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Readers Respond: Who Was Your Best Boss and Why?

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Project Manager

The best boss is a motivator who interacts with staff freely, never favors anyone and treats everybody fairly.
—Guest Tom Otieno

Team Leader

The best boss act as a team leader. He/she must have management skills like planning, leading, coordinationg, delegation,communication, and good decision making skills.
—Guest jeremy

My Best Boss

Honest, transparent and leads by example. Demonstrates the highest ethics and professionalism at work.
—Guest Eric

Best Boss

For me the best boss is one who shows confidence in you, can be contacted at any time and approachable without any fear. One who sets good examples to his employees.
—Guest Roshani

Knowledgeable and Willing to Help

To be the best, the boss has to be knowledgeable, able to motivate people and has positive impact in raising morale. My best boss is also very helpful and always maintains a willing to help attitude.
—Guest Lee

Best Boss and Why

One that makes time to have quick conversation with the employee. A good listener who recognizes the employee's achievements. Honest and transparent with all the staff and doesn't favor anyone at work.
—Guest Vaine

Team Building

My best boss had a difficult task. He had to create soldiers out of civilians. He had to build a team out of disparate components and those components had to function as a team no matter where they were put. Drill Sergeant Browning, I get it. Thank you for your efforts. you knew how to build a team and how to motivate people. Although I thought you might have been the devil incarnate from time to time, I learned from you and I appreciate you.
—Guest Joe

Best Boss

i thinks a best boss should dedicated nature helpful and encourage to subordinate and also feel employees situation
—Guest anama patra

My Best Boss

Was someone I worked with on a contract. He was very good at what he did, and answered the question I asked, not what he thought I meant. Great communicator!
—Guest Judy

My Worst Boss

My worst boss is arrogant, rude and acts superior. Looks down on you and doesn't listen to your opinions, make you you feel like you don't count and gets angry if you dare challenge or contradict her.
—Guest Mari

My Best Boss

He is flexible, understanding and treats me as an equal. He's professional yet approachable, loves a laugh but never crosses the line. He truly cares about his employees and brings out the best in them so the business can thrive for everyone's benefit. But most of all, he doesn't expect perfection but appreciates everything we do and values my skills and contributions. He's the best ever boss!!!!
—Guest Mari

1977 to 2005 One decent manager

He was actually qualifed for the job. He'd been hired from outside of the company. Did not have a chip on his shoulder because he wasn't just handed the job out of favoritism or nepotism. Did not buy into the hierarchy crap and did not think he was there to lash the serfs/slaves (employees) into abject submission. He saw the rot in higher management and tried to deflect it. He had a sense of humour and could be fun without thinking it would harm his authority. Did not bring any personal neuroses into the workplace and try to inflict it on us. He realized that people get sick, need medical appts., and are entitled to vacation time. Did not hound, spy, dog, or set one worker against the other. Did not try to have sex with anyone in the office. Correctly assessed the education, skills, and value of employees and appreciated us. Left after one year for greener fields. Our definite loss. God bless him for that one year away from hell.

My Best Boss

I think my best boss must have these qualifications: Team Builder. Good Communicator. When making decisions for their subordinates, he should put himself in their shoes.
—Guest Muhammad Atif

My Best Boss

My best boss is MR. X. He is very cooperative. He understands all the team members. He is helpful in nature and knows well how to manage a group.

Best Boss

Is the one having good communication channels with the team and who knows how to delegate the work assigned.
—Guest Asad

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Who Was Your Best Boss and Why?

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