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Readers Respond: When I Quit My Job I...

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From the article: Tips for Quitting Your Job
Have you quit a job? What happened? How did you quit? What did you say? Share your story of quitting your job and read how others handled it. This is an opportunity to read and share your experiences with other readers just like you. Share Your Story


After more than two years of BS I left. I was planning on leaving soon anyways. I feel nervous because of bills, but I don't care, I was miserable. My breaking point was that I was sent in for random drug screening because apparently I was acting "different". Well, that was due to the fact that I had been up since 4 am, I couldn't sleep cause I was so stressed out. While sitting on the porch that morning, I cried. Taking the pee test was fine but then the nurse told me to sit so they could take hair samples, and I freaked. I hadn't cut my hair in 10yrs!!! It goes to my knees! He said he had to take it from the top of my hair. I completely embarrassed myself balling while they took CHUNKS of my hair and refused to let them take anymore. The only reason why I even let them do it was because I didn't want it to seem like I refused because I had something to hide. After drying my tears I went into the manager's office and quit right then and there.
—Guest someone special

Bad Training

I quit my job today. I was in the process of training for a GM position's for a bagel shop. I hated it. Working in a kitchen was not for me.
—Guest bad fit

I Want a New Career

I've worked in warehousing for years and I'm sick of it. Packing products as quickly as I can for hours at a time, while dealing with irate coworkers that don't want to be there but won't quit. I am finished. Tomorrow I am sending out resumes to jobs in different career paths that don't require experience. I'll never take a fast paced job again.
—Guest Bobby

Had Enough

I was a loyal worker and assistant supervisor. Had perfect attendance and an award to go along with it. I was asked to be supervisor and I had to say no because I was almost done with my Bachelors degree. After I said no, everything went downhill! I was being thrown at different posts, taken off of assistant supervisor, my schedule kept changing. The supervisor would treat you like crap if you weren't in the clique. She was sleeping with the manager so there was no reporting her. The supervisors spread your business all over, they. Were very unprofessional! I was scared because of a car payment and I already own my home but I am so relieved that I quit! I went in one day and they changed my post, I quit right on the spot! A person can only be pushed so far and treated so badly. If you wouldn't stay in an abusive relationship don't stay in an abusive job!
—Guest Jessica

Over the road trucker

I felt sick being alone everyday in my truck away from my family. I took a 2 week vacation and realized I couldn't go back. I quite today and said I would do 2 weeks but mentally I'm done and can't take the isolation anymore. Thank god they said just mail us your employee ID. I don't have another job lined up but at least I can sleep in my own bed tonight.
—Guest family man


OMG..... I can't believe i stayed there for four f**king years. When I joined in my company I was happy to do my job. But the workload got f**king big gradually and I never realised it. I'm too late to quit this job. But better late than never. Yeah? I have got 4 more days to spend there and it seems to be 4 months to me. Oh god. .. help me out here. Turn the clocks a little faster or I'll get murdered by time itself. I got an advice for you.. NEVER EVER STAY IN A JOB YOU HATE BECAUSE YOU WILL REGRET IT. .. QUIT THAT F**KING JOB GUYS. ..
—Guest rinoy

Worried that I'm Out of Options

I've worked various jobs and have acquired quite a few licenses and experience in my 10 years since graduating high school and now my resume' is quite long and sorta reads like the obituaries. I've quit almost all of my jobs without a 2 weeks notice, but have never been fired. The last job I had was a Correctional Officer. I'd worked for months testing and trying to get into this field and finally I got an interview and the job, after training and working for a month with youths, I decided that this was way too stressful although everyone kept telling me what a quick learner I was and how I will move up the ladder fast at this pace. After a month I was fed up with yelling at and directing juveniles, I eventually told my supervisor that I'm done in 2 weeks, but ended up writing a letter of resignation after one week. I feel that I've exhausted all of my options now and will not find employment ever again!
—Guest Damon

Great Examples

I just wrote a book "101 ways to lose a great employee" and so many of these examples are similar to what I wrote about. So sad that many leaders don't really understand that treating your employees with respect and kindness is a must if you are going to retain them. Congratulations to everyone who quit a miserable job and are on their way to finding out what they really want to do!

I QUIT after 10 1/2 Years!

