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Readers Respond: Wal-Mart Interview Questions

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Review questions you may be asked on a Wal-Mart interview and add questions you have been asked to the list. Share a Question


Question: "Who is the customer and what is the customer service?"
—Guest Ravi kumar

Is it true most people steal?

Even if you think yes you always think the best and say no.
—Guest Mike


Why doesn't Walmart reach out and give ppl who have a criminal background a chance to make a honest living when they have learned they're lesson and are just trying to make a way to survive. It's not fair!
—Guest Blunt

Help a complaintive customer

I would say, "I am very sorry to hear that" and ask my supervisor what to do next.
—Guest Dinky

Walmart Job

Who can help to pass the assessment test at walmart for cashier?
—Guest how do you pass the test

Price matching an item for customer?

Yes, if authorised by supervisor for a certain limit to please the customer. Customer comes first.
—Guest Rukhsana

Walmart Questions

Remember one thing about Walmart - they ask the same questions over and over again, to see if your consistent. They are trick questions. I have been through this many times. I found this out from a employee that works there.

It asks for your SSN

Is it really safe to put your Social Security number in Walmart's hiring center?
—Guest Jeff

Why can't I get at least an interview

Why can't I at least get a interview @Walmart for a job? I think I could be an asset to the store.
—Guest Arnold Langley

Application Status

Even when you pass the tests. you will still have to take the tests again within 60 days because score wasnt high enough.
—Guest Marlina Stevenson

Customer Comfort

If approach a customer and he/she is sweating I woudn't ask him the usual question - how can I help you - rather the best thing is to offer him a clean glass of water first.
—Guest vikram s rana

Helping Customer

If I know where the article is and I do not take too long, I'm running and I am looking for the price and will help the customer. That should be first, help the customer. If not where the article or would take too long and I'd get hit in late for the meeting. Well, would call my supervisor and I would explain everything, tell me what to do, as I do. If he said to help the client, as the excuse if I would come late to the meeting. Or if he tells me to call another salesperson and he could help the customer and I go to the meeting. I do what my supervisor tells me.

Helping a Customer

A customer has been waiting on a saleperson to find out information on price for an item. First salesperson did not find out the information, you are asked, but a staff meeting is starting. What do you do? Help the customer and be late for the meeting?
—Guest vio

Helping Customers

I enjoy the helping customers part of my job, I'm happy, and I'm doing my best.

Assessment in application

Why I can't see the assesments in my application in Walmart? I just get to the questionaire & says that I finished with all the assessments required if they don't call me in 60 days. Please apply again. I dont see the 65 questions, when I call to Walmart to check my status, they say that my application is expired.
—Guest jlmendoz@mo

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Wal-Mart Interview Questions

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