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Readers Respond: McDonald's Interview Questions

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From the article: McDonald's Jobs
Review questions you may be asked on a McDonald's interview.

I Need This Job

I am 21 and I'm looking for job. My family can't support me. I need this job at Mc Donald to help my parents pay bills and to continue my education.
—Guest Henry Marie Magda love

Food Handler

A customer returns to the counter stating he was shorted one taco on his order. What would you do?
—Guest Debra Wilson

I Need This Job

I'm 16 and I am really looking for a job right now because my parents can't support me. I want to work in any section and smartly aim for something at McDonalds, such as working with people. I need to work so that I help my family pay some bills and other needs and also I want to aim higher.
—Guest madathar salim

Learned from Mistake

My weakness are in the past. I wasn't organized in giving in assignments but now I have learnt from that mistake.
—Guest prashan

What is Customer Service?

Customer Service is when you put smile on your customer's face and make sure they are happy.
—Guest marvin yungkhalifa

Gain Experience

I want to work at Mcdonalds to gain experience working in fast food and to work with people.
—Guest marvin yung khalifa

Why Do You Want to Work at McDonald's?

I've always been interested in cooking and I thought working at McDonalds will be a great start and experience for me to learn the skills I need to be successful.
—Guest azza124

Quick Learner

I'm being honest. I've never worked anywhere and I think that McDonalds is somewhere I could start. I'm twenty years old and need a career path. I catch on easily and learn quickly. My qualities are that I am out-going, willing, and I have paticence. I am low on cash times and need to get a job.
—Guest Brittiny

Why work at McDonald's?

I'd like to join in your company to improve my ability. I'm willing to learn.
—Guest sadiknestor

For Myself and My Family

I'm 14 and I'm looking for a job. I want to work because right now my parents can't support me with money for my school activities and we're having problems with the house bills. I'd like to work so I can support myself and help out my parents at the same time.
—Guest KaLia Thao

What made you choose McDonalds?

I enjoy McDonalds and eating here and why not turn something I love into a job.
—Guest Guest

Working at McDonald's

I want to work at McDonald's because I want to excel in your company and hopefully get hired.
—Guest fritz vernitus

Work at McDonald's

I want to help my parents with some financial problems.
—Guest Karen Grace P. Esguerra

Why do you want to work at Mcdonald's

I want to work at McDonald's because I want to excel in your company and hopefully stay with it and get a position in higher management.
—Guest Anthony K.

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