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Readers Respond: Tips for Taking the Walmart Pre-Employment Test

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I tried to get a job at Walmart for my first job and failed the test. I wish I would have read about how you have to lie to get in. Most of the answers are situational and are unanswerable. It all depends on if you actually pick the most bs line. I hate Walmart.
—Guest sally

Good Test

I am looking for my first job and I took that test and I passed it the first time so I guess I did pretty well.
—Guest guest mel


I took the stupid assessment 6 months or so ago. Failed because I was putting "Agree" instead of "Strongly Agree." And same with "Disagree." Finally, a friend that works at Wal-mart told me you have to put "Strongly Agree" or "Strongly Disagree" or it's a negative point? So, pretty much, you have to lie. Or exaggerate. Whatever you want to call it. Needless to say, I passed the second time, got an interview within a week, and now have been working here for about 2 months and 9 out of 10 people I work with are liars or worthless workers. Absolutely disgusting, honestly. Hire honest people, Wal-mart. You won't have to fire and rehire as much. Anyway, my tip, LIE and use the "Strongly" choices.
—Guest Mik

Is the Test Honest/

I applied for cashier or customer service and I completed the whole application, with the assessment to see that I failed. It makes one wonder how honest the company is.
—Guest Rae


I failed miserably and was quite distraught -- that I'll admit. LOL. However, after reading some of the comments I noticed I'm not alone. I did the best to my ability so I should pat myself on the back for the effort. Frankly, I think the answers to the test were rigged. Then again, what do I know? I'm just a middle-aged unemployed old fart with a HS diploma. LOL
—Guest GGladon

I'm insulted.

I have over 10 years of retail and customer relations experience, as well as military experience, I speak 4 different languages. I was raised with morals and integrity.. To keep this short, I just want to say, the pre-employment "Test" is all about who can click the correct line of BS. These "character tests" do nothing but incentivize people to lie and not tell the truth. Whatever happened to "Actions speak louder than words?" Why not let me talk to an actual human instead of dismissing me because I didn't win their little Q&A game? Allot of it is unrealistic, unreasonable, hypothetical BS scenarios anyway. I fail to see how this "test" is supposed to weed out unworthy applicants, since most the people I see working in walmart uneducated on their own products and promotions.
—Guest Shogo


I have taken the test I don't know how many times and I fail every time. Walmart says be truthful but then my roommate who works for Walmart says lie.
—Guest Katie

What's the Point.

My opinion is that there shouldn't even be a test. I have work experience but yet I still failed. And even though you failed the test can you still call walmart to check on the appilcation.
—Guest Douglas

First job

That test just cannot be applied to somebody that has never had a job. I went through the test and failed but what do they expect from someone with no past experience?
—Guest Joey

Assessment Test

It is not fair. How do you grade hypothetical questions?
—Guest Michele Moore

Tired of Being Used

I took the test when I applied and when I was finished it said I passed. But when I started working and was training to be a "back up" CSM I was told I was "tier 2" which simply meant I passed but didn't pass high enough for their standards. It's been a year and a half and I still have six months till I can retake the test. So basically I am a CSM without the extra kick in my pay. Honestly I enjoy the position. However when I applied for the position I already had 4 years experience as a supervisor. It's frustrating to watch these inexperienced kids fill the positions while I'm told I didn't pass high enough. So basically I'm good enough to be their backup but not good enough to pay. The truth is, and anybody can disagree but know deep down this is true, Walmart wants you to tell them what they want to hear whether you agree with your own answers or not.
—Guest agitated like the rest

Walmart is a Bunch of Flakes

Walmart is the only employer that sees answers other than 'strongly agree' or 'strongly agree' as indecisive. I have spoken with several hiring managers from other companies and they view people who answer strongly to both as being fanatical or extreme. I hope whoever conceived of the test dies slowly.
—Guest TheLocust

Totally Unnecessary

I fail this test every time I take it...until I cheat and have someone tell me the answers, and yet, I'm one of their top 10 cashiers every single week. I don't understand why I even have to do this.
—Guest racamel

You Just Need to Love It

I took the test and passed it the first time. I called after 3 days to ask if there is an interview date or if they had looked at my application. The HR manager looked me up and said it's good. Two days later I was called for an interview. There are 2 interviews about your experience in life. I got a job offer as a cashier for $8/hr. There are background checks and drug tests all in one day then orientation after 3 days. There are computer based lessons for 2 days then I went out on the floor and 4 months later I was promoted to a customer service manager. Six months later I was promoted to zone supervisor of the front-end, getting interviewed after a week for an assistant manager position with 35k or more salary. That, my friends, is Walmart when you really wanna work and do a good job. I've seen pathetic people who complain about everything and just wanna work hours to get money without really working, but if you wanna work for this company, it's a great place but you got to sweat to earn their love and trust, believe me they see you!
—Guest David

Strongly Disagree with the Walmart Test

Ever wonder why Walmart's employee turn around is so high? BECAUSE they choose people who LIE.. They choose people who will do WHATEVER they need to to get a job.. Asking a question like "I sometimes steal" is STUPID.. Who in their right mind is going to say YES! But yet people who actually THINK and answer a question that says "I always get to work on time" with a "somewhat agree" are BAD.. SO why answer that as "somewhat agree"? What about that time your car died on the way to work 6 years ago and you were late? The question said ALWAYS.. So if that's the case you should "STRONGLY DISAGREE!", But then they think your ALWAYS LATE.. But if you "STRONGLY AGREE" you're lying.. Looks like that's what they want, To hire people who have no morals!
—Guest Hmmmm

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Tips for Taking the Walmart Pre-Employment Test

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