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Readers Respond: Difficult Interview Questions

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Why Shouldn't I Hire You?

Q. "Why shouldn't I hire you?" A. "If you don't believe I have been open and honest with you today, if you can't see that I have the skills and experience to help your business grow, then you shouldn't hire me".
—Guest Dave

The Grocery Store

The most difficult question I've been asked is "I'm an item in a grocery store. What am I?
—Guest Robert


As a Lady, are you willing to do what other girls are doing here, if employed?
—Guest S. K. Golong

Tough Question

What makes you different from the other candidates we have interviewed?
—Guest Golong

Five Year Plan

For a temporary job (2 month max) I was asked "Where do you want to be five years from now?"

A Dumb Queston

I was asked in a interview so what do you bring to this job?
—Guest mjordan

ummm what?

Once I was asked the answer to lyrics of a song: "are we human or are we dancer?"
—Guest mhm

Handle 2 Assignments With Same Deadlines

How would you handle the situation if your supervisor gave you two projects with the same dealine?
—Guest bobby

problem solving

Please describe an occasion when you have looked beyond the constraints of the immediate situation to solve a problem. What approach did you take and what was the main outcome?

difficult question

i always seem to be asked the same question over and over again. what can you contibute to this company?
—Guest nervous

Think hard

What is more important, loyalty or honesty? This can be tricky. It's easy to be loyal to anything, but honesty is doing the right thing all the time or if you do mess up, telling the truth and not trying to cover it up.
—Guest mham


Describe an important decision you made in the absence of your boss.
—Guest marcus

Running an effective kitchen

The answer to Nancy's question is delegate, supervise and train. When you are needed to jump in and help hands-on, do it well!
—Guest Suz

interview question

Being a girl why have you chosen Marketing as your field?

Toughest Question

The moment we sat down for the interview, the recruiter says "So, tell me a story". I was confused so I asked after a long pause, "Tell you my story?" He responded "Just tell me a story, I don't have a a lot of time" I was so confused I simply started talking about where I was from and went to school, after a couple sentences he interrupts me and says "OK, OK. So you've seen The Fast and Furious right? What color is the main character's car?" So I froze, and after about 15 seconds I respond "Green?" And he says "No, that was the first one." I was so nervous at this point, all I could say was "I... don't... recall." Turned out after they hired me he said he was messing with me the whole interview to test how witty I could be. Pausing was the worst thing I could had done haha
—Guest Mark

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Difficult Interview Questions

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