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Readers Respond: McDonald's Interview Questions

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From the article: McDonald's Jobs
Review questions you may be asked on a McDonald's interview and add questions you have been asked to the list. Share a Question

What is Customer Service?

Customer Service is when you put smile on your customer's face and make sure they are happy.
—Guest marvin yungkhalifa

Gain Experience

I want to work at Mcdonalds to gain experience working in fast food and to work with people.
—Guest marvin yung khalifa

Customer Service

I want to work at McDonald's so that I can gain more experience and skills working in the fast food industry
—Guest khairia abdella

Why Do You Want to Work at McDonald's?

I want to work at McDonald`s so that I can gain more experience and skills working in the fast food industry.
—Guest JT

Why do you want to work at McDonalds?

I am a well organised person who is really in need of cash because my mom doesn't work and I'm the only person at home who passed matric and I want to continue with my studies and I don.t have money to further my studies so I'm looking for a job so I can get money to further my studies and help my mother with some bills.
—Guest mihle

Service with a Smile

It is because I want to gain experience, and I look forward to working at McDonalds. I'd like to give McDonald a slogan(whatever it takes be the best) --our customers comes first always have a smile on your face and make our customers smile, too.
—Guest Khulofelo Aphane

Cleaning Tables and Chairs

I have work experience like cleaning , mopping, sweeping, and cleaning chairs and tables, and serving people. I've loved my jobs.
—Guest Osaretin Imafidon


I would love to work at McDonald because I want to gain more experience in the hospitality industry and McDonalds seem like a very nice place to learn at the same I will be satisfying customers' needs.
—Guest nwabisa magaqa

Team Player/Cashier or Waitress

"Why do you want to work at McDonalds?" Taking care of our customers, putting smile on their face and helping them choose the most satisfying meal of the day is what I want to do.
—Guest Nwabisa magaqa

Favorite Place

i would love to work at McDonalds because its my favorite place, and I could help my family with the bills.
—Guest ricardo vincent

My Thoughts

Just be yourself. Answer slowly. Tell them what you really think. Take it step by step!
—Guest Andre

Why MacDonald's?

I want to work at MacDonald's to improve my ability to work with people, get experience and also be part of a great and world class company.
—Guest Justine

McDonaldsCrew Member

Reply to interview question of why I want to work at McDonalds: "I need to get a job at Macdonald because I want to gain more experience working."
—Guest Biba

Your Greatest Strengths

I'm an efficient worker, quick learner, and take pride in excelling at my work and I can multi-task well.
—Guest Alejandraa too dopee

Fast Paced Environment

I would love to be given the opportunity to once again work in a thriving, fast paced environment, while gaining more invaluable experience as well as working in tandem with my prospective colleagues in meeting the needs and wants of customers.
—Guest Guest of Ron'or

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McDonald's Interview Questions

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