attending departmental meeetings and dealing with other govermental issues relating to the warehouse.

All the Right Stuff

I have done my b-tech in mechanical engineering. I'm a team player. I'm self motivated and dedicated toward my work and I'm a quick learner as well. My hobbies are playing cricket and listening to music. I am never satisfied until/ unless I have completed my work.
—Guest vikas saini

Confident and Reliable

I am a team player, enjoy working with a variety of people with different backgrounds. I am a confident pesonality with self motivation, and have leadership qualities also by which I can motivate others.
—Guest Prashant Banne


I am tolerant, competent on my job and ability to solve problems that is presented to me. Am pleasant and self control, willing to accept responsibilities, friendly and good disposition and quick to learn fast.
—Guest hopleen


I'm an open-minded and inquisitive individual who enjoys doing research and learning new things. I'm also an optimist who's driven by positive thinking no matter how hard things are.
—Guest soujanya

Good Worker

I was working a company as a telemarkerter. I am an optimist and a hard worker. My hobbies are reading and watching TV. If I get a good job, I will do my best.
—Guest Mrs salam

Self Motivator

I am a self motivator in anyway. I always challenge myself to feel me better and I give my all to a work and always looking ahead to the next one at hand.I am very happy if i successfully completing one and moving on the next one. I always believe this "TREAT YOUR COMPANY AS YOUR OWN BUSINESS"so you'll love working each morning.

Tell Me About Yourself

I am strong willed and and a team player that can easily get along with others. I enjoy challenges I believe in value, vision, and action. I am quick learner and a hardworker. I attended Renton Tech, college undergraduate where I majored in commercial building engineering. My hobbies include basketball, camping and mobile dj. I am easy going person that works well with everyone. I enjoy being around different types people and I always like to challenge myself to improve at everything I do.
—Guest urmama

About Myself

I'm 21years old. I have completed in my degree in electronics & telecommunication in 2011 from Vidyalankar Polytechnic college. I am looking for job. I like reading and watching tv.
—Guest snehal vilas karpe

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