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Readers Respond: When I Quit My Job I...

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From the article: Tips for Quitting Your Job
Have you quit a job? What happened? How did you quit? What did you say? Share your story of quitting your job and read how others handled it. This is an opportunity to read and share your experiences with other readers just like you.

I Left a Note

I walked into work planning to talk to my boss about quitting. Shortly after being directed to get to work I was upset. My boss stayed in her office talking to people so I did not have the opportunity to talk to her. I waited until she left and right before closing I left a note saying, long story short, "I quit!"
—Guest Tank

Didn't Expect to Quit

I was on the phone with my boss and suddenly realized I was telling her I wasn't coming to work the next day. I hadn't planned to quit...it just came out, I think. I hated that job and she is a moron.
—Guest Laryssa

No More Pizza for Me

I worked in the black hole known as a pizza restaurant. I can honestly say that I hated that job after 5 years of wasting my life I will never look back. At the moment I am at a loan place I can't say this is much better. I'll give it 6 months or else I'm out of here too. I don't have time to waste on these unhappy jobs.
—Guest Alex


After more than two years of BS I left. I was planning on leaving soon anyways. I feel nervous because of bills, but I don't care, I was miserable. My breaking point was that I was sent in for random drug screening because apparently I was acting "different". Well, that was due to the fact that I had been up since 4 am, I couldn't sleep cause I was so stressed out. While sitting on the porch that morning, I cried. Taking the pee test was fine but then the nurse told me to sit so they could take hair samples, and I freaked. I hadn't cut my hair in 10yrs!!! It goes to my knees! He said he had to take it from the top of my hair. I completely embarrassed myself balling while they took CHUNKS of my hair and refused to let them take anymore. The only reason why I even let them do it was because I didn't want it to seem like I refused because I had something to hide. After drying my tears I went into the manager's office and quit right then and there.
—Guest someone special

I Just Quit My Job Today!

I sent an email to my boss saying in two weeks it will be my last day. No response yet. I feel the weight of the world off my shoulders. This place loses about 3 to 5 employees every month. They still haven't hired anyone to replace the ones who have quit. Wonder what they're going to do. Then again I don't care.
—Guest Juniper

I Wrote a Letter

i just thought it was wise because after my first attempt to do so the Director returned it to me, I decided and did it.
—Guest Simmie

I was done with dealing with it.

My supervisor thrived off of being mean and talking about people, my other supervisor was slimy, and mopey, and when you made a little mistake, he got really mad haha, even when he just made the same one. I finally went to go put in my two weeks, and first my supervisor asked me why, I said I just want to get a different job, and she stormed out of the room and said f*** you. I'm a teen, and they're like, 40. Grow up..
—Guest Kelly

Always Got Better

I have "quit" two jobs in my life. Both times to escape the arbitrary dictates of bad bosses. The first time sticks in my mind because I was a dead broke college student. I worked at big name transport. A new boss came in and decided everyone needed to learn everyone else's position. The catch? Learn the other jobs on your own time. Well, I had school. I could not just come down for free and spend a shift watching. Over a series of reviews she marked me as not a team player. Finally, she ordered me to appear for an unpaid shift. I appeared, and turned in my key and ID, and cleaned out my locker and explained to that manager what I was doing, left my address. My boss flipped out when I did not appear at my "paid" shift. She actually came to my apartment to give me "another chance." Anyways, I had screwed around in college until then. Reality woke me up, got another job, got serious and made a better life.
—Guest Greg

I Laid Myself Off

I didn't really quit, but I was the head of HR at a company that went bankrupt. After I'd help lay off all the employees and got everything in order to shut down the company, I laid myself off.
—Guest Mary

Ending the misery

I'd worked there for 24 years, but everything had changed with the new president. I was so stressed I was on partial medical leave, working half days. On the day of my father's funeral, my boss called to tell me they'd heard our department might be outsourced. I asked Mom if she'd like me to move in with her, and she gave me a heartfelt YES. I waited 8 miserable months to see if I'd be laid off and could get severance. Then one day on my way to work I suddenly said to myself, "I don't have to do this any more." My mood went soaring and I gave two months' notice (because my job was very specialized and learning-intensive). A few weeks later my house was sold and I was off to my home state and home town to live with Mom. It was the best decision I ever made. Oh, and my supervisor, and her boss, and HER boss, a vice president, had all quit within a year. One company president in our group even quit. Tells you how awful it was!

It Was the Ambulance Ride...

that made the final decision. I told my supervisor after I'd had all the cardiac stuff done that I just didn't think I could go back to work. She looked at me, shook her head, and said "you'd be a fool to try." Then she gave me a hug. Best 'going away present' ever from a supervisor.

I Left a Note

I waited until everyone else was gone from the office on Friday night. Then I left a note on the boss's desk saying "I quit" and I wouldn't back on Monday.
—Guest Carmella

I Quit By Email

I had a horrible job working in a B&B. It was an old Victorian house with no air conditioning and I couldn't take the heat.
—Guest Katie

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