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Readers Respond: What Was Your Biggest Accomplishment in This Position?

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What was your biggest accomplishment in this position? Read answers and share your answer to this typical interview question. Share Your Answer


my biggest accomplishment is to not be shy and overcome my fears to talk to people.
—Guest kaur

Personal and Professional

On an academic accomplishment, I managed to successfully completed by postgraduate study in HRM. On a professional/career achievement, I managed to survive and adapt in one of the undeveloped country in Africa to support human resource function for my Company. This is no a place for anyone especially when you are away from your family which is >10,000 km away and having to endure the 14 hours journey on air and continue for another 4 hours by land. That is something.
—Guest Zul

Overcoming Weaknesses

Overcoming my weaknesses and believing that i can always do everything I wish to do with my life because He strengthens me.
—Guest EbyG

Emotional Intelligence

Mastering the ability to think with my head, feel with my heart, and knowing how, and where to draw the line in between. Maintaining my composure has brought on even more awareness, so that I may keep professionally conscious, and dedicated to productivity. My greatest accomplishment of all was overcoming the truth. No matter how unfair it seemed to get, I didn't let it get to me. Having to start out in a world, and have absolutely no resources, no one to help, and two little boys to add to the mix, every odd against me, even had a crazy lady poison me. I accomplish more with one prayer, than I could in a room full of social service reps. I just had to accept what I had and strive for what I wanted, instead of taking what I wanted and struggling to get by, because of it. Success is just as dynamic and diverse as happiness, you will find success as soon as you can recognize happiness.
—Guest Unconscious competence

My Biggest Accomplishment

My greatest achievement is finishing my AAT Level 4 course. This has added value to my bookkeeping skills and has opened the door to undertake further professional studies.
—Guest Margaret

Biggest Accomplishment

My biggest accomplishment is overcoming my fear of failure while detaching myself from success. It gives me complete sense of living.
—Guest SSharma

Biggest Achievement

My biggest achievement was climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro at the age of 13.
—Guest anonymous

Doing Research with My Teacher

I think the greatest achievement i ever made is to do research with one of my teachers and actually, I really did a great job. Besides I learned a lot from this experience. I know that we should can never be too careful to do this. Still it helped me refresh my academic study. So this is the biggest accomplishment for me. I grabbed the chance and then accomplish it well, at the same time, learned a lot from it.

Biggest Accomplishment

At a young age I had the chance to visit a lot of places and learn about different cultures. I am proud to says that i am a person who really knows what multicultural means.
—Guest jacqueline

Doubting My Abilities

My greatest achievement would be overcoming my doubts in my ability as a person. I won't have things that I want if I continue to have a doubt to my own abilities.
—Guest bedzz

Building Good Relationships

My biggest accomplishment is to have good relationships with my customers by meeting their needs.
—Guest Clara

My Biggest Accomplisment

My biggest accomplishment was understanding the nature of humans and overcoming persecution with a positive attitude. I learnt to love, and to accept different personalities. I can now deal with difficult people.
—Guest mharmar

Helping Children

My biggest achievement is that I used to teach those children who had a desire to learn but who were not able to pay their tuition fees.
—Guest Abhishek Srivastava

Visually Impaired Artist

Being born visually impaired is a challenge within itself. However, I taken this disability and turned it into an ability, an ability to become an award-winning artist. I have tried for 18 years to be part of the American Painting House for the Blind art competition and always fell short. In 2009, I managed to enter the competition for visually impaired and blind artists and placed 3rd out of some 400 entries from around the world. In 2010, I entered the competition again and placed 2nd out of some 300+ enteries from all over the world. In 2011, I didn't place but was accepted in the art exhibition among 80+ artists and in 2012, I won 1st place out of 420 entries from around the world. It's having that "Go For It" spirit that keeps me moving forward and not feeling the world owea me something and accepting who I am and focusing on what I can and will be in the future. My goal is to have art shows all over the world.
—Guest Michael Anthony Williams

Struggling Pharmacist

My biggest accomplishment in the position was my relationship with the customers. They knew that I would do my best for them and they knew I would go out of the way to help them. I would treat them like I would wish to be treated if I was a customer at that store. I pride myself that no matter how bad the company I worked for was, the customer were special.
—Guest louise

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What Was Your Biggest Accomplishment in This Position?

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