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Readers Respond: Top Internet Job Search Job Scams

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Please note: This document has been updated. Please share your scam information here:
Top Internet Job Scams 2014

There are a variety of internet job scams, ranging from fake jobs, to scams that try and collect your personal information, or ask you to send money or make purchases for them. Here's a list of online scams shared by About.com readers and if you are aware of a scam, please add it to the list.

If you've gotten a job scam email, please include as much information as you can -- such as the name of the company or contact name and the date of the email. Copy and paste a sentence or two from the email, so that users who search for key phrases will find your posting.

Here are the top 10 internet job search scam warning signs.

Disclaimer: These reviews were submitted by About.com users and were not written by the About.com Guide to Job Search. Please remember that reviews are the opinion of the reviewer only, if you have a different opinion please feel free to submit your own review.

Media Finance LTD Scam

I first recieved an email offer from a gmail inbox.... I queried it and the next day I get one from his 'company' reading.... "Hello,Here is some information about our Company and position we offer.MEDIA FINANCE LIMITED offers a comprehensive approach and unified platform that helps IT organizations cut cost, reduce risk, and drive business profit. We understand that business thrives when IT runs smarter, faster, and stronger.Great Benefits, Comfortable Work Environment.MEDIA FINANCE LIMITED fosters a diverse and inclusive environment in two primary ways: recognition of the unique strengths and value that people from all over the world bring to the company and the creation of strategic alliances with community organizations and businesses that help to contribute to employee growth and success.  MEDIA FINANCE LIMITED values skills and experience, and we offer benefits and compensation that are competitive with other IT companies. In addition, we reward performance..."
—Guest kyle

Microelectronics Technology Inc. Scam

"Your resume was received and reviewed by the HR dept,You have been shortlisted and offered a job with our company as a personal assistant to the our manager. About the company: Established in 1983, Microelectronics Technology Inc. (MTI) was the first company to specialize in the designing and manufacturing of microwave and satellite communication products in Taiwan. MTI is headquartered in the Hsinchu Science Park, also known as the “Silicon Valley of Taiwan”. With additional manufacturing facilities located in Wuxi China, and an R&D center in California U.S.A., MTI understands the importance of worldwide communication, and strives to expand its presence across the globe. About Manager: His name is Chris Brinkman joined MTI as a senior product manager in April 1998 and was promoted to Vice President and General Manager of the Radio division in June 2002. Previously, Mr. Chris worked for Tellus Group, Telxon Technology Corp. he has over 20 years of experience in sales, marketing..."
—Guest kim

Trading and Logistics Company_Oh really?

DarenGeddesros@aol.com "The Company needs a accurate, organized Purchasing Clerk to assist with or lead their key initiatives. Organization: Trading and Logistics Company Employment Status: Full-Time, Part-Time or Contractor, Work from home Salary: $63,300.00 - $89,900.00/year. The salary is highly competitive and commensurate with experience Field: Retail Benefits package available: Health Care Benefits ; Holiday Pay & Personal Days Relocation Offered: No Relocation required. In this role, you'll be responsible for for all purchasing and replenishment activities, seamless product availability, success meeting functional that will impact the entire organization. Key Responsibilities: Candidate must be able to: - Ensure accurate forecasting - Co-operate closely with global contractor to develop global purchasing methods - Cooperate with supply planning staff to evaluate customer orders versus available items to provide a daily ship plan and meet on-time delivery..."
—Guest Tiffany

Remtek Systems LTD Scam

"After viewing your profile, We believe you are qualified for this position, and have forwarded your resume to the Head of Human Resources, Mrs. Debra Sales. She would like to conduct an on-line interview With you on 02/12/14 at 10:00 am EST to discuss more about the Administrative Assistant position that is yet to be occupied . Set Up a Screen name with yahoo Instant Messenger on-line at www.messenger.yahoo.com and add up the Head of Human Resources, Mrs Debra Sales to your buddy list. Her Screen Name with Yahoo Instant Messenger is: s_debra75If the time is not convenient for you, feel free to email Mrs Sales at this Email address: s_debra75@yahoo.com She will be waiting to talk to you on yahoo messenger right away. Endeavour to get on-line ASAP. I Wish you the best of Luck on the Interview. If you have any problem, Please feel free to email back . Sincerely, Kelsey Arthur kelseyarthur10@gmail.com.."
—Guest GUEST

Nikyr Estates Limited

"I have received your reply to my prior email. I am pleased you are interested in becoming a member of our company in Nikyr Estates. The information below is an overview of the Customer Service opportunity and its main obligations. Company description Nikyr Estates is a fast-developing real estate corporation designed to provide the most efficient financial consulting service to its investors. Serving clients of any financial scale, the corporation seeks to increase their wealth through property investment and dividend growth to assure customer satisfaction. For more information please visit our website: http://estateslimnik.com Currently we are running the employment operation all over the USA to recruit a team of Customer Service respresentatives. We are searching for applicants that may not have a background in a specialized subject, but are willing to begin their profession with a real estate management company..."
—Guest Guest US

iTransition Job Scam

"Hello, I am replying back to your message concerning the job posted on Craigslist in which you're interested in,your application was received, unfortunately the position already been filled, but there's another position to be filled, if you will be interested. I have gone through your email and am quite impressed, i think you are the right person for this job. I have had a previous Personal assistant who has been very commendable in her activities and who has been part of my life for the past 6 months, she has since moved on with her personal life and it has affected me in a way. I found her previously on the Craigslist website and I sincerely hope I will be able to find someone again who will be as efficient as she has been. I need your service because I am constantly out of town. I will return back to the state real soon so this process will be on going till then. If you don't mind, I will meet up with you when I return and then we can talk about the possibility of making ..."
—Guest TheActor


SCAM- don't fall for these people who place fraud ads and are only seeking to get you to enroll in an online college.

