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Readers Respond: Share Your Best Reasons to Leave a Job

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From the article: Reasons to Quit a Job
Review the top reasons to quit your job and add your advice on the best reasons for leaving a job to the list. Share Your Reason


i have a boss who is constantly yelling at me and has even called me names like retard Ive heard he wants to get rid of me Im just trying to do my job And I literally cry for hours from the abuse
—Guest Laura Lynn

Stop the Bully Nurses

Sometimes it's management and other times it's just other bully nurses. My first experience with nursing was a 6 week, new nurse training program at a well known hospital. My preceptor was so mean. She would purposely ask me questions that she knew I would not have the right answer. I was being trained on a cardiac unit and still learning basic things. She would talk about me behind my back and have others laugh at my struggling. I was then so stressed that I could not learn anything. I cried every morning before work. She would write me up. I thought I had to sign these papers because she said that I had to because I read them. I didn't know that I could disagree with what she wrote, I was new at all this. They all went into my record. I finally quit before I did anything to end my misery.
—Guest Guest Prizzle

I'm Not Your Freaking Babysitter

My boss brought her 2 yr old daughter to work everyday expecting me to babysit plus do my job. It was a physical therapy clinic and my boss allowed her kid to climb up on the table and "fix" patients. Patients were annoyed, some thought it was cute. The little girl would get into purses, try on hats and scarves, and demand to watch cartoons on the computer while the secretary would be trying to do billing, etc. Whatever the little girl wanted, she got or she'd throw a huge fit. The day I walked out she was playing at the water cooler flooding the tile floor. I grabbed towels to soak it up and took her cup full of water from her. She hit and smacked me all the way across the clinic, then she climbed up on the chair and started scribbling on a fax that just came in. I took the fax and she started stabbing my hand with the pencil! I took it away then she BIT me! I told the boss I quit and she should tell the new girl that it's a full time daycare job...nothing to do with physical therapy.
—Guest Deborah

Arrogant Management

I was forced to resign from a job I had done well for 18 months because the immature manager did not like me, and wanted to give my job to her sister. I was talked down to, ridiculed, belittled in front of the team, and spied upon. In the end I was falsely accused of being disruptive and told not to speak to colleagues. This was calculated to make me walk out, and it worked. It was done deliberately to deny me my job, any notice pay, and no entitlement to unemployment benefit. But I could not stand being these bastards any longer. I got another job in three weeks, and I now make more money than before in a pleasant friendly environment where my skills are appreciated. Don't put up with assh*le managers.
—Guest Gogsy

New Supervisor Making Changes

My schedule been same for 20 yrs. My supervisor resigned. Another supervisor came in and made lots of changes. We only have 3 full time housekeepers. No one likes this.
—Guest sharon hall

People I Trained Promoted Over Me

I was hired 7 years ago, assured that at 5 years i'd be promoted - didn't happen. Instead they hired 3 engineers fresh out of college and had me train them up to the systems that I was an expert on. After they were trained i was told that I didn't have the education to be promoted (not an engineer) and one of the newbies got what was supposed to be my promotion. Now I'm the lowest paid person and the lowest person on the totem pole, but I have the most knowledge of the systems we manage and am constantly fixing the engineers mess ups. I'm being walked on and excluded from meetings that I used to hold.... I'm being pushed out. No promised promotion, no career advancement, low pay, and heavy responsibilities and stressed to the max. So I gave notice and walked.
—Guest Annoyed@boss

Don't Make Enough

I work at a grocery store and I have learned that I actually spend more than I make trying to get to work. I don't have my own car and I have to pay people to get back and forth to work and I actually pay more than I make. I am only working part time and it just really is not worth it.
—Guest Elizabeth

Lost My Only Tranportation

My car stopped working, I don't have money to get it fixed or buy a better one. The Metro bus doesn't go to my job.
—Guest Ms. Dee