So, I had a good job at a University. Good job meaning, good benefits and a huge tuition reduction for my kids, supportive (for the most part) people, but I just felt like I needed a change, desperately. I was tired and constantly rushing and stressed with the job/work life balance. I found another job (because I thought the change in work is what I needed). I put in my 2 week notice, and started my new job right away. After three weeks on the new job, I quickly realized this wasn't the change I was looking for, so I just QUIT! I think a break is really the change I was seeking. It's been one week and I'm nervous about one income but it will all work out. I plan on taking at least 6 months and then looking for part time work to have a better job/life balance. I feel much HAPPIER at this very moment and that is all that really matter RIGHT NOW. Live in the moment.

Quitting IS Freedom

I had a student loan I needed to pay off by February 2014, so in December I started applying everywhere hoping to get something anywhere. Finally I got a processing job at a fish company in Ballard, WA. The first day was miserable, followed by the longest week of my life. So many fish on a conveyor belt, followed by cutting open fish in packages and throwing them in a big box so that the company could repackage them! WTF!! Today was my 15th day on the job and when I went to lunch I never came back. I am sitting at a coffee shop writing this after reading about other people who have quit. I did not say anything to anyone at work....and it is great. I don't feel bad at all because my co-worker was the biggest b***ch I have ever worked with. I am a positive person, but now that I have my tax return and enough of a paycheck to pay off my student loan, I am looking out for my own happiness. Don't be afraid to quit your job if you have something else lined up and are in a negative place.
—Guest Michael

Finally Happy Again!

After working so hard to become a lead retail in a pharmacy, I just walked out today and I couldn't be happier. I know I should have gone about it in a different manner but I just had hit my breaking point. I went on my lunch break and intended to come back in but I drove home very upset. I texted my boss and had wanted to put in my 2 week notice but after talking to him, I just had enough. I told him I would do my 2 weeks but he said that wouldn't be necessary and wished me the best. I was becoming so depressed and just hated the way I was being treated at work. I already have interviews set up in Receptionist work because that's really what I want to do now. Don't get me wrong, I love pharmacy and maybe one day I'll find a company I love working for but right now it's a turning point in my career. Everyone is like I can't believe you quit and they are disappointed in me but I really feel free and I know everything will be just fine.
—Guest Cymbre

Something had to Give

Worked at a great company for three years. Decent pay, excellent employee support, flexible. Was thrilled the first year. At the beginning of the next, hit some personal rough patches. Everything slowly went downhill. In my opinion I still managed to stay a good employee and performed well; although I could've reevaluated my attitude. I am not good at hiding my emotions, whatsoever. Nevertheless time went on, things improved. At the beginning of the next year another rough patch. I developed some bad habits that still continue to this day. I acknowledge my issues, but also acknowledged the fact I had responsibilities to my employer and family. By family I mean mother and siblings. It's hurt me to leave them, it hurt when I gave my boss my two weeks notice. However at the beginning of the next year when I hit another rough patch, (Um, what's up January?) I had my breaking point. I'm dropping this life, and doing what I hope won't hurt me anymore.
—Guest Trent

Escaping the Dead End

I have decided I have had enough. So tired of this call centre dead end job. The shifts are terrible, the managers are horrible and the customers are disrespectful. I was thinking of doing things to make them fire me so i can get unemployment but I can't wait. I'm going to just resign. Today I came home in tears. I'm not to sure how i will survive but I'm done. No more no more!!
—Guest Ebony

Best. Decision. Ever.

I've been unhappy, stressed and tired from my job for around 2 years now. It's not a bad job per say, but the people were rude and unprofessional, there was no structure, no defined job descriptions, no procedure..It was like a zoo, except there were no fences. I hated every minute of it, but things kept happening (car loan, hospital fees, higher rent...) so I kept convincing myself I couldn't quit. Except I'm extremely lucky because my wonderful girlfriend had taken the "quit your job just because it makes you unhappy" leap before me, and kept talking to me and addressing my fears and doubts, until I finally quit yesterday morning. I just quit. I haven't felt this alive in years. I'm excited, happy, scared but good scared! My voice is happier, my eyes are sparkling, I FEEL ALIVE. I believe that when you take a leap of faith, when you decide to give your wings a try, you'll fly higher than you ever knew you could. So there :) Wish me luck!
—Guest Mym

Too Much Stress

I let my boss know that I plan to quit 2 months from now. I am 2 months in this job, and I don't feel happy. I don't fell that I do anything really important, but it's my first real job, and I am afraid that this proves me a quitter. I wanted to prove to everyone that I can take a normal job, but I guess I cannot stand it. I failed at my first try. But this job really makes me stressed and miserable, everyone says I've changed since I was employed here, I don't know what to do.
—Guest Ddd

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