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Readers Respond: Good Excuses for Missing Work

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From the article: Excuses for Missing Work
What's the best way to take time off from work? Do you have a good excuse for not going to work? Share your excuse and read other excuses for missing work.

If you need a different excuse, here are even more work excuses you can use when you need to take time off from your job.

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Vomiting and Diarrhea

Vomiting and diarrhea go together sometimes. Diarrhea alone sounds too gross and is kind of embarrassing to say. When you use both together it's easier to understand and not as embarrassing to say. Plus I'm pretty sure it's happened to your boss lol.
—Guest guest

Get Someone Else To Do It For You

My mum has always been someone to rely on to cover for me when I just felt way too stressed and needed out at school or work. This one time I was in my college and I literally was getting verbally abused all day and was so frazzled I felt like killing someone. I secretly called her asking her to call the college and say I had a doctors appointment that we'd forgotten about. From my mother or another known family member it's going to sound a lot more genuine. Just make sure it's not one of your idiot friends who calls in.
—Guest Anon

Optical Migraine

I got these a lot at school. It's when you can barely see out of either eye. Just make sure you have glasses\contacts. It's almost impossible to see straight.
—Guest Dustin

End of the World

If you want to get out of work, tell your manager you are convinced the world is going to end tomorrow and you want to spend your last hours with your xbox and maybe your family. It will work, there's a doomsday prophecy almost every week nowadays.
—Guest Guest a

Being Ill for a Day or Two

I had a gallbladder attack and was out for a week or so. After that almost every time I called out, it was for too much "pain" and I needed to get medicine. It works so well!
—Guest Sean

Kids School Excuse

Say that your kid has a school play or that they got in trouble and you have to pick them up and take them home but there's no one to watch them.
—Guest No work 4 me

Sciatic Nerve

My wife had an episode at work. She has a serious sciatic nerve issue. She was giving morphine and needs me to be there to look over her.
—Guest that dude

Sick Grandma

My grandma just came home from the hospital today and she needs someone to stay with her tomorrow so I can't come in.
—Guest LazyDayz

Waiting for the Police

Tell your boss that there was some criminal activity near your house and you need to wait to talk to the police and fill out a report.
—Guest Guest excuse


Just say that you or your kid have burned yourself / themself and you really need to go home / stay at home.
—Guest Guest excuse

Excuses for missing work

I'm mentally ill. I can't stop crying and I know I will be unable to concentrate on my job.
—Guest Deb

Bad Bad Food

Went to dinner last nite with some friends at a Seafood restaurant and haf some calamari for an appetizer. It was kinda a mushy and maybe a little undercooked but ate it anyway. Started complaining about feeling ill on the way home and got worse. Needless to say, spent a lot of time in the bathroom the remainder of the eveing. Food poisioning is a bitch...
—Guest say what....

Vague truth is better than lying

I'm not a big fan of lying, so if I don't have a legitimate reason, or if I have an interview with another company, I just say I need time off because of "personal reasons" or sometimes "family reasons." My supervisor doesn't ask questions and I don't have to lie. Win :)
—Guest Nate

My Bird

My bird got ahold of a bottle of alka seltzer and exploded.
—Guest joe bob

Best Excuse Ever... Needed Evidence

I woke up one morning for work and followed my daily routine: took out my beautiful snake, and sat down at my computer with a bowl of cereal on the table and the snake in my lap. While reading an absorbing email, she happened to slip out of my lap, up on to the table... and was halfway inside my printer before I realized where she was going! I had to call in to work to say I was going to be late because I had to extract my snake from my printer. My boss said I had 2 minutes to text him a picture of the snake in the printer or I was fired. I took the picture, sent it, and got to keep my job. It took me over 2 hours to get her out, but it was the funniest reason I've ever had to miss work.
—Guest shakil shah

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Good Excuses for Missing Work

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