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Readers Respond: Best Answers to How Do You Stress and Pressure

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How do you handle stress? Read answers and share your answer to this typical interview question.

Handling Pressure and Stress

I just take a deep breath. Take a moment to pray for a minute to ask wisdom from the Lord. Then stay focused, calm and think of a solution. And stay positive that everything will be ok because I know that God will never leave me.
—Guest Jan

Effect of Stress on Thinking Power

Stress decreases our thinking capacity by 25%. A person can get 10 -20 ideas to solve a problem when he is free from pressure. but the same person gets only 5 - 8 ideas under pressure.

Handling stress

I steal away and cry. However, when I don't have the opportunity to cry, I implement breathing techniques, then I ask God for wisdom on how to handle the problem. Lastly, I exercise at the end of the day and sometimes before I start work.
—Guest Carlita

A Better Place

I’m a music lover. I wear those earphones and ignore the world for a while. And imagine beautiful things in life. Fresh air can help, and a cup of coffee too.
—Guest Neliza


Stress is an attitude, 10% is what is given to. the other 90% is reflection of the situatio or how you handle it.
—Guest Cody Box

Successful Outcome

•During a difficult financial period, I was able to satisfactorily negotiate repayment schedules with multiple vendors. •When the software development of our new product stalled, I coordinated the team which managed to get the schedule back on track. We were able to successfully troubleshoot the issues and solve the problems, within a very short period of time
—Guest guest 11

Ask for Help When I Need It

I am doing the things the best I can, and if I cannot handle it, I will ask help from my supervisor.
—Guest Nam

How Do You Stress and Pressure?

Stress and pressure are part of the job, and can be solved through the proper planning, hard work, innovation and concentration.
—Guest Jahangir

Stress and Pressure

For me, stress and pressure are a challenging part of the job because I learn a lot, like using time management, patience and prioritization.
—Guest D.A.A

Meeting deadlines

Prioritize tasks according to urgency and importance.
—Guest Njabulo tembe

Working under Pressure

i will analyse my work and I will plan my work load by checking the availabilty of my time compared with the work required. If there is too much work and not enough time, I will have to prioritize my work.
—Guest rofhiwa

A Surefire Cure for Stress

Being prepared is probably the best stress reliever that I know of.

Handling stress

The way am handling stress is for having a lot of exercise, chatting with different people, etc.
—Guest Imma

Stress can be a Good Thing

For me stress is a bracing factor because it helps me accelerate the pace of work that I will be doing. It also it helps me in identifying my weaknesses and forces me to work on them.
—Guest sudhamshumohan

Managing the Workflow

Come up with a contingency plan for getting your work done on time.
—Guest Sanelisiwe

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