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Readers Respond: Why Nobody Will Hire You

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From the article: Why You Didn't Get The Job
About.com readers share the reasons nobody will hire you. Read reasons contributed by site visitors and add yours to the list. Share Your Reason

Long-time Unemployable

Up until 2009, I was "working"--if you can call it that--in a supermarket parking lot carrying people's groceries home for tips. It paid what bills I had (but living with my mum helped). Then I was thrown out--little savings, no severance, job experience next to nothing. Went on Public Assistance the Friday after being let go; been on it ever since. I sincerely believe that I've been "blacklisted" somewhere and I can't get a job because of it.
—Guest Anthony V.

Age Discrimination Issues on Application

Resumes - I can possibly avoid dates of employment, etc. However, required applications: Ask for dates. These dates will highlight my age (68). Dates from high school graduation (you've got to be kidding!), and so on. This gives it 'all away.' Have submitted same to colleges, high schools, etc. No response. And I know it's because they figured out my age. Don't tell me 'they' have not put my resume aside. Am I being put out to pasture? Am I done with job hunting?
—Guest Pat

Drew attention to a mistake

I sent an e-mail inquiring about a job posting. Someone immediately got back to me to arrange a meeting. But then I realized the cover letter I sent had the wrong name in the salutation (I took an old cover letter and made a few changes, but left the hiring manager's name). I sent another cover letter with the correction, but since I drew attention to my mistake, they never got back to me. I even followed up a week later and they ignored me.
—Guest Allison


I had an offer letter. Didn't get the job because of credit. In the mortgage business and wonder why my credit went south. Should be illlegal.
—Guest Sue

I answered my phone

I forgot to turn off my phone during the interview and answer the phone before I realized what I was doing. I didn't get the job.
—Guest Pete

What Do You Know About This Company?

If you don't know anything when I ask you, you're not going to get hired.
—Guest Marina Allipert

You're a Slob

If you show up to apply for a job at my restaurant dressed like a slob, you're not going to get hired. At the least, it's important to be neatly dressed and clean and tidy.
—Guest John Romano

Typo in Email Address

I don't know how many jobs I lost because of it, I had a mistake in the email address on my resume. So, companies couldn't get in touch with me even if they wanted to.
—Guest Diana

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Why Nobody Will Hire You

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