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Readers Respond: Tips for Taking the Walmart Pre-Employment Test

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I took the test but don't know if I passed or not. I've been in management before & most all that depends on what is going on& the situation at the time. I think you can tell a lot by looking someone in the eye & speaking to them. We are losing personal touch with people. A test says nothing about a persons' character.
—Guest Carol

Walmart Test

I took the test few years ago. They said I failed, but I got the job the next day. It all depends on if the store needs people or not, but the test really shouldn't count anyway because a lot of questions depend on situations. They give you a little info, but not enough to really judge. It's kind of hard to tell how you would react. What happened to the days when you filled out your name, info about you, and contacts and job references and that was it? I really miss those days.
—Guest rajraj2222

Walmart Assessment Test

The key to succcess at the test is answering to the extremes - "Strongly disagree" or "strongly agree" Pass mark is. 75%.
—Guest Anon

Finally was directed to take assessment

So after applying many times for sales/office associate, I applied for department supervisor. I was directed to take the assessment test that has been referred to here. I answered the questions according what I thought was the "right" answer, and I passed. I think the application directs you to take the test according to what position you apply for.
—Guest AH

What Test?

I have applied at Wal-Mart's website many times for office and sales associate. I have never gotten to the assessment screen most people are referring to here. At the end, it says something about them keeping the app on file for 60 days and re-applying.
—Guest AH

Don't know if I passed or not..

Hmm..took the test a bit ago. From what everyone says, I should have found out if I passed or failed. Didn't get any indication at all. Kinexa is a sucky platform for this. Had trouble with them before. I'm sad to see that Walmart uses them.
—Guest Julie

Walmart Test

I tried to pass test but I still have no luck... What advice can u tell me I desperately need a job. I have two kids to take care of. And the question u in ur first interview five questions wow isn't the test enough!!
—Guest Lizz

Seriously Wal-mart?

I answered it truthfully and pretty logically and I failed too. I looked up about it and all the tips are about 'they want honesty' so lie about stealing and hitting people ect. don't pick the goody-two-shoes answers. So they don't want decent people? I don't know how half the people who work at wal-mart passed with its ridiculous questions! I mean 2011! I could do one of those supposedly right answers and get stabbed because of it!
—Guest Taylor Peters

No Wonder Everybody Hates That Place!

The day after I left my former job, I applied for WalMart despite all I've heard about working there. I went to their "Hiring Center" and went through the steps like normal, then took the questionnaire. When I was done, I saw that I failed (yes, failed) it, which I think is ridiculous...I mean, I went through the same thing for Publix but they did not have any right-or-wrong answers for the quiz there. I don't particularly want to work for WalMart anyway because I've heard they treat their employees badly - I only applied there because I'm desperate for a job - but I think their whole "passing-or-failing-the-quiz" thing is really stupid! When I left there I was like, "No wonder everybody hates WalMart."

It worked

Strongly disagree , and strongly agree definitly works . . . cause I just passed! Woohooo , all ya'll had me worried and afraid to hit submit.
—Guest Lindsey


I love Walmart, and I always enjoy shopping at Walmart stores simply because of good service, and I will like to work in Walmart.
—Guest Isaac Lotsima

Pass1 Failed

I am a optician looking to get a job in the vision center, I passed my first assessment, was offed a part time job with little pay and was told a manager spot would be opening, which I have done for many years so I turned it down. I got a call today that a manager position was open but would have to take the manager assessment and I swear close to same questions but I think it said I failed, it came up to fast for me to read it all... Crazy, guess I'll find out.
—Guest Mathew

Is the test illegal?

I believe it is Illegal to even have the test in the first place, yet its there... makes you wonder.
—Guest Little Jimmy


I took the online test about a year ago. Never heard anything from Walmart. About a week ago I updated my application, but did not retest. I got a call yesterday morning to be at an interview at 4:00 p.m. At the interview she asked me 5 questions. And she scored me on each question. I was then taken to 2 associate managers, who spoke with me briefly. They told me I had to job, if I could pass drug screen and background check. Both off which will come back squeeky clean. So I guess I'm one of the lucky ones. Thank you God!!
—Guest Got the job.

Walmart Test

I took the test and scored minimum. I did not know you had to score upper level. I was so happy to know I just I passed it. It is taking me a time just to pass the test. I made it thus far, I can go a little further. I will retake the test again. It is true, robotics is what they are looking for.
—Guest tangtangify1

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