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Readers Respond: KMart Interview Questions

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I would like to work at Kmart as a cashier because I like helping people in need. I am someone who can be trusted.
—Guest amie

Sales Person

Question: Why do you want to work at KMart? Answer: I have always liked being involved with people that I can help, so retail is for me. I have done it for 12 years and would like to be a part of the Kmart family
—Guest sylvia deane

Sales Associate

My persanality says it all. I love working with people. If a customer needs help, I go out of my way to find that product or get someone to help them. That is what this job is all about, helping the customer.
—Guest Barbara Hill

Why Do You Think We Should Hire You?

I believe you should hire me because I have good people skills and always love working with a group of people. I'm a hardworker. I pay attention to details. And I'm always willing to learn new things.
—Guest Lily

Why Do You Want to Work for Our Company?

Answer: I have excellent people skills and I can assist customers with their questions. My manner is pleasant and helpful.

Do My Best

Question: What would you do in a situation where you had to make a choice? Answer: I would definitely make the right choice. I've learned you can't please everyone but I can try my best.
—Guest veronica

Are you a good team worker?

Yes, because I play sports, where we need to work together toward a goal.
—Guest anon


I'd like to be a salesperson, because in this job I can help people and I can join the labor force. I need work to have an independent life and I need to help my family.

Stock Person

Question: "Why do you want to work for KMart?" Answer: I would like to work for you because I like working around people and helping out.
—Guest wanda

Why do you think we should hire YOU?

I believe you should hire me because I know that when I am asked to perform a task, I do it with as much enthusiasm and detail as I can. I pay attention to what I am supposed to do so I will not need to ask questions, but I am not afraid to ask a question about something I don't know the answer to. I have always been proud of the way I do things and I always do it with a smile on my face.
—Guest ScarletPimpernel

Customer service

Become dynamic & challenging profession, I will try service customer and develop for the company.
—Guest Juel rana


I would try to remain calm and do as the suspect asks and let my common sense go to work for me.
—Guest carol

Why do you want to work at KMart?

i want to work at KMart because I like to help people and I like to direct people to what they are looking for! There is nothing more satisfying then seeing customers leave with smiles on their faces because they are leaving with everything that they came here for.
—Guest Jenn

How do you feel you can contribute?

I feel like my input would help better the Kmart team. I also feel I have good people skills. I am very smart and have a lot of good ideas, and that's why i think that i would be a good addition to the team.
—Guest Jenn

What would you do if a robbery occurs?

I would promptly pay attention to how he looks (eye color, lip shape, scars, hair color, tatoos, peircings, hieght, weight, etc.) then from there i would give him what he wants and then I would promptly call the police when he has left. I would also look at what the car looks like. Type, color, size etc.
—Guest Jenn

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KMart Interview Questions

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