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Readers Respond: Wal-Mart Interview Questions

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Review questions you may be asked on a Wal-Mart interview and add questions you have been asked to the list. Share a Question

job interview

Like to know why I didn't get hired on Walmart. Would like a job there
—Guest renee phillips

Customer Service

I will do my best to answer all clients' questions and help my customer so they want to come again because of the warm welcome.
—Guest Theresa Joseph


In a few words, descibe the Wal-Mart philosophy. How is Wal-Mart driving down the retail wages in America?
—Guest minnie6115

First Interview

I was only asked 4 questions regarding scenarios, nothing else. I was only there 15 minutes.

Ethics and Compliance

Describe how you have maintained an environment that promoted and reinforced the highest standards of integrity and ethics among associates.


How can a computer tell you if you are or are not qualified for a job without a actual human to interview you and say you are not qualfied?
—Guest Bubbles

Helping a Customer

If the employee has not contacted the consumer after not finding information. Then I wood make sure to look for any information, and be late to the meeting, because it is best to please the customer
—Guest Guest valare Hyman

The Customer is Always Right

The customer is usually right, but under certain conditions (for example if they are stealing) it is best to notify the manager.
—Guest Guest wade lee townsend

Helping Customers

The customers are always right. I would be very helpful to the customer.
—Guest stanley kittrell

The Customer is Always Right

Yes, the customer always right. You don't have to give your SSN when you put your application in, and no - everybody doesn't steal.
—Guest wade lee townsend

Customers Are Always Right

It's not about who is right or wrong, but it's all about understanding and educating our customers, so that we don't lose any business.
—Guest anthony


I like to work in the Walmart group as a pharmacy assistant because I like that field. Moreover, I have gained healthcare experience as a medical assistant. In addition to that, I like being a retail marketing representative. I'll perform to the best of satisfaction, if an opportunity is given to me.


Question: "Who is the customer and what is the customer service?"
—Guest Ravi kumar

Is it true most people steal?

Even if you think yes you always think the best and say no.
—Guest Mike


Why doesn't Walmart reach out and give ppl who have a criminal background a chance to make a honest living when they have learned they're lesson and are just trying to make a way to survive. It's not fair!
—Guest Blunt

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Wal-Mart Interview Questions

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