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Readers Respond: Tips for Taking the Walmart Pre-Employment Test

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You Just Need to Love It

I took the test and passed it the first time. I called after 3 days to ask if there is an interview date or if they had looked at my application. The HR manager looked me up and said it's good. Two days later I was called for an interview. There are 2 interviews about your experience in life. I got a job offer as a cashier for $8/hr. There are background checks and drug tests all in one day then orientation after 3 days. There are computer based lessons for 2 days then I went out on the floor and 4 months later I was promoted to a customer service manager. Six months later I was promoted to zone supervisor of the front-end, getting interviewed after a week for an assistant manager position with 35k or more salary. That, my friends, is Walmart when you really wanna work and do a good job. I've seen pathetic people who complain about everything and just wanna work hours to get money without really working, but if you wanna work for this company, it's a great place but you got to sweat to earn their love and trust, believe me they see you!
—Guest David

Strongly Disagree with the Walmart Test

Ever wonder why Walmart's employee turn around is so high? BECAUSE they choose people who LIE.. They choose people who will do WHATEVER they need to to get a job.. Asking a question like "I sometimes steal" is STUPID.. Who in their right mind is going to say YES! But yet people who actually THINK and answer a question that says "I always get to work on time" with a "somewhat agree" are BAD.. SO why answer that as "somewhat agree"? What about that time your car died on the way to work 6 years ago and you were late? The question said ALWAYS.. So if that's the case you should "STRONGLY DISAGREE!", But then they think your ALWAYS LATE.. But if you "STRONGLY AGREE" you're lying.. Looks like that's what they want, To hire people who have no morals!
—Guest Hmmmm

Liars Need Apply

Well.. I've worked for Walmart now 2 x, passed the test 2x. NOW 5 years later can't pass it.. Personally I agree that it appears you need to simply LIE! Answer STRONGLY agree or dis-agree. Never did it the first few times I passed but things change. What gets me is the questions themselves.. Most say something like "always" or "every" or "never". These are NOT fair.. Like the question "I never took anything from work home".. Now that does NOT say "stole" that says "taken home". I took MY boxcutter that's issued by Walmart home EVERY DAY. I've taken MY Hardhat home on other jobs. I've taken MY badge home. (the same badge I turned in when I left).. So the correct answer and HONEST answer is dis-agree, Not strongly because there IS A GRAY AREA.... As for management being called for everything, I cannot count how many times I called management and was told "can't you handle this yourself? We need people who can make decisions." Just shows .. LIARS need apply.....
—Guest Leo the lion


Stupid test !!!! I see no point in the test because it doesn't show my skills on the sales floor.
—Guest never mind

Assessment tip

Always answer questions either Strongly Disagree or Strongly Agree, anything in between is a negative point on the Assessment.
—Guest Joel

Different levels

A person can pass that test. But there are two different levels. If you take the test and pass and have to take it every six months, then you are at the lower level. If you take the test and pass and have to take it every 2 years, then you are at the upper level. Walmart almost always chooses to interview people for promotions from the upper level. I found out the hard way...

I passed the test 2 years ago

The test was long but very easy,if you have been in the work force.the questions are not hard.You just have to think before you answer.
—Guest Yvonne Henderson

Passed the Test 2 Years Ago

I found the assesment test to be very interesting. The questions were related to past work experiences.
—Guest ccyvonne Henderson

I Passed

I passed the test today. I'm so excited. I thought it was easy. I been doing customer service questions for a while and I learned a lot of things about the work field. I read every question twice over before I answered it. Just take your time and read it clearly, then answer. I finished in less then 30min. It's common sense.
—Guest joye

I Am Not A Robot.

This is a stupid test that's rigged with "Right and Wrong" answers and has nothing to do with a person's true character. Really, Walmart? No wonder everyone hates Walmart...that place is filled with robots.
—Guest DeMarcus S. Alsup

Didn't pass.... AGAIN.

I don't know why it's like this. But I will keep calling them. And IF I do get hired, that test must mean nothing. So... we'll see. :)
—Guest me

Test is Not Designed for Leaders

I worked for walmart, It took me 3 times to take the test and pass. Now I'm no dummy by any means, I speak read and write 6 languages. The first 2 times I was honest... didn't pass... ied on the 3rd and was hired within one week! The interesting thing is that other people who were hired with me passed the first time... and were fired later for stealing!!!! I left on good terms.
—Guest ex walmart employee

The Test is Too Long!

I have taken the assessment test about 20 times and I did not pass it. I totally agree that the assessment is a lot of bullcrap because for the amount of times that I did take it my response would be the same or different, and yet I still fail it. In my opinion, I would say delete the whole entire assessment. 65 questions is way too much. If it were between 10 and 20 questions, then that would be fine. I don't understand why it is so hard for me to get back in to Walmart because I use to work there. I left for personal reasons so I do hope I will be able to get back in one way or another.
—Guest Robin m Armer

Passed First Try

The Walmart test is really easy if you just take a second and just think about your answers. Don't be selfish and don't think for yourself. Follow rules and be cooperative. Be confident in your answers, no in-betweens
—Guest chocolate chip

Walmart Employees

Can someone tell me why some of the employees at Walmart got jobs, yet cannot even speak proper English? There is no way they can pass this test. Are the answers done by their kids etc?
—Guest Jan

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Tips for Taking the Walmart Pre-Employment Test

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