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Readers Respond: Who Was Your Best Boss and Why?

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Describe your best boss. Read answers and share your answer to this typical interview question.

Best Boss Skills

The best boss must be an a strong motivator and a task manager. He or she must also excel at time management and be crystal clear about the goals.
—Guest samir gupte

Project Manager

The best boss is a motivator who interacts with staff freely, never favors anyone and treats everybody fairly.
—Guest Tom Otieno

My Best Boss

I think my best boss must have these qualifications: Team Builder. Good Communicator. When making decisions for their subordinates, he should put himself in their shoes.
—Guest Muhammad Atif

My Best Boss

My best boss is MR. X. He is very cooperative. He understands all the team members. He is helpful in nature and knows well how to manage a group.

Best Boss

Is the one having good communication channels with the team and who knows how to delegate the work assigned.
—Guest Asad

The " good boss"

I personally believe that a good boss, is the one who establishes a professional relationship with his/her employees ,and knows how to moblise them in the way that they are motivated to be productive .....
—Guest Mohamed

My best boss

I've learned a lot from Arnoldo Acuña; He always believed in me and encourage me to improve myself
—Guest Ivannia Coto

Shop Assistant

My boss is extremely patience and helpful. She understands employees feelings and also appreciates his or her good work. That increases staff morale.
—Guest Shafinaz

Best Boss

My best Boss was Hoa Hung an immigrant of Asia. I worked hard in a picture warehouse as an African American born in this country. Hoa was fair. He recognized my hard work, long hours, dedication and skills. He would reward me out of his own pocket with a movie ticket for a show or a lunch from time to time. He would be concerned with my comfort at work. And at times tell me to go home projects could wait. But I was later let go by an African Accountant over Hoa's control and wishes because I would rebuke his advances. Eventually the business would close down due to embazzlement. I lost contact with Hoa after he too lost his job. He was a good family man and boss. that was back in 1999 and I have yet to find such an awesome boss since. Bless you Hoa Hung where ever you are.
—Guest Brenda

Good and Worst

I think the best boss is one who understands his employees and it's problem, shares their feelings with them and make them enthuastic.
—Guest dev

Worst Boss

A boss who thinks he/she knows everything. Always trying to tell you how to do you job. He/she is not a team player
—Guest Celeste

My Best Boss

My boss is humble, open minded and nice. He is also up-to-date and creative.
—Guest loubna

My Best Boss

My best boss is Vicki. She was fantastic and generous.
—Guest sharda

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