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Readers Respond: What Was Your Biggest Accomplishment in This Position?

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What was your biggest accomplishment in this position? Read answers to this common interview question shared by About.com users below and read advice on how to respond here:

Love to Travel

On academic accomplishment, I managed to successfully complete my study in Geology. On professional/career achievement, I managed to survive and adapt in one of the undeveloped countries in Africa to support and train local people to do our job function for my company. I also did the same role for my company in one of central Asia countries and these experiences taught me to not be shy and to overcome the fears of talking and communicating with people. In the oil service industry you have to have a very outgoing personality and can't be shy, and this made me a love travel. I love to visit a lot of places and learn about different cultures. I am proud to say that I am a person who really knows what multicultural means.
—Guest Ahmed

Communication Skills

I worked in a small shop as a part time for about 6 months , and this job really improve my skills to communicate with customers clearly and confidently, and also how to meet the customer requirements .
—Guest fuhaid

Struggling Pharmacist

My biggest accomplishment in the position was my relationship with the customers. They knew that I would do my best for them and they knew I would go out of the way to help them. I would treat them like I would wish to be treated if I was a customer at that store. I pride myself that no matter how bad the company I worked for was, the customer were special.
—Guest louise

My biggest accomplishment

My biggest accomplishment was turning a small-time company into a fortune 500 corporation. We expanded our sales more than 72% within 2 years of my leadership and employment for the company.
—Guest Tiny Tim

Biggest Accomplishment

My biggest accomplishment was expanding and organizing a privately owned company. I not only organized the company's office and accounts but increased sales by 50% within a year of joining the company.
—Guest eastwoodc

My Biggest Accomplishment

As a student who will graduate school, my biggest accomplishment is the one where I established the students-club with some other friends when I was busy for preparing for my entrance exams to postgraduate school. Firstly, the process was full of details. Secondly. I should balance my time. Thirdly, It's a great thing I've left for my home-school.

My biggest accomplishment

My biggest accomplishment was a motivated team. Since a motivated team is more productive this helps the organisation to achieve goals.
—Guest Kenny

What was your biggest achievement

What was your biggest achievement in this position?
—Guest david

What was your biggest accomplishment?

I worked in a competitive industry. Learning how to save a customers's account when they were upset and ready to move their business to a competitor was an exciting skill set to add to my arsenal.
—Guest robert


My biggest accomplishment would have been overcoming being shy. Since in the customer service industry you have to have a very outgoing personality and can't be shy.
—Guest lorena

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