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Readers Respond: Tips for Taking the Walmart Pre-Employment Test

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They Don't Call Back

I filled out the app, but the site no longer gives me a test anymore. I guess I filled out so many under my name, I can't take the test anymore. A while back, I decided "well, maybe they need to see I want the job", so I started calling day after day. Eventually I got one of the girls who recognized my voice and she was all like "Yeah, you called yesterday. We'll call you, so please stop calling us for a job." She got really nasty about it, so I just stopped calling and I never got a call back. Getting a job online is a total joke. WTF more do you have to do to get a job? I can't say I completed school because I need a job to go back to school. No job, no school. I'm in a sinking ship with no life boats or jackets.
—Guest Bear

Is it Over?

I took the test, but I was not sure when it actually ended. I was concerned that it never told me I had finished. Later I retook the test and finished it.
—Guest Scot Kitching

Wal*Mart and EOE

I applied for a PART-TIME OVERNIGHT SHELF STOCKER. How much grey matter do you need to stock shelves? I hav e an accounting/Paralegal education and working background. No health issues. I can pass any and all background checks --Drug, Criminal, Credit, Driving. I delivered letters of recommendation and reference from past employers, to three different managers in two different Wal*Mart locations and Sams, after mailing the required THANK YOU letter to all managers concerned so they would have a face and personality with an on-line name. I passed the test. I can pass for 50. NO LUCK. My guess! Age discrimination in the work place. I am 66.


I took the test last year @ Walmart passed it, but guess what no one ever called. When I called them they said someone will get back with you they never did. It's not going to hurt them to let you know if that position has been filled they do not send out letters nor email back. I read someone request saying that they over qualify to me it don't matter hell need something to do and I will give that person a chance. They want a person whos willing to work there.
—Guest ira

Did I Pass or Not?

I just took the online test and did not get a confirmation as to whether or not I passed or failed. Do you get an immediate response or do they send a response via email? All it said at the end of the test was that my results would be kept in the database for 6 months, but it did not say whether I passed or failed. Anyone?
—Guest Carla

Posicion disponible

Hola deseo pertenecer a alos empleados de su compania , estoy buscando empleo y me gusta la compania walmart porque es pro empleado, gracias.
—Guest gisellecastro

The WalMart Test is for Brown-Nosers

Do not be honest on the test. Tell them everything that sounds good. Give them kiss @$$ responses. Yes, you will tell your supervisor everything that another employee is up to. Yes, you will shut your mouth and listen to what they tell you to do. Suck up to your supervisor. The only way you will pass that test is to give the perfect employee answers. This means you do not want to give your complete and honest opinion on some the questions.
—Guest Chyt

Passed the Appointment

I filled out the appointment and passed. I'm going to go to Walmart, and they are going to see me and hire me.
—Guest Valentina Garcia

I Passed

They just want some common sense. They want you to keep the customer in mind. They want you to be sure of yourself.
—Guest Jack

A Test for Sheep

10/2011. The test is 72 questions. I was trying to get a tire changing job and I failed the test. I cannot retake the test for 6 months. This was written in red letters. The manager told me that all answers must be far left or far right, no middle answers. (?) They seem to want submissive, docile sheep with no will or opinions about anything whom they can totally control.
—Guest Austin Milbarge

I Passed the Wal-Mart Test!

I just finished the assessment and passed! Basically, the two extremes hold true. It's really all common sense. "No, you haven't stolen from work" and "Yes, the customer always comes first". The last section is really just about you and your leadership and team skills. I don't think there is a right/wrong.
—Guest Guest Tish

Second Fail

So, I answered honestly. I refuse to lie about stealing, I never have. The only reason that I can think of for failing is that they don't like people who go for compromises with managers instead of blindly doing what they are told.
—Guest Guest Elara

I Just Heard from WalMart

Thanks, "name", for expressing interest in a career at Walmart. We have successfully received your application to the following position(s): Trainee Hourly # We will review your skills and experience for this position. In the meantime, we encourage you to visit our careers website to review other positions which may be of interest to you. A system-generated candidate reference number has been created for you and may be useful to keep for your records. Your candidate reference number is: ######. Thank you. * Please do not reply to this email.
—Guest midwest


I took the test today and passed it. It mainly shows that they are looking for honest people who will be team players.
—Guest Thomas


I filled out the app and passed. I'm going to go up to Walmart because they are going to see me and maybe hire me.
—Guest tim

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