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Readers Respond: What Are Your Salary Expectations?

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From the article: Salary Negotiation
What are your salary expectations? Read answers and share your response to to the common interview question "What are your salary expectations?." Share Your Answer

Worth More than Job Experience

I think a person worth is not only determined by his or her actual work experience. What else do they bring? Cultural talent? Organizational talent? Troubleshooting talent? Management talent? I can bring all with the assistance of IT and customer support experience because that is the place where you get the most feedback from your clients. The biggest mistake companies do is put a automatic answering service or get customer service out of another country by representatives with accents that some clients cannot understand. Really???!!! Now that is really professional--- LOL. To be a true professional its not the clothes you wear, or the car you drive, but how you get your point across to people no matter their cultural diversity in which they can relate and get the task at hand completed without being offended or threatened.
—Guest gt

Low-ball nation

The decent jobs I've looked at seem to offer a salary range $10k less than standard, even if you choose to reduce the candidate's experience value down to entry-level when the company actually requires an experienced employee with 3-5 years direct knowledge. Do they really just have no budget but an actual job to fill or are they taking advantage of experienced professionals? I avoid my salary requirement by first saying that I'm looking for the right opportunity but that I'm flexible in negotiating a mutually pleasing rate based on all the details of the job and the total compensation package. If they still push, I say that I'm currently interviewing for positions in a certain (reasonable) range. If they STILL push, I indicated that according to my research, I this job typically might pay another (higher) range. Who would want to take a job knowing they were cheated the tune of $10k+? That's a good way to keep looking for another job and feel undervalued (again.)
—Guest Decent please.

salary expectations

Actually, regardless of the current salary, the most important thing is to have a good job.
—Guest joemar

You Be the Judge

You are the better judge, and you know about my capacity and capability to perform. I would like to be compensated fairly.
—Guest s.z.khan

Research Salary

Use sites like salary.com and payscale.com to research salaries before you interview. It's really important to at least have a ballpark figure of how much you're worth!
—Guest Paul

Don't Price Yourself Out of a Job

Be really careful how you answer this question. I know someone who asked for a salary that was more than $10,000 a year than the company was paying and got dropped from consideration in a hurry.
—Guest Gina D.

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What Are Your Salary Expectations?

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