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Readers Respond: Top Internet Job Search Job Scams

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Accent Business Services, Online Express

Mark Conard of Accent Business Services and Stephon Markos/ Steven Rogers of Online Express Delivery. PLEASE stay away from these!! they will send you merchandise bought with stolen credit cards and hacked Paypal accounts then have you ship them to foreign countries! You will get in a lot of trouble.
—Guest Casey Baker

@frontholdings.com Domain DOESN'T EXIST

I sent my CV Tue. May 29th to the e-mail provided at 10:24 a.m. and mysteriously the hiring Dept. checked it really fast and at 10:53 a.m. I had a pushing e-mail for an online interview and urging to install Yahoo! Messenger to doing so. DO THEY GET PROFIT DOING THIS? WAS THIS PERSON TRYING TO GET MONEY? I searched and found that the domain of the e-mail does not exist and the only matching person for the sender AKEEM BARUTI on internet is a person that was in jail for drug dealing in schools in FL. LINK TO THE AD PUBLISHED May 28th 2012: http://montreal.fr.craigslist.ca/ofc/3042140931.html / Office Admin/Clerk-Needed (Montréal) / Date : 2012-05-28, 4:57AM EDT Répondre à : pt9mp-3042140931@job.craigslist.org / Office experience not needed,we will train. $15 hourly for start. Lieu : Montréal Compensation: $15 hourly PostingID: 304214093

adminoffice@frontholdings.com Scam

Did my research - company does not exist. "Good Morning Applicant, Your interest about the job has been received. This might seem a little different from the Office Receptionist position ad we placed on Craigslist. The Hiring Dept of the company has reviewed your resume and we believe you have the required qualifications for the job. Do you have a yahoo messenger on your computer? If not download one. To proceed with this application, you must undergo an online interview that will be conducted via yahoo messenger. I want you to setup a yahoo messenger (IM)and instant message Mr Akeem Baruti on this yahoo ID (keemhazelarts@yahoo.com) asap for the interview so you can get interviewed for the position. This is a full-time job with benefits and the hours are great, get started with the online interview process and get back to me as soon as possible. Hiring Department Akeem Baruti Personnel Manager(H.R DESK) KEEMHAZEL ARTS LTD
—Guest Esse

Childrens Foundation

I received the same job posting from linda thomas in my email.
—Guest Theresa

info@clusondata.com Scam

I got email from info@clusondata.com 1: Download the San Data files to your Email address, (we will send you industrial data every day). You have to complete this work in 1 working day, (Monday to Friday - Saturday and Sunday are off days). After Unzip you will have 3 Folders, Category / UOM / Supplier, all you have to enter same data in same fields in Inventory Software 2: Type data on your PC using LINPAC Inventory Software (NOTE: follow the data categories by color ) See the Picture of Guideline. 3: After complete the work Export Data to Files and those files you have to Email us back (Get LINPAC Inventory Software to www.LinpacSoft.com. Its very cheap European standards Inventory Data Software, all you have to work by this software 4: Send us Just first day of work by Email
—Guest khaled

They Tried to Scam Me Too

I just got the same email and googled it as well. It's crazy how far people will go to try and scam you. :(
—Guest Kimberly

Job 1338230847 Scam

"Hello, If you have free time, want to help children and want to earn more money so this offer is for you! We would like to introduce our business to you. Childrens Help Foundation is looking for individuals for the post of Donations processing/CSR. Childrens Help Foundation is a charitable, not-for-profit organisation who helps children and youth in different states. That is why we need person who will help our company to take care of local donations. All you need is just have good organizational skills; US citizenship or work permit; legal age; internet access; no criminal records and wish to help people. It is well-paid partial opening. To get more details about this employment from Childrens Help Foundation, please email us back to linda.thomas@childrenshelpfoundationmailsn.com . Hope to hear from you soon! Linda Thomas, HR Manager, Childrens Help Foundation."
—Guest Jackie

