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Readers Respond: Resume Lies

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Review a list of the most common resume lies submitted by About.com site visitors and add lies that job seekers use to make their resume look better to our list. List a Resume Lie

Walmart Pre-Test

I passed on the first try. You've got to answer the questions with the answers the management wants to hear, not what you think is correct.
—Guest Rich in PA


I've seen more resumes than I can count where the applicant upped the salary they were making. I always check so they always get caught.
—Guest Janine

Company That Didn't Exist

When I asked for contact information for the candidate's last employer he waffled - turned out he'd made up the company. It was all fiction.
—Guest Mark Williams

Bad Dates

The applicants dates didn't match up at all - there was overlap between jobs that didn't make any sense.
—Guest Hillary Harshman

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Resume Lies

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