Management is Warped

Next to the owner of the business you have a hierarchy of directors, divisional directors, managers then grunts. After my boss resigned, I remained an assistant. I thought maybe I'd be able to progress, since I was the only person in that department, but then I noticed the only way to get a promotion is to be ... at another company. Sales managers came in. Never promoted, just hired. One salesperson quit, got bribed back with a promotion and pay rise, and within two months was given another promotion for her dedication to the company. Not being in the team I don't know how effective she is, but in regards to my role, she's not exactly the best example of management I've had. It was a well-known fact that I despised working on reception, but the week the receptionist quit, along with several others, I found myself told I would now be doing my job and reception at the same pay rate. The mistakes I'm making through being unable to get one word into a document before the phone rings is astronomical.
—Guest Downhearted

Playing Favorites

I work at Zaxbys and its a mess! I can't call in sick without getting in trouble. My bosses play favorites with everyone and I'm the underdog. I'm just sick of playing second banana to a fat guy, a bi-polar manger, a creep, and an obsessive manager. I want to quit but need the money. IDK what to do.
—Guest Cashier

Over Hours, Dangerous Trucks

So I worked for 2 towing companies... pretty much the same story... they would run me and the other drivers into the ground 24/7 on call and we had to fight tooth and nail for a day off, to the point of drinking gallons of mountain dew and fighting to stay awake while driving and the trucks for the most part were downright scary to drive. If DOT were to inspect the trucks I would have been immediately red flagged and the trucks be towed away. Major problems like worn out brakes, steering problems. One i would have to work just to keep on the road and fight to keep in a lane, electrical problems including one that caught on fire on the side of the freeway. I managed to get back and the boss's solution was to duct tape the wires that caused it. At that point I was done with the towing business.
—Guest overdriven

Alcoholic Boss with an Attitude

I work on big trucks all evening (swing shift) and after our lunch break my boss will go to the main office with his drinking buddy and proceed to get wasted then come out and tell us how to do our jobs while smelling like the Anheuser-Busch brewery and then troll the service office and shop before getting in his truck and going home after another ration of shit.
—Guest Dieseltekkie

My Boss Did Not Know Any English

I started working as a secretary at a clothing factory company, on my first day my boss who did not speak any English (only Vietnamese, and I do not speak Vietnamese) gave me a lot of tasks and invoices to complete. I left my work very late on that day, but she did not pay me any extra. I had no idea what was going on with that company and nobody could explain. She would always say that "you don't know nothing". I mean, if you can't explain of course I am not going to know anything about your business. But sometimes she would touch me and I really hated that, she would tell me stories about her love life and stuff, and while she was telling me all that crap she would get mad that I was trying to pay attention to her and not doing my job. But if I didn't she would get mad the same way. I know getting a job is hard but I will not tolerate any kind of abuse anymore. I don't need this, my husband has 2 jobs..lol :) At the end of the 2 weeks i worked there I quit because she would not pay us.
—Guest Marie

Can't Afford It

I work as a bartender. Our restaurant is on a major hotel property. Most customers pay via room charge and credit card. I still have to tip out the barback whether I made cash that day or not. Sometimes after paying rent, groceries, bills, etc I only have a couple hundred bucks left until next payday which normally I can stretch out, but not if I have to pay a barback $25 4 times a week for two weeks. Oh, and since we receive our tips in a paycheck, they get taxed automatically. I think if we have to wait for our tips minus taxes, so should the barback.
—Guest Nunya

Sick of It

I work in a grocery store with excellent benefits. But after 7 years those are not enough to keep me satisfied with my work. There is so much favoritism and some employees have to play subordinate to other associates who have the same title and are on an equal rung on the job ladder. There are associates who think they are bosses. And I would swear there are wierd little games the managers play. I haven't been able to figure all that out. It is weird. Your fellow associates always want help but then they don't help you. And a manager will make you help them but not vice versa. I am just sick of it.
—Guest grocery clerk

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