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Readers Respond: Difficult Interview Questions

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Growing the Company

Where would you take the company in the next two years?

Interview question

"We've interviewed a great group of qualified applicants. Why should we choose you?" Went back to my quick "elevator speech" of qualifications - and got the job.

Most Difficult Question

You are a felon, why should I trust you to do anything around the office?
—Guest just dave

why hire you with disability

"My brain's not disabled."-------------------------------------------------------------------------
—Guest skylark04

Difficult question

Actually, this one is from a commercial, but I am stumped on the best way to answer this: "25 people have applied to this job, what are YOU willing to do to get this job".
—Guest Andy


Why should I hire you for this job because you don't even have the qualities we are looking for.
—Guest linda


Old job-40 years. New job-one month. I had trouble with one phase. what do I say about it for new job interview?
—Guest donna

Difficult Question

Why shouldn't I hire you? Give me at least one reason not to to hire you for this job.
—Guest Susannah

difficult question

if you are given $2 million how will spend it just for one day, if you are not supposed to use to other people...
—Guest mambs

Tough question

Why did you change to finance/banking when your original field was hospitality?


how did you handle a time you prioritized a personal matter over work?
—Guest zike

The "overqualified" question

A common interviewing question that is difficult for many people to answer is, "You appear to be overqualified." Most of the outplacement candidates I counseled were overqualified by virtue of their experience or previous salary or both. One of the best ways to answer the "You appear to be overqualified" question is to take the offensive. You can answer, "Yes, absolutely! And isn't that to your benefit?" That gives you the opportunity to reiterate why you would be such an asset to the company: your experience bringing in revenue, new customers, research, whatever is pertinent to the position you're seeking. Don't apologize for your age, experience or pay grade. Use them as assets. Emphasize your energy, enthusiasm and desire to learn. For more dynamic answers to tough interview questions, check out: http://interview-doctor.blogspot.com Make a comment if you need the answer to other tough, tricky or sneaky interview questions.
—Guest Interview Doctor

A Shocker of a Question

I was actually asked this in a job interview: "So...how do you feel about working for a**holes?" REALLY! And my response, after a shocked giggle: "Well, I don't like 'em any more than anyone else, but what're ya gonna do? They're everywhere!" I got the job and he was the BEST boss I EVER had. It didn't take long to figure out who he was talking about, though...the prez of the company whom I had the displeasure of working with on a few projects. That's one interview question I will NEVER forget!

Fun Question

For a VP External Position of a Students' Union: If you were to be any beverage, what would you be and why? I'm sure they wanted me to say beer but I said water--because it's essential!
—Guest jj

Tough interview questions

I am applying to run a commercial kitchen; which I have done in the past. How would I answer the question: How would you run an effective kitchen?
—Guest Nancy

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