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Readers Respond: Share Your Best Reasons to Leave a Job

Responses: 64


From the article: Reasons to Quit a Job
Review the top reasons to quit your job and add your advice on the best reasons for leaving a job to the list. Share Your Reason

Careers in Education

My boss laughed at me when I told her that I was having panic attacks as a result of a co-worker's verbal abuse. She also laughed when she fired me. I think she is a closet sociopath, as many who are in leaderhip positions are. At any rate she said that I wasn't holding myself accountable for my job. Well, I made all reasonable efforts to work with the people that I was working with, even above and beyond what my colleagues did. And she still said that I had problems with accountability. One person that I was working with was falsifying his performance records and was one of the main people who advocated for my being let go. This corrupt administrator made up stories to tell my boss, which my boss did not even attempt to contest or get to the bottom of. As a result, I had no say in the situation and I did not get to defend myself. For those of you seeking a career in education: the administrators are corrupt and incompotent. Stay away!
—Guest ksinthor

Should I Retire?

I have been involved with a bully for 20 years and am a nurse; recently I was written up saying that I need to improve in my nursing judgment; not getting along with other employees. I asked for a sick leave since my husband is ill and 64. Human Resources says I could go back to work and correct the problem and hope it works or be later asked to terminated. I am almost near retirement... 13 months to go.
—Guest Barb

Trash Talking Boss & Co-workers

It's hard to go to work at a place where you can't trust people. Its hard especially when you are at work and you see these people everyday. It brings down the morale and creates a barrier between everyone.
—Guest eyeofthestorm

Not being paid

I been with this company 7 years and occasionally we would have a payroll delay shortly before the fiscal year. This time we been having a pay delay every pay period since Sept. 2011. This job has messed up my credit, my life as well as my responsibilities as a mother. Now we are three checks behind and I'm finally turning in my resignation letter.
—Guest Rita

Powerless with a Bad Product

As a young person working in IT with a boss/co-workers who have no education, experience, or interest in technology, my perceived performance is directly tied to the quality of our vendors' software. My company allows me to participate in software choices now, but there is a lot of legacy software chosen long before I came along that is buggy and not reliable (but far too expensive to replace, and my boss has emotional attachments to the old - with a stated fear that she could never learn new software). This creates a double-edged sword because management has the perception that I am responsible for software, and therefore the horrible legacy software which I had no say in and have no control over reflects upon my reputation. Even better, I get to take all of the Helpdesk calls from employees using this "completely unacceptable software" (agreed), who can only complain to me because mgmt has a closed door policy. Yep, everyone in control has covered themselves pretty well here.
—Guest Nick


He worked at the V.A Clinic as a physician when we started dating, but he left the VA for a Medical Director position in a Clinic for a guy who had a bad reputation. Not long he lost that job. He bought a house and that became "Our Clinic" his words. I was a Medical Assistant, but worked as a receptionist. I love to learn so I worked voluntarily everywhere at the hospital when I had a chance, I learned a little bit of everything. Well, we opened "Our Clinic" in Dec. 2003, he got a job working ER. The storage was been demolished at the hospital, so I got all furniture we needed almost for free. I was then working almost 24/7 at both place. In 2004 He wrote me a letter stating that I was essential at the "Our Clinic". In '06 I left b/c he was cheating Mcare, and IRS, then he opted out of Mcare, fixed the problem with IRS we got married. '08 he became very successful. With the success, he became a bully with me and others. Yesterday I was FIRED! b/c I went to the Chiropractor.
—Guest used and abused.

I'm Beautiful

It was mainly because I look so good and the manager looked a mess. Hey, I can't help it!
—Guest Mesha

Lack of knowledge and Education

I report to a Director who only has a high school diploma, doesn't know much about business, and makes decisions based on emotions. The real problem is that my manager believes and has stated several times that education is not important and doesn't matter. I need a manager that values my education and expertise, and a manager that I can learn from.
—Guest CorporateGirl

Bully Boss

When the new boss is threatened by your long tenure and experience, bullies you publicly and repeatedly, yet is not held accountable for her behavior by HR/company policy...it's time to leave.
—Guest opsdirector

No Salary Increase

I worked for the company for 2 years and I'm still getting the same amount which I agreed with the company 2 years ago. The bad thing is, new employees in this company with the same job title with me are being offered more that the amount I'm currently receiving. So, it means they don't value my loyalty, hard work and especially my accomplishments in the company! I've been a top seller for different campaigns.
—Guest girl24

Bad Business

I work for a boss who wants me to forge documents, lie and cheat sub-contractors out of money. The business is family owned and operated. Nobody gets timely reviews and if someone misses a day the boss says to fire them. I am looking for a new job due to high stress and requests to violate state laws.
—Guest Tom


My boss keeps reducing my hours. First it was 32, then20, now15. He has also reduced my hourly wage from $16/hr to $13/hr. (after being there one year, five months). I was also promised a raise in a year (verbally), but did not get it because he tries to find things I do wrong. He said he reduced my hours because he hired me as a nurse,and now I only do clerical work. He has no "nurse" duties for me. I said he should let me go, and I'll collect unemployment until I find something else. He said "You'll never get unemployment from me. I will just say you were a poor worker, or make up excuses so you will not get it."
—Guest patty

Inexperienced Boss

I lost my previous job due to downsizing. I found another one with the same pay, but a step down, having to report to an arrogant boss whose experience is about 20 years less than mine. To save my employer money and ensure compliance, I constantly offer suggestions which are ignored by my boss. I repeatedly explain why this is the right way to go and eventually my suggestions are followed. It's so frustrating, but it's unlikely my efforts will be appreciated. Hopefully the economy will improve and as soon as I find another position - I'm out of there!!!
—Guest Natalie

Stuck in the Middle

A while ago I worked in a county agency as a LCSWR qualifier and Civil Service exam. Four years into the position the director resigned and went to a software company. I admired and respected the director and I asked him about it. He said that he could only generalize that politics were involved. All other Family Specialists were given options to work in another discipline within the County. I was not given that option. The county wanted me to continue with the families that I provided treatment for. One family had a 16/17 year old Russian American son who they attempted to return home after a physical altercation with the Adoptive Dad (power battle type with ultimatum). The administration did not know how to provide a long term answer because the youth was 17 and the PINS 18 law was in place. The new director continued to stall resulting in the youth to want to run away with a female friend. Upon learning this I attempted to stablize the situation by returning the youth to his family.
—Guest papamau1

Being Told You're the Slowest Learner

I graduated at the top of my MSW class. Now I'm working in a call center giving people advice, using a complicated software system. It's all about IT, and I'm constantly being told that I'm a really slow learner. How I feel for the writer whose self esteem was "at the bottom of the barrel!" Mine, too! My daughter says that's life in the corporate culture.
—Guest social worker wannabee

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