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Readers Respond: Good Excuses for Missing Work

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From the article: Excuses for Missing Work
What's the best way to take time off from work? Do you have a good excuse for not going to work? Share your excuse and read other excuses for missing work.

If you need a different excuse, here are even more work excuses you can use when you need to take time off from your job.

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My classic excuses

I've used so many excuses to avoid work like, my car broke down, a family member is in labor, going out of town, woke up sick, taking care of my sick roommate, doctors appointment, and even that someone in my family had a heart attack.
—Guest FailingAtLife

Keep a diary.

Keep a diary of your days that you skive off work.. Write down each excuse you have given.. And then alternate them. Thats what I do!!
—Guest Powder

Eye issue

Tell your boss you're having an eye issue. When he asked what's wrong, tell him you just can't see yourself going to work today!!
—Guest Gio136

Up All Night

One of the best, I locked my key and my work stuff in the car, and my options are either my sister with a spare, who can' t get here for two hours, or a locksmith, who say they can't get here for an hour and a half. No boss will argue with that. The truth, though? I give too much, and my sister was freaking out because her husband fell off the bed in a diabetic coma, and I hate him, but I love her, so I ran to help her at 3am. We spent the whole morning in the ER as soon as the paramedics finally got to him. So I hadn't slept since noon the day before. I would have told the truth, but I've been told before that I wasn't needed if my sister was there. My boss doesn't realize that my sister did NEED me. When she gets scared, if she doesn't have help, she just freezes. I've tried to explain it before and got told to be in as soon as possible, and next time to leave her for work. On the other hand, they can't argue if I can't get there with everything I need to work. Works every time.
—Guest Tired


You or kid has an extremely high fever. Not feeling well at all.
—Guest jesse

PopTart Excuse

There's always a good reason to stay home but the best is I am having terible morning with me wife because I ate the last poptart and she is setting my clothes on fire in the back yard. I called the boss.When he heard this, he laughed me off the phone. And this principle of keeping it light is very effective IF you are a good worker.
—Guest just not up for today.

Need Something New!

Ok so last week I really was sick, and so I did call in a few days. Well I am still getting over being sick but am so tired of using the sick excuse, and I'm sure they are just as sick of hearing it. I am so extremely tired and my throat is so swollen & I just flat out do not want to go to work today. So I have been laying here thinking and looking for excuses for the past 30 min & finally decided to pull out the old "my horse is sick" card. Colic is a very serious thing with horses and is potentially life threatening, I have used this excuse before, but it has been quite some time. It always works as my work family all know that my animals (horses especially) are my life. I just hate having to lie.. Why can't I just get my ass up and go to work like everyone else? Lol
—Guest #imsogoingtogetfired

Too Much Work

Part timers at school or university only- I said I'm stressed, with essays and revision up to my eyeballs, and ANOTHER job. I said I needed 3 months off (she usually lets people) but she told me it was too busy. Now I have to quit...so I won't have a job in my gap year. Well done me!
—Guest Impossible


Say that you woke up this morning feeling sick, achy body and head, or you have a cold, or that your stomach is not feeling well because you might have eaten something spoiled and you are using the bathroom very often.
—Guest Tree


I always say that I just need a day for myself. I'm married with 5 kids and about once a month I call my boss and let him know I need a day without work or family, a me day.. he understands. My wife has no idea, if she did she would call me asking me to do something for her.
—Guest Shone

Family Emergency

"I won't be able to come into work today as my aunt from out of town is in the hospital and terminally ill and is predicted to only have a few hours left. All the family are with her now. Sorry that I have let you down."
—Guest Anonymous


I said my girl had trouble breathing so we went to the hospital. Because I had to watch my son, I couldnt go in to work. This worked well.
—Guest xaron

Tell the Truth!

Try telling the frigging truth! Do not lie to your boss he/she has probably heard your lame excuses before . Tell the truth because you're not smart enough to remember all your lies and any good employer will make notes in your file of days missed and why. I allow employees time off if they are honest with me. I want employees at work who want to be there if your heart is not into it or you need a day off to recharge then say so. Remember not to take advantage of your boss's good nature as we still have a business to run. You seldom forget the truth and it is the best policy. Do not make the mistake that your boss is a fool or will believe your bull. Do the math 18 workers X 30 years as boss X 266 work days per year. How many excuses do you think this boss has heard?


I actually came to this page looking for some practical help!?!? These excuses are absolutely ridiculous/borderline offensive. You all need to get a grip!
—Guest Uk guest

Don't Want to Hear It

A good excuse is that you are "having an issue in the bathroom". Many supervisors/bosses won't want to hear the details.
—Guest Orchid

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Good Excuses for Missing Work

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