Thanks for Info About Scammers

I just got this email. Good thing I did a Google Search and found this on About.Com. I was ready to respond to the email, now I am glad that I didn't!
—Guest jane

PA for Jackson Cairo Scam

"Hello, Thanks for your interests in the PA position and, I will deeply appreciate all genuine efforts to help me monitor and keep up to date with all my activities. I most very often get my hands occupied because am working with many companies both states and outside,so it is imperative for me to have a worthy assistant who can monitor and keep me up to date with my activities. As my assistant, your activities amongst other things will include: Make travel arrangements and submit expenses for Attorneys Order office supplies, Running personal errands,Check Processing Filing documents,faxing,printing and typing letters Web research, Internet search skills and posting ads Quality communication etiquette skills and good organizational skills Serious sense of humor required and mandatory to work with me Ability to handle highly sensitive and confidential information Perform duties with accuracy, quality, and integrity. Basic wage is $450 a weekly. About me:My name is Jackson Cairo..."

Linda Thomas Scam Alert

Thank you for the heads up. I sent her an E-mail with a cut and paste copy of what is being said about their firm. I asked them up front their contact number and also their job number confirming legality of their association.
—Guest Countess

Work Victory Scam at 214 349 3405

"Thanks for your previous application for a position with Work Victory. Before processing your application further, you are required to complete an Internal Application. This must be completed within the next 7 days to ensure your application to be considered for positions with Work Victory."
—Guest someguynamedpat

Scam is now called WorkVictory.com

"Thanks for your recent submission for a role at Work Victory. Before processing your submission further, you are required to complete an Online Assessment. This must be finished before seven [7] days in order for your application to be considered for positions with Work Victory. To commence the application..."
—Guest work victory

Work Victory Scam Alert

From Daniel Karoglou: "Thank you for your recent application for a role at Work Victory. Before processing your submission further, you are required to complete an Online Assessment. This has to be finished before one week in order for your application to get consideration for roles with Work Victory. To begin the assessment - - Log in at http://digg.com/u1W9jw - Select "Start Screening" link. Please note - This Application page is only valid for seven days. After this point the Assessment page will stop working. Your application with Work Victory can't be considered further until the Online Application is complete. IMPORTANT INFORMATION: - You must finish the Online Assessment in 1 session - allow about two mins to finish. - Also know that there is now an additional step to the assessment. If you have finished the Online Assessment recently you will still be required to finish the latest step prior to be selected in the Work Victory Recruitment process."
—Guest Linds

Mlucusco@gmail.com Is A Cheat

Me and my team have been cheated by this fraud, who claimed that he will pay in a week's time but never did. When asked he was fooling that he had sent the amount by Bank wire and that it will take a week for that amt to reach us. When asked about the details of the bank, he furnished all false information. There is already a complaint about him in this blog. When we asked about that, he simply said that he had rejected the writer for writing copied contents and hence she had written all wrong info about him. He owes me and my team more than $1000. He calls himself James and said that he was from the U.S. He actually does not have any clients and has a blog of his own. He has claimed that he hails from different countries across many freelancing websites. Writers, please beware of him. He is a real cheat. If anyone can trace his id and ensure that he does not fool any more people, will be very helpful to the content writers community.
—Guest Content Manager - Ram

Opt in and Get Scammed

"Hello, I have reviewed over 15 applications (Your resume was my last resume for the day) and we have narrowed our selection down to five. Good news, You are one of the applicants we would like to interview by the end of next week! The position will require you to work in a high financial environment so it's our corporate policy that we do a financial verification check on all employees to verify applicant registration info. Its corporate policy that we have applicants sent through our link so we are compliant with the U.S employment standards act. Opt into your browser and complete the official application and free report now (You have 5 hours to complete the necessary requirements):Fill out the form and indicate that you want the free report. PLEASE DO NOT email us your report. Instead print it out and bring a copy to the interview as we will need to have it on file. Since this is just a pre-screen formality your actual score will not affect your chances of being hired.
—Guest Risa

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