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Readers Respond: Best Answers to How Do You Stress and Pressure

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How do you handle stress? Read answers and share your answer to this typical interview question. Share Your Answer

Effect of Stress on Thinking Power

Stress decreases our thinking capacity by 25%. A person can get 10 -20 ideas to solve a problem when he is free from pressure. but the same person gets only 5 - 8 ideas under pressure.

Positive Attitude

I handle my stress by remaining calm and in that way I can think about a solution to my stress.
—Guest xola Dwayne

Handling stress

Learn to accept the ground reality because life always gives toughest challenges to face and only few down hills are there to relax hence be flexible in everything you do
—Guest S Samuel John

Part of Life

I try to stay focused on the task at hand. If I start to feel nervous or tense, I step back from the situation, take a deep breath and try to approach from a different angle. In my daily life, I reduce stress by working out at the gym, spending quality time with my family and try to get plenty of sleep at night. I've found that if you're well prepared and know your job, stress isn't much of a factor.
—Guest Roger

City of Smiles

Well I will say that I can handle stress by expecting it already. When it comes I'm ready and when it doesn't, I celebrate. It is important to wear a smile when stress is approaching. It's weird though, but it is important to find a solution for yourself first before making a solution to the problem. A smile is imperative because it will give you a boost and help you to face pressure and stress.
—Guest FindingNilo

Manage stress

Self confidence is the best method that to handle stresses.
—Guest Baandow

Drink Water

Drink a glass of water, go for a short walk and get back to work.
—Guest deepthi


The timely accomplishment of a given task and putting tasks in priority minimizes stress.
—Guest bek

Thinking My Way Through Stress

I feel stress is caused by the unknown. The first thing I do is look at what is causing my stress and why. Then I would find ways to eliminate the stress. New tasks can cause stress if not clear what is expected. I would learn as much as possible about the task so I can complete it and eliminate the stress.
—Guest Joe


You must be in yourself / be good / inhale exhale/ just be focused.
—Guest dreamboy

It's a Challenge

I can handle stress. I don't take it seriously. I mean, stress is part of our life. I'll just consider it as a challenge.
—Guest kissen

Overcome Stress

The best way to overcome stress is by stepping back from the problem and thinking about the solution.
—Guest elmer

Staying Calm

When I'm working on a project and they are in hurry, I always stay calm. I stay calm when handling stress and pressure.
—Guest ann

Two Answers

A. “I find that I work better under pressure, and I enjoy working in an environment that is challenging.” B. “I am the type of person that diffuses stress. I am used to working in a demanding environment with deadlines, and enjoy the challenges.

You Can Do It

Deep breath and clear your mind! Meet stress as a big challenge! Keep calm, think and find a solution! Chin up -- say "I can do it! " Be a good example. Mind your own business and don't mind anyone else's. Just make yourself the focus but don't forget to smile. Laughter is the best medicine. You know that you are not a loser so don't lose the opportunity. You're strong enough to do it so why don't you try it! You have your family and they are always right beside you supporting you in all the challenges that you have. Set your goals from short term to long term goal, with inspiration as the number one reason why you are living.

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Best Answers to How Do You Stress and Pressure

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