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Readers Respond: Retail and Customer Service Interview Questions

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Ability to multi-task

A customer needs a size in the fitting rooms, another customer asks you to get something down for them, a 3rd customer asks you to help them find an item because they are in a hurry. How do you handle this situation? (look for ability to multi-task, sense of urgency, and ability to stay calm under pressure)

Working in fast-pace environment?

Give an example of work where you have worked in fast-pace environment?
—Guest Khade

Key Elements

Please provide examples of the key elements that are needed for a successful Multiple Site Operation and explain why.
—Guest Thaya


Have you ever exchanged sexual favors for employment? (Asked of the opposite sex or the same if youre into that kinda hypothetical thing)
—Guest Phildren

Putting Customers First

How would you ensure that we put our customers first?
—Guest steve


If a customer lost his wallet and says that the wallet is taken by the cashier, but the cashier says he has not picked up, now being a manager what will be your answer for this and how do you solve this issue?
—Guest ajith

What is your weakness?

Tell me what is your weakness? And how you handle it?
—Guest Natalia

Selling ice?

You are in Alaska, how you will manage to sell an ice? It's a must offer.
—Guest Patrick Joy Kharpan

Interview Questions

A customer wants to return a damaged item/an item that isn't functioning anymore and wants to exchange it for another one. What would you do? Why do you think you will be good at selling magazines? How do you prioritize your workload? Give me an example about time you had to deal with difficult situations and what was the outcome?
—Guest SarahAdjei

Retail Interview Questions

Give me an example about the time you had to provide good customer service. Give ne an example about a time you received good customer service. Give me an example about a time you dealt with an angry customer and what was the outcome? Give me an example of when you worked as part of a team. Give me an example of when you used your own initiative.

How do you handle stress and pressure?

I actually enjoy working under pressure. It's a terrific way to accomplish a lot of work and to stay busy. I've done some of my best work under tight deadlines, where the atmosphere was very stressful.
—Guest v.kiran

Where do you want to be?

Where you want to see yourself in the next five years.
—Guest dineshkumarcdx@gmail.com

Interview Questions

What is customer service, professionalism and customer management?
—Guest Flux

A Brick Wall

Imagine a brick wall. Which brick would you be and why?
—Guest thatgirl

Your accomplishments?

What do you consider your most important professional accomplishment? Why?
—Guest niqq

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Retail and Customer Service Interview Questions

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