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Readers Respond: Do You Prefer to Work Independently Or On a Team?

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Do you prefer to work independently or on a team? Read answers and share your answer to this typical interview question. Share Your Answer

Team Work

I like to work with a team because I will get more ideas about how to do smart work from team members. If you are completing any project that will take more than a few days, and if you are doing that the project with others, then the work will go faster and also you will get new thing learn from senior employees. Working in a team it not only increases productivity but also upgrades the quality of work.
—Guest prashant bhusari

Work Independently

I prefer working alone as I know my work well. Working in a team means working together but I am hardly in charge because I don't speak up well. I find it hard to relay my opinions. It is a matter of confidence. I work better alone as I don't have to worry about having eyes on me, or whether I am doing something wrongly.
—Guest Simple

Working Alone

I'd rather do my work individually for several reasons. First, I can concentrate on om work effectively when I am working alone. I am not distracted by others and I can manage my time. in addition I know my weaknesses and i can put more time in solving my problems. My work would be more efficient because I don't spend my time on unnecessary parts that I am good at.
—Guest Ali

Work alone or on team

I honestly prefer to work alone because I can go at my own pace.-I think of myself as a "slow learner/worker"
—Guest James

Working in team

I prefer work in team becouse of several reasons. First of all work in team can help me in my weakness to improve in my weakness. We can exchange our ideas. We can help eachother if anyone tired. I think work in team better than work alone
—Guest mohammed

Team Work

I'm not effective without a team because I already have a strong skills and I'm a good communicator. I'd rather be with my team -- not to depend on them but to share my ideas and to know their opinion. Nobody is perfect but lf your team likes you to be their good leader, I'm proud of it, and its the way my parents raised me.
—Guest joel

T.eam E.ventually A.nnoys M.e

As an ex-Flight Attendant I prefer to now work alone due to the fact usually team members don't know their procedures and rely on their ego. It was never the procedures that were a problem, it was my colleagues. Drama drama drama. Working alone is more productive and one's efforts are recognised. My high standard is consistent and not jeopardised by half hearted employees.
—Guest Ex Flight Attendant

Customer Service

I love to work in team because I learn lot from others, but if I have to work alone, then I am also fine. I enjoy working in both conditions -- I have no problems with either.
—Guest Suman kapoor

Both are Nice

Independent work sometimes seems desirable because you can manage your own time and also you have a chance to show all your talents and skills. Team work is different because you can learn from other people and learn some values and skills so you gain experience as well as learning to try to accept others' opinions.
—Guest mero

I like both of them

Sometime i like to work on a team and sometimes I want to work independently.
—Guest thu

Both are better in different cases

If the team components are supportable then I will prefer to work in the team otherwise it is better to complete the the job by myself, because if time is wasted in achieving a particular job the team is meaningless.
—Guest abinash panda

No Man is an Island

I prefer working in team because I believe no man is an island, in a team you can learn from others as well as sharing ideas.
—Guest Lucky Masekwameng

Either Way

I don't mind being a part of a team or working independently. I think I am confident and believe in myself, whatever situation.

Working Independently

I prefer to work independently because when you work on a team all the compliments will be given to the team. there is no value given to your efforts, talent etc. If you work independently all your talents will be exposed.
—Guest shruthi tejaswi

With or Without a Team

T- together E-everyone A- achieves M-more Listen & value others opinion, then convey yr points. Interpersonal skills somtimes overlap with spoken communication skills. When others are treated with repect the feel understood & appreciated. To make their experience as positive as possible, then excellent interpersonal skills are essential.
—Guest Bernadette

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Do You Prefer to Work Independently Or On a Team?

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