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Readers Respond: Worst Cover Letter Mistakes

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From the article: Top 10 Job Search Mistakes
What's the worst mistake you can make when you're writing a cover letter? Take a look at the cover letter mistakes that could cost you an interview and add your advice on cover letter mistakes to avoid to the list.

Worst Mistake Ever

The worst mistake that you can make is when you put your personal info on the letter, you write your WRONG HOME PHONE NUMBER. Double check your cover letter BEFORE sending out cover letters to hiring managers.
—Guest osdjfiojsiogj

He Thinks He's a Poet

I received one really odd cover letter that quoted in lengthy sections books and articles. I assume it was in an effort to impress me but with the lack of personal touch it left me thinking he lacked the confidence to share his own thoughts.

Wrong Position

I have received countless resumes that were customized for a different position that we were not offering and requiring full time, which we were not offering. In those cases I wish the person had not applied and wasted my time.

The Wrong Person

I have received cover letter that were addressed to the wrong person and company. The candidates forgot to edit the letters. Needless to say, I was not impressed.
—Guest Mary Dolan

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