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Readers Respond: Tips for Writing Resumes That Work

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From the article: Top 10 Resume Writing Tips
Do you have a resume writing tip? Share your best tips for writing resumes that help you get the interview and review suggestions for writing winning resumes. Share Your Tips

Improving the Education Section

Having a great college name on the resume improves the chances of getting noticed and hired. Unfortunately, not all of us graduated from Stanford, Harvard, Princeton, and other prestigious universities. It looks like these days there is a new and easy way to put impressive education on your resume. In the past year, many prestigious universities started making their courses available for free. The courses take anywhere from five to ten weeks and require just several hours per week, so one can easily take them part time. Also, these classes are online so you can take them from home. Typically the courses include quizzes, tests, and the final exam and you are given a certificate of completion. There are many courses like this and you can probably find something meaningful for your profession. Imagine the impact of having several classes from Stanford or Harvard on your resume. You can google for such such classes or use a directory like http://www.topfreeclasses.com.
—Guest Sandy Borque

Resume Writing Tips

Bullet, Bullet, Bullet. Keep is simple stupid. You start rattling on like you are a story teller and the reader on the other end get bored really fast, assumes you are a know it all an tosses it into file 13 which is as we Administrative types know is the garbage can. List what is important, your experience, your computer knowledge, heck even your typing speed. If you are applying for a position that specifically details what they are looking for; then customize your resume accordingly and match your talents with thier needs on paper. Sell your self, don't over sell it, because these days there are too many people out of work and not enough jobs and the competition is fierce. You cannot make the mistake of being too proud or not proud enough to prove you are an eligible candidate for interview.
—Guest Rhonda

Don't Forget to Proof

Don't forget to proofread your resume. Typos and grammatical errors can get your resume right into the reject pile.
—Guest Katerina Smythe

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Tips for Writing Resumes That Work

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