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Readers Respond: Difficult Interview Questions

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What is Your Favorite Carousel Animal?

I interviewed today, and was asked if I could be any animal on a carousel what would I pick?
—Guest Chickie

Diversity Question

Please describe in detail your experience working with culturally diverse individuals. Please share any experiences, positive of negative, and how these experinces affected your ability to perform your duties as required.
—Guest Jennifer

Staff Questionnaire

1.list 3 things you like about your work 2. what are the 3 things your dental practice does well in meeting patients need? 4. what ideas do you have for improving patients care? 5. is there a practice philosophy? 6. if so how would you describe it? 7. is ther anything you believe would be helpful for the dental office?
—Guest carol

Assisting a Customer

Please describe an occasion when you went out of your way in order to assist a customer.
—Guest Marcus

Failed to Meet a Deadline?

Tell us about a time when you failed to meet a deadline. What where the repercussions?
—Guest mohamad

Who Would You Hire

If you're not hired for the job, who would you hire?
—Guest ed h.


Without using your authority or position, give an example of where you influenced or changed someone's mind whose opposed to your desired solution or approach. What was the winning factor?

Technical Questions

How do you handle stess at work, and work and personal life balance? Answer: By the approach of divide and conquer and focusing on completing your work.
—Guest Test

Creating Plans?

Please give an example where you had to create plans or organize activities to achieve objectives or improve performance. What was the situation? What did you do? What was the outcome?
—Guest obrus

Catch 22

Interviewer's question: "If your supervisor gave you a task to perform and then the superintendent gives you a different task to perform and they both want it done ASAP what would you do?"

Are Your a Failure?

What do you consider your greatest failure at work?
—Guest Moses Kamaliki

Your Friends' Opinion?

If your friends were asked about you what would they answer in four words?
—Guest noor

Weirdest Question

What was your "aha" moment? My answer was, the day I had my son. I knew what my future was to be and what I would do to achieve it.

If we asked....

If we asked your friends why we should hire you, what would they say? My response was "They'd tell you please take her, we are tired of giving her money, supporting her cigarette addiction, listening to her complain about being broke and not having a job, and to be quite honest, it would give her a reason to get out of her PJ's and take a shower. Please hire that girl. But you see sir, that's just what kinda friends I have".
—Guest greenbean22


What short-term goals and objectives have you aestablished for yourself?
—Guest Angela

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Difficult Interview Questions

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