Global Tech US?

Got an (unsolicited) email this morning from a Mr. Jason Rodrigues apparently of a 'globaltechusoffice' (said company is not named or described in the email)---the subject line was my name and the date and time. Apparently they want to offer me a job as an 'FS Agent' working M-F 2-3 hours a day (alarm 1.) Apparently after a trial period I will receive benefits like dental and paid vacation 'and others'. Only if I fill out a form consisting of my full name, address, phone number, and 'preferred call time'. Sketch-a-rama. But I'm glad this thread existed to show me this kind of scam is a thing!

NEGEATA is Fake ! !

From: North America Philanthropic Organization Sent: 13/02/2014, 2:40 pm Subject: FORWARD COPY OF YOUR FILLED APPLICATION FORM TO THE US IMMIGRATION ATTORNEY PHILANTHROPIC ORGANIZATION http://www.nageata.org "Sir / Madam, Thanks for your effort in filling our NAGEATA application form with muchaccuracy. You had been registered as one of our selected applicants and your information has been entered to our database. Upon your success after going through your filled application form submitted to our screening team through email our NAGEATA (HR) Board urge you to contact our Attorney email address below who will file and stand for your complete US traveling documents and other back-up papers mail.services@mail-on.us Note that you should copy and paste this email to avoid a mistake. Our US Immigration Attorney (THEODORE NEGROPONTE) who is assigned to US ImmigrationVisa Affairs Section will process your work visa and work permit certificate..."
—Guest simon

Fg Rivera Data Corp. Scam

"We are an american service providing company opening new offices in the UK. We are going to open offices in different regions of the UK and we are looking for candidates to fill open positions. Here you can find job positions you can apply for: Payments Processing Officer (full-time / part-time) ref. 14-02_499.1 £29,000 - £34,000 per annum; Permanent. Computer Operator / Data Entry Operator (full-time / part-time) ref. 14-02_599.1 / 14-02_599.2 £24,000 - £27,000 per annum; Permanent. If you are a proactive, driven individual, looking to join an expanding business and a friendly team - then look no further. We are looking to recruit organised, ambitious and dedicated individuals to join our new team. Your application will be reviewed by our HR Department. Should you get considered for the position, we will inform you and invite for an inducting free training course before you start to work. People with an international or multicultural background are welcome!..."
—Guest jose

CompNova Ryan Williams Employment Scam

Got calls from a so-called Ryan Williams, with a very thick Indian accent and terrible grammar, from his poorly-written emails. The phones come from 214-771-7040 and he calls incessantly trying to create pressure "to submit for the job" however with each call he asks more and more info. DO NOT SEND ANY INFO to such spammers!
—Guest Gushterp

Arial Management Scam

These people eventually will ask you to fill out a credit history check. Do not do it. "Hello , We have a new employment requirements. Found your details on career sites and we would like to invite you on our current employment openings. Let us know if you are interested by replying to this email stating your name. Thanks, Jessica So, Arial Management, S. Capital of Texas Highway Austin, TX 78746, 512-333-1568"
—Guest Yousaf

Promising Employee Scam

"We are not large but respected outsourcing company founded and based here in the United Kingdom. Our company works side by side with totaljobs.com. We found your resume and are very impressed! We think you have the qualifications we're looking for to fill our open position. Our company is looking for active and creative people to help build our prosperous organization. And after reviewing your resume, we are interested in discussing with you an opened right now vacancy...."
—Guest AA

RexShip LLC - Scam

I am so frustrated that I fell for this job scam. I did research on the company name prior to accepting the job, but did not find anything. I suspect it's a new company name (RexShip LLC) with an old scam process. But now I found this website and see the exact or very close scheme. They basically wanted me to receive packages at my home, print off the prepaid shipping label and ship to Russia from my local post office. They told me the packages may arrive to my address in someone else's name and this was due to International Customs processing. I had received and shipped seven (7) packages the all came with someone else's name and were sent to Russia. I was supposed to receive $25 for each package sent (after about 15 packages were sent) and a monthly salary of $1100. Then started receiving CC letters in the mail. Based on the other scams mentioned, I believe these poor people got their cc info stolen for purchase of these items.

Cresta Holidays Fraud Scam

"How are you? First of all, I member of travel company and my name is Adrian Laweyn. I am HR manager searching candidates for Cresta Holidays travel company. Your resume is of the most impressive. I think that you are great candidate for the vacancy of Voyage Coordinator. Let me briefly describe company, this is international traveling company that constantly developing. Our company facilitates comfortable employment. We pay desirable income also the company allows for not demanding work schedule, as an advantage of this you can if you desire work at your day job. And you can make additional earnings. With us it is possible for you to expand your career as well as be capable to be using your skills. You get following compensations as a member of our group: -Healthy income: $36K anually in addition to five percent for each closure. -Paying schedule every month. -comfortable work schedule: 5 to 8 hours per week. -You don't have to pay for anything. Mr. Adrian Lawayen"
—Guest JPSmith

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